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Black magic rituals force closure of Caynton Caves

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posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 09:42 AM
There a many mysterious caves in the world, and I hate when a few people ruin access to them for other people.


A labyrinth of mysterious caves has been closed down after its owners finally got sick of them being invaded by a satanic cult.

The Caynton Caves, hidden in dense woodland near Wolverhampton, have a rich history stemming back to the 17th century when they were apparently carved out of sandstone by followers of the Knights Templar.

In the past, the landowners have tried to be accommodating when sects, good or evil, have asked permission to use the site.

Their patience began running thin when, over Christmas, they found the caves had been filled with candles, sinister symbols scrawled on the walls and rubbish.

But the final straw came when they answered the door to two red-faced warlocks who had the cheek to ask for the return of their robes which had been used in the black magic ceremony

The entrance has now been sealed up in the latest attempt to keep the trespassers at bay.

This cave seems like an important site with alot of history. You would think that it would be important to preserve and protect the cave, and if that means keeping people out, it may be needed. I know of several cave systems that were used by Native Americans as well as a burial ground, but I don't reveal their location for reasons such as what is happening at Caynton Caves......Places like this need to be protected, not abused.

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