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Idea of spreading the idea of questioning everything, I need your help.

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posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 06:40 AM
O.k so i was thinking last night that one of the best ways of getting the idea of thinking out of the box into peoples heads, is via social networking.

Iv just made an account on facebook and I'm in the process of making a like page or group. My name is TruthIs Viral, please add me and suggest me to as many people you know, U2U me to become an admin so you are able to post links etc onto the page.

We will be showing links to everything that is dealt with on ATS, direct links to this website also if thats allowed.

The page will be created so that if you have an issue, post the issue , debate it and open peoples eyes to the truth. i'll be sharing this page like wild fire so we can open as many peoples eyes as possible.
People may not think this is constructive, but i dont give a sht what them people think. Facebook is used by over 500million people and if i can help a few thousand then hey, good job done.

The like page is called Question Everything .

I know many people from all over the world visit these boards, which is brilliant so the content will vary allot, which is also a good thing.

Please add me as a friend and share my like page.

Name: TruthIs Viral
Like: Question Everything

If you want to become an admin then thats no problem, U2U me on here or drop me a message on facebook.


posted on Jan, 23 2012 @ 07:39 AM
My idea for Facebook was to have a "Theories" section where you write your theories and provide evidence or reasons for them and people like them as they would a group they like.


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