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Let's Be The Change...Winning Back America. I need your help!

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posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 03:17 PM
Mods, wasn't sure where to put this. Please move it to the correct forum if need be.

ATS Community, Brothers and Sisters,

I have been a member here for a brief period of time. ATS has served as a place where I have been able to both engage in thought provoking discussion and also learn more information than I ever knew existed. As a young 22 year old man, I feel as though this community has allowed for me to grow for the better.

What I've learned about the world we live in today is saddening. To become aware of the system in place that has hindered and destroyed our world troubles me, and rocks everything I ever thought was reality. Many men have been given unknowing consent of our nation's people (and by that I mean people who know not what they do) to perverse our earth, waste our resources, and overall support a system that has failed us.

All of us here at ATS know that the rook is in. I doubt there is anybody here who actively participates in these forums that hasn't figured out what's really going on by now.

Now here's the point I'm trying to make:

what are we going to do about it?

While engaging each other online is very important and helps us grasp information that is out there, our country, other countries, every living organism and our earth are in danger. I believe we are now quickly approaching a fork in the road of our existense. Do we do nothing and hope and pray the world doesn't implode? Or do we rewrite history books, come together and make one glorious stand to defeat the evil machine?

The time has come for us to stand up. Ghandhi once said we must be the change we wish to see in the world. nobody here, I hope, wants to see us suffer and collapse. We all are here because we're disgusted and outraged at what's going on and want change. Now is our chance. I refuse to raise my children, children I don't even have yet, in a prison planet. I refuse to sit by passively and say there's nothing we can do.

I'm ready to begin a gameplan but need everyone's support, ideas and comraderie on this one. I know this community is full of people with many gifts, and come from many different walks of life.

I suppose virally waking of the masses is the first step. To successfully pull this off will be a challenge without being silenced but I believe it's possible. But to do it, ironically, will mean practicing some of the same techniques bussinesses have used to control the masses. I would say, correct me if wrong, that use of video will be our best chance. People respond best to being able to see and connect with a message, brand, event etc. this is why companies spend so much on Tv ads and why TV is their greatest weapon. If we were to create a short film, under 10 minutes in length that pulled at the viewers' heartstrings, provided a shocking behind the scenes look at how the tables have turned by using quick, explosive facts, and gave people a call to action with an organized plan at the end, I think we've got a shot at this going viral.

If you feel as compelled as I do to make change happen, let's all come together on this and share ideas. it can be anything from ideas for content of such a waking up film, to how it could be presented/shot, to "your idea sucks, here's a better idea." Any and all discussion is welcomed.

thank you,


"Be the Change"
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posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 03:44 PM
Isn't that pretty much what Obama said: "We are the change we are waiting for." and all that? The problem is, what gives you the idea that you know what change is needed? How have you figured this out? Do you have some sort of special insight or superior knowledge that leads you to believe what you do? What is that exactly? A Bachelor's in English or Gay Studies? Do you think we all should become socialists or communists or environmentalists or anarchists? Do you think we should "save the planet" by returning to an 1850's lifestyle? Are you one who believes wholeheartedly in Global Warming? Jesus? Jihad? People say they want "change" but are very vague on what they want to change TO or how they propose to get there. Do you think change is so important that you feel compelled to force change upon the rest of us? Or do you believe change must be democratic and agreed by the majority?

Do you think change can be effected by "occupying" public streets, defecating in the open or on cop cars, urinating in alleys, leaving a bloddy mess for others to pick up, or throwing Bibles at cops and urinating on a cross? Do you think change means you should be taken care of for life or that it means being left alone?

Here are two groups of people who both want change. How would you propose to reconcile these differences? What if I despise your idea of change? Will you propose to "take me out?" You and what army? What if I fight back?

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posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 04:14 PM
You raise a valid argument. What is change and how do you go about bringing change objectively for all?

I do not feel as though I have some sort of superior knowledge, that I know what that change is and that I plan to force it upon everyone. My intention is coming from a place of good. Communism, socialism, tea party, occupy, all of this IMO distracts and keeps us divided from striving towards the common good for all.

I believe that the change that is needed in this world and in this country must come from within every one of us. We simply use cop outs like man was created sinful and is sinful in nature so as long as man is on this planet we will suffer. But I believe our minds are stronger than that. That if we really wanted peace we could make it happen by believing it in our minds and putting our energy into helping one another and striving for peace for all.

With regards to change for America, I believe we need to give less power to TPTB. People don't realize but they are only as powerful as we give them consent to be. Simple fixes such as doing away with the Federal Reserve, reducing and refocusing our dependency from oil to renewable resources, outlawing lobbying, ending corporate personhood, throwing out laws that have imposed upon our rights and civil liberties, end nation building and needless wars, inspire innovation through small business development, these are all types of changes I believe would make for a more prosperous nation.

posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by schuyler

Ultimately, any lasting change will be an organic growth of inter-connected individuals reaching critical mass and interacting with society.

Conservative activists will spend their time and money (really the only 2 forms of energy in affecting the world) attempting to maintain the status-quo or revert to times past (for good or bad).

Progressive activists will spend their time and money attempting to advance change (for good or bad).

There's an old protest chant: AGITATE - EDUCATE - ORGANISE

There's some agitated about problems.
There's less educated about causes.
And even less organised around solutions.

reply to post by JGibWakes

There's already a plethora of 10 minute videos to agitate. (spread those)
A wealth of knowledge about causes. (spread and discover those)
And numerous ways to actively participate in solutions. (participate in those or create new ways)

The only person you have to agitate is you.
    And unless you have a gift for film-making or public speaking etc, the only other people to worry about agitating are those in your sphere:
    family > friends > neighbourhood > work colleagues > local business > local government and representatives > social media contacts

The only person you have to educate you.
    And unless you have a gift for research etc, the only other people to worry about educating are those in your sphere:
    family > friends > neighbourhood > work colleagues > local business > local government and representatives > social media contacts

The only person you have to organise is you.
    And unless you have a gift for leadership or planning, the only other people to worry about organising are those in your sphere:
    family > friends > neighbourhood > work colleagues > local business > local government and representatives > social media contacts

Identify a problem - agitate
Identify a cause - educate
Identify a course of action (time & money) - organise.

Time - boots on the ground or civil disobedience
Money - boycott and divestment


Decide what you think is most important or what you are most passionate about - and do as much as you can.
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posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 08:06 PM
never happen... you americans are too divided amongst yourselves... and the majority far too apathetic about things there.

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