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My Current Event. The Penny has Dropped.Change To a Positive mindset.

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posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 07:39 AM
Hopefully this thread will not be removed, deleted or anything else that may stop you all from reading and sharing it.

I wrote a thread before, literally about 20mins ago that was removed. It was in connection with a recent discovery following a study on magic mushrooms that you will find on a reputable website science daily. If i may ask you to find and search for your own evidence that proves that we have all been played here. Dont believe me?
Do a search on the following as well as the above,
MRI Scanners, brain, a thread here on ATS named "A Brain Cell is the Same as the Universe", images of the sun, the connection between cme's, geomagnetic storms and consciousness. Yeah bit of a jumble but the deletion of my thread i posted ultimately proves that we are being manipulated by influencing our consciousness .

They continuously feed us doom and gloom and have us all globally worried about money, debt, illness,war, poverty and famine.

They prey on stories regarding terrorism and blow them out of proportion until they get the desired effect.

What i am saying is what was said in the bible. Some will try to deceive and you will hear of wars etc......but you will not actually see or witness them other than on tv etc.

Think bright sunny days and no worries.

By shifting our mindset and consciousness to a one of that looking at the better brighter side we will conquer all evil without the bloodshed.

Regardless of religious beliefs, colour, class or location the boundary that keeps us from peace equality and unity will be brought down.
Here is some good news for you, those of you that would like what was and is right.....God and his Kingdom is coming. Those of you that choose not to believe or enjoy the hard, negative evil way, then just walk on. However i believe that God's intention is for ALL of use to move toward him.....if we only want too.

He who has faith, true faith and belief will know that it is only a matter of time until the good time of his return.

Focus on good and right, together, and we will bring home the truth. God. The one true God, the creator & architect of everything.


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