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There are no more heroes. There is only you and me.

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posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 10:38 AM
Over the past few months whilst I have been watching the events over the whole globe, events such as the Japan earthquake, the social unrest around not only the middle east but also here in the UK as well as the US, I have come across a truth, that there are no more heroes.

When people say hero you automatically assume someone with an almost magical superpower, akin to Superman, Spiderman or any other plethora of comic book characters, sure you can even say a normal human being is a hero, rushing into a burning building to rescue a child, firefighters are such a hero to us.
But in the world of today with all the social upheavals, the corruption in most if not all politican parties, the gang related violence, there are no real heroes.

There is no one going to fly by and save us.

All there is,is you and I and we are not heroes, sure we want the corruption to end and the world to be a better place for all but we are not heroes , we are ANTI heroes, people commited to changing the world to the path of righteousness but at what cost?
Look at the talk about the current polticians, we hear talk about ousting them, lynching them when their crimes are revealed ( if they are ever revealed), and the bankers, you hear "lynch them" ( I was one and to be honest not all of us were money grabbing, a lot of the time it was just a job but before you say " the nazis said that" listen to what I'm saying) sure there are a lot of ones that probably desrerve to be lynched for their crimes but who's going to do it? You?
Sure you think about it, speak about it, maybe even dream about it but who is going to actually DO it, no one thats who.

There are lots of opportunities for us to do it and do it right so that it is not done again in the future but we are lazy creatures, something the PTB want and we play into their hands, and whether we do something or not is still playing into their hands.
An individual DOES something and the MSM paint a picture of a madman, the Gifford shooting for example, and the noose is quickly tightened about our social freedoms and we simply sit back and moan a bit more about it.

We sit back and wait to let someone else do it and the noose it tightened a bit slower so that we don't notice it.

So you can see where in the damned if you do and damned if you dont dillema. so what are waiting for?

An ANTI hero , someone to come along and do what we won't, but again an individual can be stopped, we need to mass together and show that we are one voice, one people, one world no matter what the colour of our skin, no matter what our religeous beliefs or political persuasion. But we'll wait.

There is another way if you don't trust the democratic voting system to eliminating the person, and that is to physically remove from office and cast down to the gutter no matter who they are, take no.10 Downing street or teh Houses of Parliament or even the White house for example, they are so enamoured by the power they wish to keep it at your and I's expense but they are OUR buildings, OUR positions and we ALLOW them to be there even IF they are placed there by corporations, Banks or foreign countries and we as citizens can remove them by force, we can arrest them and incarcerate them no matter WHO they think they are.
ANY police force or army who thinks they can stop the massed people is very much mistaken as no matter what weapons they have we the people outnumber them by a vast amount.

But we won't do anything and do you know why?

Because we have been taught to be selfish, to look after number one and it has been that for years and thats what we'll do, we'll be lazy and confront our own corruption with a moan about how bad it is.

Maybe one day we'll have had enough about the state of the world and become anti heroes but I doubt it

MODS please feel free to place this in the RANT section is needed , ta very much.

posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 10:45 AM
AMEN...It's funny that my wife and were just having a conversation about this very thing. In fact, we were literally right in the middle of discussing how it is up to us. Selfishness has led to complacence and so on..
Kinda freaky that you posted EXACTLY what we were just talking about.

It's probably no surprise when I say that I couldn't agree more with your post.

posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 10:46 AM
In response to the title of your thread, I'm going to go out on a limb of my own belief and say this:

Every man, woman, and child is a hero in hiding. All they need is a reason to put on their cape, and a voice to help them see the light. Unfortunately, the world is very, very good at destroying hope.

posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 10:59 AM
I have to disagree with you a little bit there, we do have one hero still left...

He's 71 years old though, and taking out Elenin and YU55 took a lot out of him. We will have only ourselves to rely on soon though.

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