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OWS and Anonymous Could do way better

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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 02:47 PM
I am not a fanboy for OWS (not any more when they copyrighted their name) or Anonymous, but the fact of the matter is, "they could both do better". And when I say that I am not expecting them to deteriorate any law that would harm any civilian freedom, such as the SOPA situation or tougher internet sanctions (lol internet sanctions). The fact that these two organizations have completely failed at there primary goal (to thwart against U.s federal government/monetary banking system) would automatically mean that these two organizations are a complete diversion (or made up from the CIA or some internal government organization to create tougher laws against average u.s./eu civilians.

The thing is, we should be occupying the federal reserve bank, but no on is even mentioning that issue, apparently you are a "troll" even mentioning that on the OWS boards. Which is probably the primary issue, the whole rothschild scandal/conspiracy

Then you got Anonymous, bratty teens and pre adults trying to over throw the government all the while trying to other throw their own internet freedom at the same time. The principal of Anonymous is a great idea, it is like david and goliath and is honestly the very last civilian power the people have, internet warfare. Great in hind sight, but critically mismanaged . Instead of over throwing powerful bank execs, real damaging government reports, ?alien documents?, insert other criminal issues such as ties of the Mafia and the government, we see a nit and pick tactic that is harming american freedom even more.

So the issue is how do we stop all of this? Where do we begin, start writing letters to your local commerce/mayor/senator/governor/government/etc. Explain the situation without showing your crazy ats side and explain the issue. These are what normal people do when there is a issue! Until the bugs are worked out in anonymous/ows we will never really get across the true nature of a freedom fight

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 03:38 PM
Here are two good places to start.(hope I am not breaking any rules here) is the Federal Elections Commission where you can look up the candidate. itemizes contributions to candidates.

We have some good computer folks out there and I am not suggesting either site be hacked or Dos'd. If our computer folks, retirees, and unemployed have time on their hands, they can follow the money, legally. Then their postings will have merit.

If a candidate raises a controversial issue then we could see perhaps why. For Example

1. Representative Bildem A. Bridge wishes to build a bridge to nowhere. Thorough research of both sites can find out who the contributors are by PAC, SuperPac, Lobbies, and individual contributors.
2. Further research can possibly link these donors to special interests ($$$) who may receive grants from this project.

This is hard work because although contributions require the donor to list their occupation or relationship, that person is often a straw man to funnel funds to the Congressman. I was amazed while perusing these sites to find out how many law firms contributed vast amounts towards congressmen that had nothing pending of interest in the legal field.

As Popeye Doyle said, "Follow the money." and there may some shenanigans come to light with facts and figures without the name calling and alienation.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 03:51 PM
I believe OWS to be misguided group of impractical idealists and anonymous to be just plain stupid. Their attempts at beating SOPA have done nothing but make a stronger case for something like SOPA.
Im not against the idea of people being able to do something about their copyrighted works being pirated but i do not agree with how SOPA says it can deal with them.
In the meantime PIPA seems to being flying right along getting no attention.


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