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Poor, Broke and Homelss

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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 12:53 PM
Unemployment is up this week to 377,xxx new claims. No surprise there. In fact we can hardly believe our ears when we are told these numbers. Many of us know small business owners who have lost their source of income over the last 5 years and none of them are subject to the demographic of jobless seeking unemployment benefits.

Here we go, here is my RANT. Why am I continuously hearing that the Economy in America will not pick up until the housing market picks back up. OMG this is such a lie and it is being perpetuated by the MSM as early as minutes ago.

Other than Timber Harvest the housing market in my opinion does little to generate a true GDP contribution. Housing market is a measure of an economy. Not a contributor. Per Say. Junior grows up, gets a meaningful job gets married has some children and buys a house. Mom and Dad want to upgrade so they buy more square footage with less bedrooms because they move and shake and entertain. Both are examples of House Market driven by economy and not the opposite.

The state of our economy is derived by Job outsourcing. Jobs being shipped overseas . Back in the 80's we remember hearing that the Baby Boomers were maturing and there would be a shrink in the labor force across the Fruited Plain. Yeah remember hearing about that one.

Wall Street used to be a measure of the financial state of our country. Now it is a " Vegas Baby" where smart guys go to pull their living, some not so humble, by betting on RED or BLACK. Up or Down. This is fake money. But it gets deposited or withdrawn for accounts by the minute.

Wake up America, just sayin.
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