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More privacy being taken away from you

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posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 08:27 AM
Googles announcement that they want to tailor more of your internet activity for so -called advertising purposes has me really angry the only time I have to use google is if I stop into the library and briefly use the computer for something, as we have to use our library cards there to activate the computer (library cards contain phone #'s etc so, I guess they'll sell that to telemarketers who don't pay attention to the do not call list I guess as of March 1st I won't be doing that anymore.
Google is a prime example as to what the possibility of a police state will look like. I say if at all possible we should band together especially here at ATS and send a a letter of protest to Google people should be able to opt out of a program if they want. I'm not doing anything wrong I don't fear getting caught over anything the point is enough is enough. How much prying into our personal lives are we going to allow these big greedy corporations?
Now I'm not familiar enough with the computer to do embedding and mass sharing of a letter of protest, and I think we should boycott google immediately so who's willing to try and stop another invasion of privacy and what do you all think of this one? Does anyone care?
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posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 11:42 AM
I'm sure they've been in our issues for a while now, internet advertising is already kind of geared towards the individual. I do a search for boot liners, and then all I see where ever I go on the internet, are ads for boots.

I go on (real estate ) and then I'm inundated with ads for realty companies. And boots.

I haven't yet figured out why Russian girls, wanting dates, are following me around from page to page......

Maybe they haven't figured out that I'm straight yet?

I'm not sure how they can make it anymore intrusive than they already have, to me, it just sounds like they're admitting they do this, by telling us they're "going to" do this.

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