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Students, do not protest against your government...or else.

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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 09:20 PM
reply to post by purplemer

I agree war makes people and companies money, but if it wasn't say WWI or WWII..we all would be speaking German or Japanese.
If you think we have it tough, try to voice your opinion there, like you do here...and see what happens.
Do I like wars...No.
Should we stay out of foreign countries..yes and no...there are so many things that are able to be done, to any country at any point and time, that it would boggle your mind(as in being attacked). I do agree that sometimes the choices suck and you never have a good choice at times.
I don't wish or want a war, but when people bash the USA for a few people being killed collateral damage, yes, I hate it to, but in reality, it would be 100 times that, with nobody being able to do anything about it...if it wasn't for the US being there.
Yes people make a ton of money on war and sometimes we wish we could just look the other way and not be involved. How long do you do that? What do you do when that country gets stronger and is able to come to OUR streets...then you all would cry about not doing something sooner.
I am not defending the things that have happened, I am just saying...look at a bigger might amaze you at everything you can't see.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 10:30 PM
reply to post by zatara

First of all as a person that I assume is older and looking down at the younger generation let me ask....why can't you as an older person (I assume) take the initiative and make an example...lead the way for the younger crowd? Why does it have to be the younger crowd to start the ball rolling? If anything the young have always been lead by the old who in general have more experience. Secondly, your not entirely wrong but your not entirely right either. Some youth do know what's going on more then you think but at the same time what should you do when you want to change something in a political system? Anything radical enough to make a difference makes you look like a "terrorist" and there's nothing you can do in the system legally that will actually work int he long run because the system is so dam corrupt and it's all based on how much money you have instead of how qualified you are.

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 02:08 AM

Originally posted by charles1952
Again, I don't understand.

People are protesting left and right. OWS, the Tea Party, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, newspapers, even this Tim Thomas from the Boston Bruins. Tens of thousands of pro-life protesters in DC. FEMA camps don't get called into play. There's no mass oppression. Barking up the wrong telephone pole.

(The above is just my opinion based on observation. I have no "insider" facts and would be pleased to be corrected.)

It is what you say...left and right...for different reasons. But it is all connected if you reduce all these reasons. In the sixties there were many other issues like the rights for black people....Students were sick and tired of the governments illegitimate view and actions on certain things.

Anyways...politicians will start to think how to worm their way out of their responsibillities and think different when they see massive protests like these. I think that politicians live in a different world, alienated from the common people. And that is what america my humble opinion.

and there are many more examples like these..

Maybe I am a little premature and will thes kinds of massive protests come in the future

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posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 07:14 AM

Originally posted by John_Rodger_Cornman

Originally posted by zatara
Students, do not protest against your government...or else.

This whole 911 event should be clear to every american. If it is not clear the people should demand it to be made clear. But that will not happen, at least...not by the US government.

What happened with the american student. I was just a totler at the time of the anti-vietnam war protests. I did see it on television and the young of today can find images of those massive protest actions on YT or somewhere else.

What is happening now in the world with illegal wars and alleged traitors in the US government is worse in my view. When will it be enough for the US citizen..

Where are the protesters, the massive outrage of the US-people that make the US-congress and presidents think again? Are students not always the front runners of a revolution?

Is the US-student maybe afraid to express his opinion because it is aware of the personal information age and can protests as such damage his or hers career? Especially a government career or a government related career? What life is there after graduation but a study-debt and no work?

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You know the more you threaten people the more they resist you.
Bully tactics don't work all the time. It creates division.
What are you afraid of?
Do students having their own opinion scare you?

Or do you know that there are more of us than you.
Yeah you can kill or intimidate a few of us but your not going to kill all of us.
This "conflict" is unwinnable. For all sides of the shape.

Mankind has gotten too smart for its own good. We are living thinking felling people not the borg. f---- fascist collectivism!

Why can't you let people live free and form their own opinions?

Why does a student or other person's opinion matter to you?

A little earlier in the thread I posted a YouTube vid that tells the students story of Harvard University during the vietnam protests. It will answer many of your questions...especially why students are so important when it comes to protests that concern an entire nation.

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by saltdog

I don't wish or want a war, but when people bash the USA for a few people being killed collateral damage, yes, I hate it to, but in reality

a few being killled..

911 killed a few thousand. The illegal wars that followed resulted in between 1-2 milllion innocent civilians. No one has to bash the US. The world has seen what the US can do in the name of its god. Money.

The America governent has been hijacked and the people are doing nothing about it.

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