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Sky Sounds 1/25/2012 Atlanta, GA Personal Video/Audio

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posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 12:47 PM
these couple of posts point to the explaination(s) i have:

posted on 25-1-2012 @ 22:12 by Vasa Croe
The only thing I can think of that this sound compares to is the hum of a squadron of large prop planes above the cloud cover in the air like what you hear/see in the old WW movies with all the paratroopers about to jump out. Very low humming that fluctuates in intensity.

posted on 26-1-2012 @ 06:35 by Grifter81
Interesting you should mention that, my Grandfather used to say you could tell from the ground if it was a luftwaffe squadron overhead because their engine noise 'ebbed and flowed' while RAF/USAF remained a constant hum.

tarifa37 posted on 26-1-2012 @ 07:59: I would say its a helicopter hovering some distance away.


these sounds, a low droning sound in this case... in Atlanta & shared in the OP
~could be the sounds of a 'city' being reflected off a temperature 'dome' high in the atmosphere~

in the Black-Ops realm... the droning or even growling sky sounds may be from the black triangular UAVs which autonomously navigate in the night time skies (only seen one once in Phoenix in dec. 1996)

on the other hand, in a more metaphysical bent, the droning may come from actual sounds of WWII bomber squadrons that have traveled through time... the aircrafts being invisible at some 30,000 ft
~we might be experiencing an Echo of the 1941-1944 era~ and the phenomena is not limited to the European or Japanese Theatre's of war.

i personally prefer the weather angle as the likely cause...
let's say Haarp energized the upper ionosphere... that might cause that layer of air to form a kind of bowl or dome over large regions... so the noises of a city are being reflected back to the ground or there may be a tunnel effect taking place that mimicks the sounds that come from a Sea-Shell held to one's ear... hence a faint whooshing that sounds like waves on a beach, undulating, for as long as the atmosphere does not kill the effect with cross winds or other disruptions like storm fronts, etc

i might add that high altitude layer of dense air that reflects ground noises,
might just be reflecting the continual stream of jet engine noise as well, and resulting in the drone like sound instead of roars and screaching/whining of the turbines in those jet engines.

~when does Pebble Beach golf start today?...try to distinguish the sky sounds there, if not scrubbed out by the sound engineers on TV
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posted on Feb, 12 2012 @ 11:20 PM
First of all thanks for the video and for inspiring my first post. I have been reading this blog for a quite a while but this post really got my attention. Now, I split my time between Buckhead (Atlanta) and a farm just south of the city. Being in both urban and rural areas I am used to the sounds of military planes from the surrounding air force bases, constant traffic of the Hartsfield-Jackson Intl. Airport and the wide variety of crop dusters/recreational planes/etc. that are fairly common. It could be a plane but it's not like anything I've heard in our area before. Tonight I am at the farm and I plan to spend a little time outside later this evening to see if anything can be heard. Not far from the farm is an area known locally as Flatrock. Recently reopened as a state park, growing up I always heard odd stories from hunters or hikers in that area of strange sounds/animals. For years the area was closed down by the government an no one really said why. Later I spoke to a biologist who told me that rare or thought to be extinct plant life was allegedly found growing there and test were being done. Our state has a deep connection to the government so who knows. Like I said, I will try and make a few observations this evening and if I find anything I will post it here.

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 08:35 PM
I dont know, all these sounds being reported could be anything. Or a hoax. I guess i need to hear it for myself.

posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 12:34 AM
reply to post by ModernPilgrim

Hey man, where south of the city, do you mention? I'm in Fayette county

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 07:01 PM
Just wanted to mention:
I live in a very small quiet town. An airport is 20+ miles straight up wind from my house. I live in the woods and I can hear the same sound when the night become quiet after 12midnight. The wind currents makes the sound levels change. I have listened to planes from a distant seemly sitting on the tarmac just running their engines as hard as they will go. Then poof it stops.. I always contributed this to the small commercial airport near. IN GA. Even the turkeys will gobble in the morning 4am when the jets are lighting up the engines.

Also, there is a concrete plant ( I Believe) is making a sound, that sounds the same as some of the sounds in the videos. It can very very annoying if I cant sleep. This is located about 5 miles down wind. I am not sure its the concrete plant making the noise I just always assumed it was seeing as it was so loud and so common in the past few years. Most of the videos I have watched about this sound, sounds like planes in some fashion.

I will pay more attention more so now and see if I can get a different mental view of anything different next time.

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by SunLife

Where at in Georgia?

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 09:55 AM
CSRA area.

posted on Feb, 19 2012 @ 01:42 AM
Ahhh, how coincidental with the Savannah River Site, nearby you...

posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 05:08 AM
It's 445am I'm in East Point, GA and I must say I am at this moment experiencing whatever this is….tonight is at a peak of activity for the INDUSTRIAL-esque steel-crashing-like sounds….I've heard 5 LOUD HEAVY HUGE STEEL CRASHES in the last 10 minutes…(EDIT: since starting this message I hear more ACTUAL trains & a few sirens…almost seems like covering up other noises (my speculation)…but back to the story...)

I have been being vibrationally gnawed at by these sounds/vibrations in the skies for the past 2 months

So rewind to 2 months ago:

In the evenings right after nightfall I began noticing low humming what I initially attributed to plane vibrations but seemed like it was only definitely a large craft that WASN'T necessarily TRAVELING.…. it didn't sound, resonate, travel, or act like any airplane I have heard…I do live about 3 miles from the ATL airport…but I AM A SKYWATCHER by nature so I am already aware of the obvious…I notice more then most about what's really going on around us so I am often a few steps ahead & therefore can come off as a bit weird at first (preaching to the choir of course lol)

Over the last couple of months the consistent rumblings, whooshings…even occasional "occurrences" that rumbled my house…have cause me to stop so much that I had to FORCE my roommate/BFF to pay attention as well…she soon started to understand my concern for the unorthodox sounds, origins, and natures of these "noisemakers in the near distant sky"

**They've occurred under night cover or cloudy/rainy days!

I have realized that the sound is mostly concentrated to one part of the horizon (towards the East I do believe that is)…and does not travel to other areas of my sense range..i.t never travels over me or goes around or by my house on any side…the front of my house directly faces the sounds origin.

Well….it PEAKED on DECEMBER 20…..and it… was... SCARY….so much so that ….I made a video

ATLANTA & EAST POINT abnormal roaring / industrial sounds in the sky Dec 20, 2012

By that date, this had been going on for several weeks…and at this point that made me want to create a video, it was at it's peak of tremors, rumblings, whooshing, and vibrations DECEMBER 20…I actually sensed the large crafts there….just couldn't see a damn thing

It's 6am now & I have heard some "trumpet/horn" sounds since starting this communication….

I am not panicking…but I must say this is UNNERVING…especially since I am so in tune & sensitive to what's going on around us…

by the way…I am Isabel & I plan on being much more active round here…I found this site whilst searching for info about these noises but I'm so glad I have….check out I am opening the branch in Atlanta and as one of my upcoming main agendas will be directing & producing a documentary on the American Institute of Metaphysics.

Cheers…Namaste….Hakuna Mattata my dear friends
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posted on Mar, 10 2013 @ 09:30 AM
I have been VERY sensitive to these sounds of the last several months…I'm starting to believe there is some numerology involved with the dates that have high activity

I live in EAST POINT, GEORIA right outside of Atlanta

I took this video on DECEMBER 20, 2012 a day that they were EXTREMELY loud & active in the skies above me…I could even feel/sense large crafts

TODAY IS MARCH 10, 2013 & they have been going VERY STRONG with this today & it's sending chills to my core because my vibration is also extremely high today so I can feel them working

….I took a video today for records that I will upload later

…but noticing the numbers of the date: 3102013

Backwards and forwards…it makes the same number

…it's also a reflection inverted of the number 2013

Numerology boils down to 9

But what does it all mean? I would love a like mind to brainstorm with me!!!

Since I've been exercising my understandings for the realities of life on all levels science, spirit science, government, society, etc ,etc etc…I have been getting all kinds of messages, realizations, and puzzle pieces….but I don't have anyone to talk to to help me with this information that I like look at as a gift

Anyone else feeling weird and noticing a lot of HAARP or whatever have you activity in your area?

since the significance of the numbers 9 and 13 are so great…and i feel my own vibrations….I feel like today could be a significant day for those who are illuminated in either the good or the bad way….and even those who don't realize they are being affected…

Im new to this site but have a lot of good things to do with and for this community!! I look forward to building...

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