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The Strange Sounds, The Dogon, Sirius B and The Bullroarer.

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posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 08:03 AM
reply to post by SweetSomnia

Aliens in Human form would be almost impossible to consider if one did not believe in soul.
The Human body can be likened to a machine - a most wonderous machine - the word machine fails to give it the credit it deserves. However. that being said - The soul of a being inhabits a Human body for a specific purpose on Earth - It could be said that part of it's purpose is to inter act with the substances of the Earth for the Earth is also a machine, a part of a greater machine which also has a specific purpose.
Only you truly know what your purpose is - non can tell you what that is for sure. Thoughts, ideas, soil, air, water etc are all substance in varying degrees of refinement.
But I digress - Since Humanity first started out on the Earth they have never truly been alone. Everything is connected - See how the movements of Sirius affect the Sun and vica versa. The Sun is relatively young in the big scheme of things - stars have come and stars have gone - The Cosmos teems with life. Yet we look out at the stars with our eyes and modern technology and measure everything by our observations - Yet what is it that we do not see - The soul at work.
Beyond what science measures are realms we never truly consider - yet I know many do consider such realms.
Away from The Earth the soul has a different type of body which suits it's environment - From this perspective the soul sees clearly.
People seem to expexct some sort of miracle yet fail to see the miracle all around them.
Our view of Aliens is coloured by highly exageratted movies and the like.
Would it be a smart move for Aliens to declare themselves to the world - Think how the powers that be are now and you will understand that they come unseen unknown and undetected.
They come to offer new ideas and ways of thinking yet step back if not accepted for free choice to accept or reject is their way. Never would they take on the way of attempting to indoctrinate ie force their wy over another.
Yet these Aliens are born as Humans are born - into a family where they face the same brainwashing and indoctrination all do. Many have spent several lifetimes here - they too are subject to natural law such as Karma though Karma is noy quite as some imagine. When an Alien breaks through the walls of indoctrination and use their higher Inteligence you could say they shine - Yet Humanity has that potential for we all are connected.
Why do they come - They come to help - Would you believe an Alien - I say believe in your soul and shine. Humanity has dragged itself down it hurts and upsets itself - Humanity can be truly great and many are - We are all one yet each individual and special.

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 08:15 AM
reply to post by Xoanon

I do believe this is the first time I have starred and flagged a thread in the Predictions and Prophecies forum. Very well written and thought provoking!

Just a few days ago, I was thinking that some of these "sky sounds" sound very much like the bullroarer. Granted, I didn't know it was called a "bullroarer," so thanks for that! lol. I'll admit all of this creeps me out but if these sounds are really happening, I supposed I just need to embrace my creeped outedness (lol) and accept that something very strange is happening.

Thanks for this! Great job, OP!

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by Xoanon

hey there great thread debut

it seems ATS members are doing a great job identifying and eliminating
the hoaxed versions of "the hum" or "the sound"as it's been named

what's really a give away here is that there seems to be an international disinfo conspiracy
to make this look like a hoax
and you know what that means:

It means this is something important; if such an effort is being
carried out to convince everyone that the hum is just assclowns pulling our leg

sorta like crop circles, 2012,

and don't get me started on the Mother of all Disinfo Crapspew: UFO's


very ancient multi-purpose tool
used in initiations, magical/shamanic/religious ceremonies, excorcisms,
combatting locust invasions, and who knows what else.

it may even be one of the 1st [if not the 1st] Shamanic Tools
going back perhaps to the paleolithic

if its not something left to us by the previous root races [Atlantis or Lemuria]

a previous poster makes a comparison of the arrival of the Nommo
with Enki's 1st appearance to the sumerians

if a recall rightly sitchin claims he was wearing a spacesuit or wetsuit
perhaps the same with the Nommo, or perhaps their need to spend time in water
is more to combat the effects of earths higher gravity
[see A.C. Clarkes Venus Prime Series]
very interesting this possible Sun-Sirius being part of a system

What if Sirius B's orbitting Sirius generates gravity waves that when coming close enough
to our sun increase in power
enabling the Nommo or whoever lives there
to ride those waves at tremendous speeds so as to visit us

or us to visit them
the distortion of Space time may have a Chrono-Kinetic effect
cutting down travel time

oh and S&F BTW

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 12:13 PM
Don't feel too bad about not being able to identify who taught them about Sirius B. Carl (Mr. Ego) Sagan claimed they were taught by westerners but could not identify them. LOL

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by artistpoet

When I hear the sound, as I have reported on other posts, it sounds like it is coming from the earth. It sounds similar to what the op presented. I haven't heard it in the (air), But I too thought maybe it had something to do with the earth movements. When I hear it thought it is an even oscillating sound, more like the instrument mentioned.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 02:35 AM
the sound of the name dogon is similar to the deity dagon.

kinda cool


posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 07:07 PM
reply to post by subfab

Also Dogon backwards is Nogod
Yes Dagons profile as fertlity god fits with Sirian lore - Sirius associated with Isis myth or earlier with Hathor bears this out.

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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 10:16 PM
I note that in the photo of the Dogon in the original post, the white cross-pieces of the headdress are just about identical to some worn by dancers of the Mescalero Apache tribe. Odd, very odd. What are the chances???

posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by Lazarus Short


Thank you for coming by. Here you are,

I note that in the photo of the Dogon in the original post, the white cross-pieces of the headdress are just about identical to some worn by dancers of the Mescalero Apache tribe. Odd, very odd. What are the chances???

Mescalero Apache

Dogon Tribe

The chances to me have to be ridiculous.


posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by Xoanon

So in the book I mentioned the aquatic aliens heads look like the Dogon headdress pretty much (I think, it has been some time). Long with two "tiers" of things sticking out the side. I just now made that connection. I wonder if the rest of the outfit is traditional from the humans who made contact with these guys or if that style of clothing was introduced to them as well?
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posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 08:03 PM
Book marking this most excellent thread for after I've taken my son for a walk

Should have done a search on Sirius when I first had my vision...I'm seriously dumb sometimes (palm slapped forehead!)
I'll be back!

great thread OP s & f

posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 01:25 AM
Right....a couple of months ago (when the seven were in attendance for which I assumed were planets together in our night sky) I went through a pretty heavy duty experience, I wont go too much into the entire thing, but I ended up having three very distinct visions/or shown at the end of an experience which lasted over a week, I have no idea how to replicate the visions yet, so its' my thought I was shown...

Briefly though, a few points, which will not make too much sense for now...sorry

Tea became my best friend, non mucked with food was all I could eat (and not very much at that) ie fresh no meat
It became very important to me to have bracelets (wrists and ankles) on, which I haven't worn for years, some of them found, made, and given to me.
Every time I added another one it had heavy meaning, one for each loved member of my immediate family, they became precious.
Copper, plastic, cloth, leather, clay, wood as yet, although quite a while ago my husband turned a wooden engagement ring, I don't wear it though (The leather one with the three clay beads has been stamped/impression and has a sun either side of a figure of a man, this has always meant 'travel' to me, I did not know who the man represented except I thought husband/brother)
I HAD to take my gold off, it was repulsive to me, the only gold I felt okay to wear, without feeling ill was my wedding ring, my husband comes first!
My encounter with the Sun, showed me that it will only burn you if you want it to/or think you deserve it/guilty energy/soul etc Did you know you can look directly at the Sun any time of the day and not burn your eyeballs out?
When it/vibration/feeling became too much I HAD to be on the ground/grass anything natural, was the only thing which kept me sane ish, until I had come to terms with man made, it's the same energy/matter we are, therefore loved as like.
I didn't sleep for four days and didn't get tired until this episode was over, then 24 hours straight zzzzzz.

I was going to try not to ramble, but clearly I can not help myself

Back to one of my visions

The last one was....I found myself in space (it was seriously like sitting in front of a crystal clear screen/movie (but no edges) facing what I initially thought was our planet, it was incredibly blue, stunningly blue. As I was looking though, something wasn't right, I could only see a couple of very small land masses, in what I assumed was a vast amount of ocean, that's what it looked like from my vantage point.
There was actually four- five planets of comparable size in a row except the second one was the blue one and the rest were like a dark green/grey/dull/indistinct.

Emanating from the belly/equator of the blue planet were waves of brilliant green/blue/aqua, like radio waves only visible, imagine dropping a pebble into a still pond, just like that.
I heard myself say "Wow" in a whisper and then the first wave reached me, THAT was amazing! It was a full body inside and out and felt something between a fall and an orgasm, one hit.
The last thing that flashed before me before I came to, was a further out over the top view including a Sun and a very brilliant white beam of light coming from the Sun going through those planets in a row and continuing out into the never region, where I couldn't see.

When I was back and having assumed it was our planet I was looking at, I thought "oh no! We DO flood again!"
But even the sizes weren't compatible to our Mars, Earth etc, ?
It wasn't until I followed some links on another thread which lead me to the Terra Papers and a more in-depth description of a proposed alternate history of us.
Let me tell you some very distinct things gelled and one was Sirius A and B.

Part of my experience was knowing the literal life force this planet has, it was my strongest feeling a call for help went out (that was felt in waves also), brother come back I remember, was incredibly strong.
Two brothers and a sister....
It started with a heart break so intense it was global.
Anyway I wont ramble on about that bit for now, but I wanted to share what I found today too after searching ats (seriously don't know why I didn't sooner, life interrupts and I'm an idiot sometimes)

ats thread

This excellent thread shows a star map of Sirius and some other indicators for the Egyptian connection, admittedly I haven't read the entire thread yet, but will get there.

In these next couple of links the dates for alignments is interesting, and I'm betting that 'beam' was headed this way,

ats thread


another link anything being received/measured coming from Sirius?
and does 4-5 in that system line up on any date with our planet and sun?
That's what I'm looking at now...any help would be great.

Ta for listening x

posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 01:58 AM
tripped over this and I had to share it

The giant waves of Gaia’s rebellion have recently swept over you with an eerie vengeance, calling you to attention. These messages, screaming out from Earth’s core, are coming far more rapidly now, far more powerfully than ever before. All is changing. All is being redefined, updated, attuned to the new that forever awaits you, eternal creation. When you give pause to the contemplation of these upsetting events, we ask you to forever bear in mind that the Earth, great Cosmic Deity, is also the carrier of the flame within – and all is infinite, all is in a constant state of change and evolution. Your fearing these events creates far more destruction than your acceptance of them – your understanding that the Earth Changes are the manifestation of your Deity in transformation (and all life within the Earth realm) and that She knows exactly what to do. The vibratory patterns of terror and fear amplify the magnitude, altering the manifestations of Earth Changes and this the Power instrumentalizes to exacerbate the emotional disharmony of your world populations.


However difficult it is for you to accept what appears to be meaningless death and destruction, never forget that those who take themselves to the moment of Gaia’s rage, the innocent who swim in the waters; the not-so-innocent who commit to the killing fields of war and violence…all have an appointment and are aware, at the soul level, that they are fulfilling a soul pattern when they elect to leave the Earth School of Karma. Even the children. The age of the soul has no direct reflection in the age of the physical being and many of those who are washed away in the tide or buried in the rubble are old souls who came in for just a moment, serving a higher purpose or completing a contract that is not clear to those who remain, suffering the loss. All is divinely in order in the Cosmos of Soul. Children of Gaia, if only you will lay your head upon the rich earth and listen you will hear the sighs and whispers, the anger and frustration, the love and the wisdom…. Know that the true Mother would not abandon her young nor obstruct the destiny of the one and the many. Hold Center now. Steady as She goes, trusting all the way.


How exciting!!

posted on Jun, 17 2012 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by AussieAmandaC

AAC, thank you for sharing.

I am always floored that folks like yourself are able to endure so much turbulence and still remain centered enough to get their message out. I am actually thick as a brick when it comes to visions and that sort of thing, and I am sometimes thankful for that when i read about the intense experiences folks like you have with that sort of thing. I am probably just sensitive enough to that sort of thing to be sympathetic towards the really powerful lightning rods.

Part of my experience was knowing the literal life force this planet has, it was my strongest feeling a call for help went out (that was felt in waves also), brother come back I remember, was incredibly strong.

Did you know that in the Hopi creation narrative, two warrior brothers stand by at the North and South poles and by their strength they keep the world spinning as it should? Pöqanghoya stands at the North and Palöngawhoya stands at the South. If one of them were to leave, I do know that a great cry would indeed rise up.

Thank you again for your very candid and interesting posts and for being here.


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posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 02:56 AM


MADE IN 1988

posted on May, 7 2014 @ 10:31 AM
Actually, that's the theory I arrived at - after eliminating all the others. I'll post videos below where the sounds are seen in conjunction with aerial anomalies (UFOs, some call them):

Skyfire UFO and loud booms in sky

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So 2014 (1) - January

Strange noises, Ufos over Springfield, Mass

Noises in the sky

USNs, Unidentified Strange Noises Part2 Feb 2014 UFOs?

[flash of light]

U.F.O. making strange sounds.


Stunning UFO makes Scary sound over Paris, Oct 2012

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