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A NEW loud & strange sound [Debunked]

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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 12:00 AM
Ok these "Strange Noises" threads are getting out of hand, it seems everyone who hears anything is now pointing a camera out the window and reporting it as strange, Some, even calling them the trumpets of the end of days or something stupid like that, there are maybe two i have seen that i cannot explain, and only one of those is strange to me, If i find time i'll try to look at some more with a more in depth analyses, i got to be quick here will provide more info if requested,

Anyway, the video in question, below

39k just to listen to some road maintenance/resurfacing machinery,
What is going on world?

Ok so i took out the loud whistle, which was literally a peak in 4 freqs if i remember rightly (did this last night), so i cut out the 4 peaks after a look on the spectrum analyser with an EQ,didn't have time to be making hundreds of screen-shots of my workings so i'll keep it short and sweet for now, i'll just upload the audio so you can here its clearly machinery and nothing otherworldly or unexplainable, its road works nearby, simple, to be more specific road trenchers & floor saws etc etc something of that nature,

Here is the rumble of the machinery you can hear this clearly when i remove the high freqs/peaks, as you can hear with the whistle sound removed it is nothing out of the ordinary at all...

Low end rumble/machinery [Noise Removed]

As you can here it gets closer/louder towards the end

And here, is the natural ambiance/mid range, also what sounds like rubble & rocks falling from the machinery at times,
Ambiance & rock

This sort of thing going on id imagine

Here is the high pitched whistle or what people are describing as a kettle boil, [note] i pitched it to make it familiar sounding towards the end,

Whitsle Noise

Its something like this imo, when these things are badly maintained and something is lose they tend to make a right old racket, very screechy indeed, time is money after all,

Ok so its more then obvious what it is, now just for fun! i knocked this up last night messing around, just playing on the comments left on the YT video,

War of the worlds

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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 12:08 AM
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malformed youtube ID...

Cant really do anything than say that at the moment..

ahh you edited (or I missed the direct link above)

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Oh but did you read the comments? The author points to ATS, so there is already a thread on it.
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posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 12:27 AM
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This is a reply to that thread

It is absolutely ridiculous how so many of these so called "strange noises" videos are baffling so many people, i would bet almost 50% of the video makers are laughing the arses of at you all, especially when they're totally natural and know very well what it is,

I remember there was a local radio station that offered 1k if you guessed the sound correctly, its harder then you think, and sometimes it went on for months every day people guessed incorrect, the longer it went on the more & more people become obsessed with the game, i think that relevant here

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