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Is this the WHY we have not yet made contact?

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:48 AM
reply to post by heineken

Besides the literally astronomical distances between star systems, and the difficulty of locating other life in your neighborhood, I can think of a few other possible reasons why we haven't made contact.

1. Perhaps life is common, but intelligent life- and civilized life, at that- is rare

2. Perhaps civilizations kill themselves off with nuclear weapons eventually. Even an average of 10,000 years of peace with nuclear weapons ending in a tragic accident would be sufficient to mean that most civilizations in our neighborhood have been long dead.

3. Maybe once a civilization advances to the point of exploring the galaxy, it has no interest in making contact with other species, only studying them without interfering. Or rather, maybe our neighbor civilizations in particular feel this way.

4. Maybe they have attempted to make contact, but we haven't noticed.

5. We've only been broadcasting radio signals for about 100 years at most. This means we could expect a return signal from a civilization 50 light years away at most, assuming they noticed us immediately. This dramatically reduces our search radius. Maybe we just simply need to be older.

6. Maybe an advanced civilization sees the futility in trying to communicate with an alien species. If they were biologically different enough, perhaps they don't even understand how we communicate with sound waves. Even if they could register our signals, the difficulty of decoding a completely alien signal is in all likelihood completely impossible.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 09:05 AM

Originally posted by starchild10
It could also be that they haven't made contact because 'they' don't exist. This old argument that 'there must be life because the universe is so large' doesn't necessarily follow. We may indeed be a glitch. Conversely those who are religious might say were are unique and 'made to order'.
And of course they may be already here!
For me there is no definitive proof either way.
I guess it would take a personal encounter to do it.

The Pleiadians reportedly "Telepathically" tried to warn Presistent Eisenhower against the "Big Nosed greys" and suggested the President to stop the Americans' nuclear weapon program, but Eisenhower reportedly refused to listen to the Pleiadians. The "Big Nosed Greys" then reportedly "Telepathically" suggested the President that they would let the Americans to learn about alien technology, in case the President allow them to abduct American citizens. President Eisenhower reportedly accepted these terms and reportedly signed a treaty with the "Big Nosed Greys". Later some whistleblowers told that military personnel and scientists complaint about lack of teaching in alien technology, and the "Big Nosed Greys" reportedly abducted too many American citizens, some of these abducted citizens reportedly never returned back, according to the contract the "Big Nosed Greys" should report every citizen they abducted, but the abductions reportedly got out of control. Some alien implants have been found and removed and tested, and concluded to be of Extraterrestrial origin by some of the best experts on this planet.
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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 10:33 AM

Originally posted by heineken
The most challenging question I face when trying to convince somebody that it is so logical that the Universe if full of intelligent life is when being asked why we have not made contact yet.

Basically I had the following answers in mind:

- The distance between star systems is too far

First i want to say thanks for making this interesting nice thread, and Stars and Flags 'heineken'

The distance between star systems is too far for Earth human astronauts and cosmonauts to travel with the official technology of today. However, a team of Earth-people reportedly were invited to visit Zeta Reticuli star system during a Top Secret mission. The EBE reportedly "told" that it took 9 Earth-months to travel the distance of the 40 light years from Zeta Reticuli.. So it obviously take 9 months for that Grey specie from Zeta Reticuli to travel the distance of 40 light years.
There are cases of Reverse engineering Extraterrestrial technology and is also mentioned on this conference, and Gary McKinnon also hacked into very "Sensitive" places in the United States, hacked into Top Secret files about UFOs, Reverse Engineering ET Technology, Free Energy, and other interesting stuffs.

But, other ET races like for example human looking ET races like Andromedans and Pleiadians reportedly travel much much faster apparently at any distance in the Universe.
The Pleiadians reportedly travel in a "Split Second" between the wast distances in space, for example from the Pleiades to this starsystem at a distance of about 420 light years, or much larger distances. Also Andromedans (the quiet science of archeology has and will discover more and more of ancient history, including ancient Extraterrestrial civilizations, there is going to be aknowledgement of a temple complex that belong to ancient Lemuria that is apparently still intact lying approximately 150 miles southwest of Easter Island, Alex Collier is told it's huge, he's also been told that the Russians already know it's there, they have photographed it and exployed it in many submarines, and underwater structures near Okinawa have already been filmed/photographed by divers) reportedly travel wast distances in space in a "Split Second" for example from one end of the galaxy to the other end of the galaxy, or from galaxy to another galaxy, and yes, still in a "Split Second".

- We are not that interesting to them

Obviously Earth humans are reportedly interesting to other ET races. according to Cherokee indians their story tells of Pleiadian star people coming to Atlantis in ancient times, intermingling with Earth inhabitants, and having children with the beginnings of higher consiousness.
Chief Golden Light Eagle "Standing Elk" tells of 18 UFO crashes in the United States in 1947 from 10 different star races visiting Earth, and here on this speech he show symbols representing spiritual and universal laws, symbols given by star people, as he said.
ET secret Earth history - by "Andromedan contactee" Alex Collier

- As laws exist here on Earth there might be a Galactic Law for Races to not intervene in any way in the course of evolution of other species

In this conference about "Starchildren" Mary Rodwell also mentioned Boriska as "Indigo child", while several other "Starchildren" cases mention children who claim to be in contact with aliens from outer space, children that reportedly read other people's mind, reportedly have telepathic skills, able to move object through the air by using mind-power, reportedly also have healing skills, and other unusual skills.
From about 8:12 in this 'conference', Randy Winthers mention that the ancient Lyrans who visited Earth in ancient time were from 7 meters to 9 meters tall.
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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 11:04 AM

Originally posted by wirehead

3. Maybe once a civilization advances to the point of exploring the galaxy, it has no interest in making contact with other species, only studying them without interfering. Or rather, maybe our neighbor civilizations in particular feel this way.

Most insightful; I hadn't considered that before. Just because we humans are desperate to make contact, perhaps seeking help with our domestic problems, doesn't imply that another civilisation, who may have overcome their problems, would be inclined to remain anything other than neutral

Apparently our TV and radio broadcasts may not last longer than one light year before powering out. As the radius increases the probability of detecting photons decreases exponentially, because the surface area of a sphere equals 4 x pi x the radius squared, and even if you can detect a number of photons relating to a particular signal you have to integrate over many such photons to decode the broadcast

So even if a candidate civilisation had overcome the challenges of interstellar travel and were inclined to make contact with another civilisation they may still face the challenge of deciding which direction to go in

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 11:28 AM
I hope they stay away. We can't even handle our present level of technology. We're not far from a global war that could turn nuclear. Just imagine what terrorists would do with bombs many magnitudes more powerful than a nuke. Imagine a viral weapon that can kill everyone on the planet being in the hands of a terrorist? Computers and information technology have made everyone lazy and dependent. We actually need less of it, not more. As for immortality, it's fair impossible. Change is a constant. Nothing remains as-is. We would change as much in 100 years as is apparent when viewing two different people in today's world. Thus, we already live forever but we do it through each other and our children.

We don't want their probes or their help. Stay away ET. Don't ever come here. We'll take care of ourselves. We don't need life extension. We don't need faster computers. We don't need UFOs. We're fine.

People that want all this are like the weed smoking hippies flying with the hallucination rainbow angels.

Perfection is a dream. Don't get tempted. Don't be misled.

So why're the aliens not here? Because the humans that met them were smart enough to make em go away. I'm filled with gratitude for that. If not for it, we'd all be hooked up to machines now, 24/7. The aliens would have quickly seen how their "help" was destroying us. We can't handle excess. So they'd force us to be watched by transforming us. We'd be little more than slaves to them. Thus, humans as we know them would be removed from history. What remains would be a husk connected to the alien supermind.

The other possibility is hte aliens saw this coming before it happened. So it wasn't humans that made them go away. Their alien analysts convened and explained that humans are expensive slaves. The leaders would have concluded that humans were, in fact, TOO expensive. They have cheaper means of slavery than through the use of humans. So from this meeting the leaders canceled human contact.

Some people label me a neo-luddite. Conversely, I'm a realist. You'll be one too, in time.
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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by heineken

You make a good argument there, heineken, I have spent a lot of time thinking about these matters myself.

The distance between star systems is too far
- We are not that interesting to them
- As laws exist here on Earth there might be a Galactic Law for Races to not intervene in any way in the course of evolution of other species
- We have to be happy not being visited yet because it might bring Apocalypse on us.

Those are all good reasons, mind it I add a few?
First of all Space is like a fabric, and cane be "bent" to make far distances much nearer. One ET Female I had encounters with, when asked how long was her journey from the Pleiadies? she relied, "20 Earth days."

Number One, and the most Glaring Reason:
Humanity Is a Barbaric, and Cruel Race that Kills for Sport.
Number Two Reason: Their Technology is about a million years ahead of us, so understanding it is simply out of the question. It took years for TPTB to take recovered Alien Tech and break down the ideas into things like Microwave Ovens, Cell Phones, Computers, not to mention the Stealth Bomber. But since the 40s, they have made giant leaps forward, and today men fly human made UFOs in space, whether you want to believe it or not. Because how this, humankind, vain and egotistical, would either be put off by this, or think the ETs to be Gods.
And that would be Number Three: Established Religion would take a death blow if and when they came, and were known to us. The ETs could easily heal our bodies, clean up our planet, provide us with free energy, make life easy for each of us, and perhaps even provide us with a blissful reality to live within. So, people would not need church anymore, the ETs are the new providers.

The trouble with this is humans are inherently lazy creatures. If provisions like I described were to come, people would stop working. Society would break down.

maybe the ultimate price of joining the interstellar community is Immortality, which is something I believe our brother aliens are not that happy to share with us..i can imagine them not wanting to infest the universe with immortal humans..maybe who knows ..once we realize what love really means than maybe we can be granted all the secrets of the universe..

There are many of us, humans, who already know we are Immortal. I know it, and I suspect the way you talk about it here you know it also. I have known that what is really me, my inner driving Force, my Chi, Soul, Spirit, is in fact Immortal, and also it is Divine in origin, given us by the Ultimate Creators. Knowing this, it isn't a stretch to know you are Immortal. When the body dies, I shall have another, and so on, until I am done here.
I don't really think Humanity is ready to join the Galactic Community. Not yet, anyway.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by Anunaki10

Starred ya, friend. I am on board with you take on David Icke, those who ridicule David Icke have not read David Icke. Most just repat what others says, a common human frailty. I also agree with this:

Oh yes, you better get used to that they ruled the U.S. Government, the banks, the military, the leaders, the famous people. Here are the evidences , and if you check out this video of Demonic possessed Reptilian rulers there are the revealing "Lizar eyes" of George Bush Sr. and his son George Bush Jr. and his wife. And like i previously said, Cathy O'Brien reportedly witnessed George Bush Sr. shapeshifted into a Reptilian being in front of her telling her he is from another planet.

It's true. Any Conspiracy Researcher worth their salt knows this to be true. The Draco/Reptilians run every Established Power in the World. Banks, Companies, Governments, and Religions are all fully controlled by these creatures. I too believe that the highest evolved ones can shape-shift. They believe this to be their world, (it is, they were here first) and they have little use for humans, in fact, we are called "Containers" by them. How does that make you feel? The thing they are interested in is our Spirit. This is Energy, and if captured, and controlled, could in fact be a great power source.
I believe the Draco are trying to discover a way to separate the Spiritual Energy from the body for use, and keep the body upright, and animated, for slave work. This is why they use Religion. Convincing a people that their Divine God is "out there" somewhere gets then used to being without their Spirit, before it has been taken from them. Making them a slave to their money, their income, gets then used to being enslaved to a master they never really see.
And, most sadly, their agenda is working perfectly. But there are a few us us who are aware. And we are not alone in the battle, either. The Draco/Reptilians have many enemies.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 12:47 PM
Hah im sorry guys but David Icke is hardly the right person to listen and all the talk about reptilians. I think the reptilians are those 'different Greys' but still greys plus of course any human-alien hybrids they made,. If one thing, some 1 out of 10000 pictures of a Grey could be true and we have some idea of how a Grey looks like but reptilians, not a single photo of a reptilian.

Don't get me wrong there could be some Nordics but David Icke and the reptilians specifically, I don't think it has even slight truth compared to the other types of beings who at least have some chance to be true.

This has to be the only look of a reptilian or which is rather called White-skinned greys. But isn't this just a costume.. for the Reptilian's conception sake - showing this picture. At least Schneider talks about two different types of greys (if any of his story is true) - tall white skinned Greys, I think the Reptilians are those and not really 'Reptilians'

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by Anunaki10

The Pleiadians reportedly "Telepathically" tried to warn Presistent Eisenhower against the "Big Nosed greys" and suggested the President to stop the Americans' nuclear weapon program, but Eisenhower reportedly refused to listen to the Pleiadians.

The way I heard the story, the Pleiadians were here in person and warned Eisenhower of nuclear proliferation and the dirty dealings of the Large Nosed Grays, and was politely turned down, after all the Atom Bomb was a brand new toy, bigger than anyone else's toys, and only America had it. It was told me the Pleiadians left Earth is a hurry shortly after, because of a war in their sector. It was after this the Pleiads began their Hybrid Program, seeding Earth to help bring about change over time.

The Big Noses and the little Grays did not keep their deals, and took a lot more humans that was agreed upon. They also entered into conspiracies with mankind to bring about certain things, things that went directly against the Natural Order of Earth and Time. You can read about some of these in THIS book, and the others in the series.

At this point, TPTB are deathly afraid of the Aliens, and they are afraid of what Humanity would do to them if we became aware of their cover-up. Earth weapons cannot match theirs, not even the more exotic ones. I see nothing to be afraid of, we are a great deal more powerful Spiritually than they are, and they know it. Trouble is, humankind has drifted away from true Spirituality, and into religious dogma, self serving ways, and electronic toys.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 02:12 PM

Originally posted by jonnywhite
We don't need faster computers.

Since the era of the Commodore 64 computers we still need faster and faster and more advanced computers as time goes by. New games and programs require more powerful and better and more advanced chips that can handle the bigger and more complex programs, better graphics, so that means computers continue to be upgraded to better models from time to time.
But of course, more advanced civilizations may have more advanced equipments

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 03:17 PM
I'm gonna jump a little more into the Believers' side and say: Eisenhower is not a liar and any story related to aliens and him is true. So here is a credible source number one that we''ve made contact.

Forget the silly music of the video, I muted it, what do you guys think of these pictures? I looked carefully some of them and they didn't look Photoshopped e,g checked the giant skeleton. The shadows everywhere matched correctly..

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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by autowrench

The problem I have with Icke has nothing to do with his brilliant talks about the systems of unfair twisted democratic illusions being presented as freedom and reality or the fact we are condemned to live our lives condensed in to a lilliputian match box by lies and the suppression of our true potential as infinite consciousness or any of his hypothesis on the systems of control and conformity that we are subjected to, on the contrary, I agree with his sentiment on these issues.

It's the shape shifting lizards who conveniently only exist in non physical forms and control people as master puppeteers I find most un agreeable. If he had suggested that these beings are an interpretation and symbolic representation then YES I get it, however it's easy to discredit because these things only seem to exist in peoples minds and are just too out there in a lay off the dimethyltryptamine kind of way.

However I recognise the need for an explination to the meaning of life, as we have all questioned the where? what? and why? it's what dragged us from the oceans and pushed us in to space, it's the never ending questions of what are we? and why?

No one really knows the answers to these age old questions and I very strongly doubt that a washed up TV presenter such as David Icke is the chosen prophet to release man from the fractal of his philosophy.

Edit: This is not to say that I do not think that reptilian aliens don't exist, it is very possible that there are other planets that have not suffered mass extinctions like the one which killed off the dinosaurs 64 million years ago. I think it is possible that if the dinosaurs had of survived then maybe we would be sharing our world with reptilian humanoid creatures which could obviously lead to a belief that they never did die out and did evolve alongside humans and remain in the shaddows because of their insatiable appetite for human blood.

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posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 02:42 AM

Originally posted by captaincosmic
It's the shape shifting lizards who conveniently only exist in non physical forms and control people as master puppeteers I find most un agreeable. If he had suggested that these beings are an interpretation and symbolic representation then YES I get it, however it's easy to discredit because these things only seem to exist in peoples minds and are just too out there in a lay off the dimethyltryptamine kind of way.uote]

Your >>only exist in people's minds

posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 03:33 AM

Originally posted by captaincosmic
It's the shape shifting lizards who conveniently only exist in non physical forms and control people as master puppeteers I find most un agreeable.

Not only in non physical forms, also in physical forms, which you can watch for yourself shown in these evidences, Reptilian manipulation for humanity - by David Icke, Part 1 , Part 2 there are video of "Lizard eyes" of famous people, and a photo of an old dude from about 3:25 into Part 2. Demonic possessed reptilian rulers

posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 05:31 AM
i recently watched war of the worlds movie which inspired another reason why we may have not made contact yet..

maybe it is impossible for other species to live here with all the millions of bacteria our body got used to for million years

posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 08:15 AM

Originally posted by heineken
i recently watched war of the worlds movie which inspired another reason why we may have not made contact yet..

You are aware of that "War of the Worlds" is just a movie, right?

Not made contact you say? I suppose you're refering to the primitive Earth-technology of today used officially for trying to search for Extraterrestrial life out in the space, yes? I'm afraid to inform you that that technology is TOO PRIMITIVE!
Well, we can only hope that Earth-humans will find the right searching method/technology in the future. Try listen to what physicist Michio Kaku say about the primitive Earth-technology, so if you listen to Michio Kaku then perhaps maybe you will get an idea why Earth-humans can not get into contact with other ET races at other starsystems with the official Earth-technology of today.

But, like i already said, Eisenhower reportedly was in contact with the "Big Nosed" Greys and Pleiadians, and Galactic Commander Banyú obviously visited Equador's Embassy in Peru. And the ET races reportedly visited Earth in ancient times, which Indian tribes tells and the Dogon tribe of Africa also tells, and there are lots of evidence of ancient alien stuffs. A 150 million years old crashed UFO reportedly have been found, and they might hide it from public view, just like they hide the rest of the other crashed alien spacecrafts. The Varginha case is about a crashed UFO in Brazil, one Brazilian soldier died of 8 different kind of unknown poison bacteria attacks after he touched one of the captured aliens, and the U.S. military then reportedly took over that Varginha case. The U.S. military reportedly also took over other UFO crash cases like for example from South Africa and England. Marilyn Monroe reportedly threatened the Kennedy brothers to hold a press conference about what the Kennedys told her of their plans to kill Fidel Castro and JFK's visit to a military base to inspect crashed UFO and alien bodies, so the Kennedys had to silence her before she could make her planned press conference, and Corso reveals that it could be one of the reasons for the assassination of the Kennedys. Another thing is that unusual unknown heiroglyphic signs and debris with "exotic memory metal" are mentioned in UFO crash cases, not only alien bodies. In this CNN Larry King Live - Roswell incident unmasked, Part 2 Frankie Rowe mention the surviving Roswell alien using Telepathy. Lots of other cases mention aliens using Telepathy. The Roswell debris have been tested, and Batelle scientist Elroy John Center confessed to have analyzed that Roswell alien debris. And General Ramey who was ordered to make the fake weather balloon story later decided to turn his back on the United States Secret Shadow Government by saying about the the real Roswell debris >>I was out of this world, Son. Out of this world!

posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 09:21 AM
Fake # videos.. YouTube is full of retards.
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posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 09:21 AM

Originally posted by heineken
maybe it is impossible for other species to live here with all the millions of bacteria our body got used to for million years

Obviously it's not impossible for other species to live on Earth, for example animals like dolphins and whales were reportedly brought to Earth from another star system in ancient times, but there are for example cases of other Human looking star races living on Earth and like i previously said during this thread, the Cherokee indians told that the Pleiadians came to Atlantis in ancient times and mixed their own race with the inhabitants of the Earth.

But of course, reportedly there are some species that reportedly can't live on Earth without their space suit

Some of these star wars were fought on Earth in ancient times when colonies from different planets fought for our planet to try to take control. The Pleideans from planet Erra, humans from a spaceport on Venus, Sethians, Centaurians and beings from the reported 12th planet in our system were involved in these battles on Earth and were mostly driven off the planet (except for remaining secret underground cities and bases all of those civilizations still have on Earth). The Zetans now have a spaceport on the hidden dark side of the Moon, and many underground cities there too. They also have scientific, military, and mining stations on the surface of the Moon. So Americans and Russians can’t just fly up there and plant their flags and say, “hey, this is ours!” (like they are used to doing after invading other countries on Earth).

Government agents have been forced to do everything they can theorize or scam on, to make it look like the Moon is a dead world impossible to inhabit. What they do not tell you is that ZETANS do not need an atmosphere like ours to breath because ZETANS do not have lungs. They do not need to irrigate and grow crops because Zetans have no digestive systems. They do not need to worry about being too hot or cold because they have incredibly thick tough skin... like reptiles only more extreme and much tougher... and are cold-blooded... the sun, heat, and cold on the Moon do not damage their skin.

In fact, they would DIE IN OUR EARTH ATMOSPHERE without a space suit, like they did after emerging from those crashed flying saucers... because our Earth atmosphere is poisonous to Zetans. The atmosphere in one of their planets, orbiting a dying red star sun, is composed of elements like sulfur and carbon monoxide... described by some scientists like the runaway greenhouse effect of out of control pollution Zetans would like on Earth for themselves. They cannot live on the surface of Earth without creating genetic sub-human hybrids in laboratories... part them and part us. So they live in underground cities in the United States, Soviet Union, Moon, Mars and certain asteroids off Jupiter.

So you see, some Grey species reportedly can't live in Earth's atmosphere without a space suit. And on the other hand, some other ET races are too poisonous to Earth humans to touch, for example the Varginha UFO crash case, were a Brazilian soldier died of 8 different kind of unknown bacteria attacks after he reportedly touched one of the captured aliens.

And according to "Indigo child" Boriska

Martians breathe gas. In case they arrived to our planet, they would have been all standing next to pipes and breathing in fumes.

Another thing, scientists confirm Extraterrestrial genes in Human DNA
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posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 09:32 AM
reply to post by heineken

No, I don't believe reaching immortality is the key to club membership so to say. It is impossible to truly know how an alien space faring civilisation thinks (the concept of good and evil may be non-existant for example), but if commen sense is a truly universal trait, then we have a long way to go before the doorbell rings.

First off, try and put yourself into the aliens position so to say. Viewing the human civilization as a whole, there are few to no incentives to opening formal contact. Humans as a species are not united. They have divided themselves into 196 different countries. They are consuming their planetary resources at an unsustainable rate. They are poisoning their only environment that can sustain them. They show little regard for other living species co-habiting the planet. They engage in wars amongst themselves and learn little from the consequences. They develop ever more powerful weapons with no other purpose than to kill each other more efficiently. They allow an economic system to exist which accepts the yearly deaths of millions who cannot afford to provide the basic minimals for life.

Humans are genocidal, even though they know their actions will kill them eventually. Formal contact would likely make humans even more war-like, and may even cause mass hysteria. There is no evidence from human behavior that a formal contact could produce a symbiotic relationship.

This is probably why humans are at best an exo-biological curiosity and why contact has not been established.
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posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 09:48 AM
I've had 3 generations from my 1st dog from the age of five...From my dogs point of view i'm immortal
..if other humanoid species exist ,one can only guess on the longevity of their cell structure's ..Its only a matter of time before scientists crack the god gene, and we have only just crawled out of the sea on a evolutionary scale ..we know nothing of our past and why the universe is the way it is think we are the only species in a Infinite space is more scary than having bob the alien turning up and saying hello

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