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"God is an Imaginary Friend" Athiest Billboards in Denver-

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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by lonewolf19792000

Well, I was'nt going to reply on this thread, but I just could'nt help it after reading your holier than thou attitude on this subject................It is obvious that you are propped up on some sort of pedestal..........

So in otherwords you would teach eachother something not a one of you knows anything about?

What?????? What is your PHD in again? It is my understanding that you learn by trial and can be totally ignorant on a subject and sit down and figure it out with someone..

Logic man, logic....

That makes alot of sense . Oh, wanna teach eachoher the big bang? Can you prove it happened? No? Were you there when it happened? No? So youre teaching eachother fairy tales

Two words explain it well.

Scientific method refers to a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge.[1] To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on gathering empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning.[2] The Oxford English Dictionary says that scientific method is: "a method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses."[3]

Youre not religious, so why would you discuss religion?

I am going to reply to this one with my own opinion. I am not speaking for other athiest, just myself.....

I really dislike the Jesus guy on the t.v. commercials...........I really dislike that churches pay no taxes(or little)..

I really dislike how christians think that they are better than everybody else(which is very noticable in your comments).

I really dislike how everytime I open my eyes after blinking, I have someone trying to force the Jesus (or any other religion) down my throat.......and don't say you don't, because it is everywhere, tv, radio, billboards, signs in the yards, hell you name it and there is Jesus somewhere in the vicinity.

What you can put up a sign that says JESUS, but another guy can'nt put up a sign that says otherwise.

Surely its not more detrimental than the laws of men that allow 40 million babies to be butchered a year in the U.S. alone.

And this is your business because??????????? Why do you feel the need to try to stop it..........Why do you want to judge someone for their is none of your business what the other person does........

Busybodies worry about the "other guy"............religous folks are busybodys(for the most part)........

This just leads to more laws that affect the personal freedoms, that everybody bitches about were losing.........

More bitching= more laws.......more laws=less freedoms....

Allows drug usage and drinking of alcohol that kills millions each year.

Same as the answer above.........................why should you care if someone takes a drink........hell lets make that illegal,,,,,,,,,,,oh, wait a minute, they already tried that.........How did that go?

If someone kills someone then they are held responsible for their actions...................but that is'nt good enough is it?

Would you teach abstinence of sex or just usage of protection?

Well now,,,,,,

Should'nt that be something for the "household" to discuss???????

Parents need to teach their one else needs to do it for them..............

I rest my case.

The only case I see that you presented, was a case of your belief or opinion, believing that, that belief or opinion should be the law of the land......and if not you get all offensive and really cannot stand it that everybody else doe'nst look at things the way you do.......

So in closing,,,,,,,,,,,

This is why athiest(some, not all, me really) really despise the religous folks....................It is'nt good enough for us(me) not to believe.....You must take it upon yourselves to throw the whole bible, every verse and all to try to make a case that you are better than me......

Thats cool man,,,,,,,

I've figured out what makes folks like you tick........

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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 07:51 PM
reply to post by liejunkie01

Great job, I applaud you and agree with everything you have to say.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 07:54 PM

Originally posted by The Old American

Originally posted by MikeBoss
What a bunch of attention whores, if they want to be atheists then be it, don't waste money on some billboard attacking Christianity.

Posted Via ATS Mobile:

I wish I could give you flags and applause for that.

They want to "encourage a discussion"? By calling someone's God "an imaginary friend"? Talk about rude. You know, it's the height of human ego (and human ignorance) to say absolutely that an omnipotent being does not exist. Real critical thinkers, not Dawkins sycophants or someone that can just pronounce Epicurus, will know what I mean. At the very most, a mortal being can not know whether an omnipotent being exists.


So what are you saying, atheists can't have missionaries?

The Gideons put a bible in every hotel room in America.

I think the atheists should fight fire with fire, put a Hustler in every hotel room.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 08:02 PM
reply to post by AGWskeptic

Yea, Haha that'd be nice. Its a shame that the christians run the world. I wouldn't have a chance in running for president, because 1. im not a christian, and 2. i wouldn't say "god bless america". Did you know our national motto is "in god we trust", which god do you think this is? Buddha? HA!. Personally I don't think that a book a group of men wrote a couple thousand years ago, would really hold the information about the entire universe. Why them, why that time, why doesn't god come back and unleash his wrath. Im gunna stop ramblin now.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 08:31 PM
reply to post by kingofmd

Well then our good friend john lennon also said this about chairman mao:"But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao
You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow
Don't you know it's gonna be all right"

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 09:26 PM
These billboards are nothing new. The Freedom From Religion Foundation does this all the time, all over the country. They are a great organization and I am proud to be a member. They make sure that the words of our constitution are not mis-construed.... Freedom of & from religion..

They have a great website, and a nice little news letter. I really like the "Black Collar Crime Blotter" normally about two page of just priest's & preachers practicing all sorts of sins..... Hypocrites all of them. Just remember the words OF & FROM religion. Especially the FROM part.

Good people do good things & bad people do bad things, but for good people to do really bad things, that takes some religion.
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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by reficul

Couldn't the same be said for all religious advertisement?

2nd line.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by MikeBoss

Good point !
Persoanlly I think it's just an in-your-face response to the Religious billboards. We have the luxury of choosing a Religion, as well as the luxury of not choosing a Religion. People should just be happy and content with their own decision and let others be with their decisions, and as long as its not being shoved down each others throats.
By todays terminology I guess i would be classed as an Athiest, as I don't believe in any of today's versions or definitions of Religion, but then again I'm not sure if I am an Athiest as I personally believe that someone/something must be behind all things Universal and beyond. I just don't believe that todays versions portray an accruate description. I guess what I'm saying is I don't believe in any of the 'Gods' mentioned today throughout all the different Religions. That i think, would suggests that I'm an Athiest, but I do believe a God may of started everything we know and see today, so I guess that kind of doesn't make me an Athiest. It's just that with so many re-written and distorted versions of what a God may be, then its a little hard to make a definite decision or choose to take one side over another.
And just as a personal thought, maybe both the Religions and Athiests that put up these billboards would of been better off spending the money that was spent on the billboards by donating the money to a worthy cause e.g. Homelessness, poverty, education, etc., rather than wasting money on a tit-for-tat billboard war ???
I know plenty of people who would be classed as an Athiest by todays terminology, but they also do believe in a God to an extent, its just its none of the God/Gods described in todays world !
Thats just my opinion based on my own life experience and I hope it doesn't offend anyone, and I respect your right to disagree, have a good day

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 09:47 PM
Was going through some things...and found this. I remembered posting on this thread earlier and decided to share.

*Disclaimer: (shame I feel the need to put this..oh well) Like everything else in the world...there are exceptions. should not judge the whole of something or come to a conclusion on how a group is just because of the actions of a few.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 09:48 PM
What pisses me off how come in most cities in North America it's ok to put up a 30 foot Manorah at city hall , but a Nativity Scene . Further more you'll see politicians show up for the lighting of the the Manorah along with press coverage . How come the Atheist don't make a stink about this . Gues their afriad of the ADL or somethings. I`m an Agnostic , why should I care , welll becuase I can't stand hypocracy . As for these bill baords were paid for them, there for they should be aloud to be displayed even though they were in bad tatse .
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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 09:50 PM
Most of the religious wars happened during the Middle Ages. WWI, WWII, wars by Napoleon, Genghis Khan are just attempts to try to conquer and seize more lands.

One can make a case that if it weren't for Darwin and all of the 18th century philosophers and their pessimistic views on religion, guys like Stalin, Hitler would not have committed the atrocities that they did. The fact that they did means that they don't really believe in God, thus fear him, at all. In other words, they pretty much bought into Darwin's theory.

While we must be careful about believing in the dogmas of religion, the other extreme is also very bad. If you don't give hope of an afterlife or God(which at this point is still very much an open-ended question), people could act very differently, and not in good way.
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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by openyourmind1262

That's pretty ignorant to say that religion will cause good people to do bad things. Humans will start wars over anything, whether it'd be for resources like oil, land, or differences in race, religion(it's more accurate to say that greed, ignorance, and pride cause wars, not religion.)

And that's why we are just a type-0 civilization. Until we learn to co-exist, the aliens will probably never show.

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 12:03 AM

Originally posted by MikeBoss
What a bunch of attention whores, if they want to be atheists then be it, don't waste money on some billboard attacking Christianity.

Posted Via ATS Mobile:

Christian billboards attack atheists just as much.

I'm agnostic. "God," as a word represents the origin of reality. God is the universe because it is all things, it knows all things, it has always existed and will continue to do so.

Gravity is god because it allowed energy to form particles of matter, nebulae and stars. Gravity is thought to be a connection between all existing matter. You, and I are connected to even the most distant stars.

Stars are god because in the extreme pressure of their cores they create the complex atoms that we are made of. Stars release energy that cause organic molecules to react, leading to life.

The exquisite inter-relationships of the matter of reality as defined by reality itself are far more interesting to me than any bible story from any religion.

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posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 12:11 AM
reply to post by Dystopiaphiliac

Simple but beautiful. I think it works

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 12:14 AM
Atheists having missionaries for their 'movement' essentially turns them into a religion. The idea of atheism is being free from a belief system or structure, being FREE. Having missionaries/grunts/slaves putting HUSTLER mags to counter Gideon Bibles are just counter productive.

I have to agree with the quoted statement above.

By posting "God is a imaginary friend." attacks the religious and therefore stoops to their level.

Atheists/agnostics claim that they are more logical and level-headed, that act says otherwise. Counter-propaganda can be more 'diplomatic'. They could've put something a lot less incendiary.

Wars are fought mostly for land and resources. Anyone who says that religion is the main reason has simply been fooled by the guise. War is waged under the false pretense of religion. Do you really believe Israel is out to reclaim the historical Promised Land (c'mon)?

Nothing can be gained by putting up a Cross or a Crescent in a conquered area, but you can take it's resources and manpower.


Good day.

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posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 12:35 AM

Originally posted by btyoung21
I have to agree with the quoted statement above.

By posting "God is a imaginary friend." attacks the religious and therefore stoops to their level.

Atheists/agnostics claim that they are more logical and level-headed, that act says otherwise. Counter-propaganda can be more 'diplomatic'. They could've put something a lot less incendiary.

The statement made on the billboard is blunt, and offensive. It's bad company to welcome someone to your house by spitting at them. There is quite a handful of angst-filled youngsters looking to exacerbate their ego by bashing other peoples beliefs.

This is because of a massive ego and an addiction to the feeling of self-importance. Every feeling we have is the result of chemicals released from our brain, and people are literally chemically addicted to the feelings associated to particular thoughts.

I just want to be happy, love every atom of reality and gaze with wonder at the universe you and I are a part of. All without being told I'm going to burn in hell that is.

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 12:35 AM

Originally posted by AllUrChips
A group af men are paying for three billboards, with this title on them. They are doing this to raise discussion about the state of religion in america today. I applaud these men for not only standing up for their beliefs, and trying to do something about it.

The Boulder Atheists, a member of the Colorado Coalition Of Reason (COCORE), said it paid for the billboards to encourage an open dialog between atheists and the public on the role of religion in America.

This same group has done this before with previous sayings as:"Don't believe in God? You are not alone."
and a year later they protested a local nativity scene.

A year later, the group paid for three billboards protesting the nativity scene at Denver's City and County Building. The signs said, "Stop government support of religion, move this Denver nativity scene to a church."

So do these men have the right to put these billboards up, IMO they do. Just as religious billboards are put up in town. I mean last year I seem to remember christian billboards placed ALL OVER THE WORLD saying the "rapture" was going to happen on May 21st
Surely if this man is able to post his religious propaganda worldwide, these men should have the right to do the same about their beliefs.

I support free speech. I have no problem with the "Don't believe in God..." bit. I'm an agnostic. I've been an Atheist. I don't like driving down the road with my kids and having to explain dead babies on billboards. I would hate to have to explain why someone put Santa isn't real on a billboard. My wife is Catholic. I have no problem with my kids learning Christian morality in their Catholic school, I think it's a solid moral foundation. My oldest child, he's ten, knows what I believe. He's trying to figure out what he believes. But I have a problem with education through billboards. Santa, the Easter Bunny and Jesus aren't real.... Why can't I drive down the highway without my kids seeing that crap? It's up to me to explain. I don't want to see homosexuals go to hell or God loves fags. I don't want to see racist crap either. It's a real trickbag when you support free speech.

Then I read these guys protested a nativity scene. Seriously? If it's on public property and they did everything in a legal manner, great. Good for them. Nice of them to ruin the nativity scene for the folks who want to believe it. Now a bunch of Christian parents have to explain why people are saying baby Jesus isn't real. Free speech is one thing but trying to teach other peoples kids without their parents consent is enough. I think it's kind of a crap thing to do. I think folks need to reexamine the Bill of Rights and see what the 1st amendment actually is about as well as separation of church and state. A christmas tree or a nativity scene on public property doesn't violate anything. This country was founded so people could freely practice their religion free from persecution.

Last thing. Everyone needs to mind their own business. Stop trying to force feed your beliefs down everyone's throat. Christians, Atheists, Gay's everyone. America gives you the right to be whatever the hell you want to be free from persecution. It doesn't give you permission to try and force the rest of us to support your belief. We tolerate it as long as it harms no one else, isn't that good enough? If you want to put up a sign advertising a gathering spot for atheists, great. If you want to invite people to your church, cool. If you want a billboard saying prolife and contact information or prochoice and contact info, great. Homosexual advocacy group, groovy.

Stop trying to shock everyone. Just because people have a right to do something doesn't mean you should. Protesting a nativity scene? I look on them like that Westboro Baptist Church protesting funerals. It's inappropriate. It's legal, but it's still jackass behavior.

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 12:47 AM
reply to post by DrJay1975

There's going to come a time when every body has to give up their traditional beliefs so that humanity can move forward. Human religious dogma's and personal beliefs that infringe on others abilities to act freely are dominating the cultural landscape.

Why do we still teach our children about santa? Why do religions teach children obviously false stories about their gods performing miracles?

How can somebody say, "let them have their fun," when our adult ideologies are a direct result of what we have been taught as children? We are deliberately telling lies to spare the OLDER believers from emotional pain, while they teach their children unreal things.

One day we're going to have to grow up, suck it up, and accept universal truths. It wasn't easy for human civilization to accept that the Earth is round and revolves around the sun, many people were killed for such beliefs, and there are still people today who don't believe the Earth is round. It won't be easy for everyone to accept the universe for what it really is.
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posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 01:04 AM

Originally posted by gabby2011

It will be the Holy Mighty One..The Holy Immortal One..that will have the final say.. on whether He exists or not.. so be ready.

Sooo... If he doesn't..?

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 01:38 AM
reply to post by AllUrChips

And atheists say christians force their religion upon people, hypocrite's.

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