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The Eternal Child. Selective Breeding

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posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 05:05 AM
The eternal child

You know I am beginning to form an opinion based on observations. Humans are selectively breeding themselves to remain children.

We have done this in dogs. We selected the more docile wolf cubs to breed from and the result is the modern dog. Adult wolves do not play yet their pups do. Dogs never stop playing.

Modern human society values ‘mild mannered’ men and so this becomes a trait valued when women choose a mate to bring children up with. Men choose smaller more helpless women as it appeals to our protective nature.
The result is an increasingly infantile race. Our compulsive obsession with sport may be an indication of this. Our modern life does not balance this out by weeding out the excessively childish which then go on to breed and reinforce this trait in the human herd.

Our modern society supports those less able to stand on their own two feet and benefits from the childlike adult being more easily lead. The counter point is the childish tantrums we read about daily that result in murder and mayhem. A child throwing a tantrum is unlikely to harm anyone. An adult throwing the same hissy fit is a dangerous combination.

All the mainstream religions have a father figure as their god and the Christian faith has even appointed a mother figure.

So those now being called ‘sheeple’ are in fact adult children, ‘kidults’.

Maybe this also explains the elitist bloodline obsession. They are not avoiding breeding with the lower class rubbish but are actually aware that we are breeding the eternal child, even encouraging it which allows their creed that do mature into real adulthood to rule the child like masses.

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 07:30 AM
It actually has more to do with child rearing than anything. Most parents now days are way too complacent and allow the TV and video games to be the baby sitter. Kids have become desensitized to violence and greed. I for one have raised my children to be independent thinkers, not following the pack. I have raised them to be aggressive when the need arises, and docile when it does not. I have taught them to defend the helpless, and to speak out for those who will not. I have been complimented many times for my 16 year old's mentality and maturity. Parents have created this lazy generation, not mother nature.

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 08:30 AM
reply to post by haarvik
I think you missed the point.

You can teach a guard dog to be aggressive when needed and docile when not it still does not mean we have not breed that dog to remain a puppy.

You would be hard pushed to teach a wolf that as he would most likely choose not to attack unless sure of success whereas a guard dog will attack on command and let his master weigh up his chances.

As with the guard dog example. We train soldiers to be aggressive when needed and docile when not. The nanny state is not an ideal that some push for, it is becoming a need as we reject individualism for the bland accepting child.

It is not about parenting it is about how society and preference is selecting for the eternal child and discourages the adult. We go from boy to bigger boy and never reach manhood. Women face equal social pressures to remain childlike. A woman that shows no signs of life experience is seen as sweet whereas a woman that is experienced and self assertive scares men off and is given less than flattering labels.

This is not a rant about how kids today are blar blar. This is about a long history of society selecting for the obedient child and our part in that.

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