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Are we inside a black hole?

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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 02:10 AM
reply to post by ImaFungi

reply to post by ImaFungi

I dont have to prove it.
It is an existing idea.
Requires no proof, it is a scientific possibility.
So in essence it is speculation, but within the realm of the possible.

But a short answer to why is it relevant for me?
1. I like scientific though
2. I am amongst other things, a writer, and posing questions allows me to gain insite.
3. If we are inside a black hole, you would have to consider the possibilities put forth (multiverse, universe engineering, which means alien life is way more developed then we could ever imagine)
4. Pondering these things, and observing other peoples reactions, allows me to understand human nature better.
5. I am a systems thinker. Therefore i take all sytsmes to extreme consequence, after all it is contained within the sytstem. No point is being shy about it.

Thats the short answer.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 02:56 AM
reply to post by BBalazs

ok its all good, i never meant to press you, offend you in an way, my nature is highly inquisitive,

and thats awesome you are a writer!

but also I just believe that all things are a scientific possibility,, in a twisted way, in a certain perspective, you may be a black hole experiencing itself.
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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 03:10 AM
reply to post by ImaFungi

No, you didnt push me.
You did exactly the right thing imo, you asked, i answered.
I really didnt want to take part to deeply in this thread, i wanted to observe, but if questions are possed i will answer to my ability.
I have learned a lot from this thread. Its pretty awesome actually:-)
I am also somewhat proud of myself that through logic i did come up with something that is plausible scientifically.
So star for me;-) just kiding.
I do however think if we are to evolve we seriously need to push the envelope and systems to their extremes.
It is fun.
It would make learning a lot more fun.
I think science is misunderstood deeply, when with the right learning tools, the concepts are very easy to understand, formulas are another thing, but i will just have to trust science on that one.
But equations formulas are aslo not that difficult if you are so inclined as to understand them.
Me, personally i am more into examining the results, and the system.
Know the system and you will
Know the flaws and strenghts.
Know this, and you will understand the system.
Just my 2 c.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 03:23 AM

Originally posted by BBalazs
Are we inside a black hole? I mean is our universe inside a black hole?

Nope. We are inside a Matrix. Black holes are but a "garbage can" for outmoded programs.

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 04:20 AM
reply to post by SayonaraJupiter

Yes but isnt this matrix really part of a black hole, in essence being an error code?
Nah, just kidding;-)

posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by BBalazs

We could both be right!~
Our known universe could exist completely within the gravity well of a black hole, we'd never know the difference. If that were the case, I would tentatively refer to our black hole as a matrix.

On the other hand there is supposed to be a black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy but we have no way to actually run the tests that add to our knowledge. Darn.

The meaning of 'matrix' comes from the Latin and French,

late 14c., from O.Fr. matrice, from L. matrix (gen. matricis) "pregnant animal," in L.L. "womb," also "source, origin," from mater (gen. matris) "mother." Sense of "place or medium where something is developed" is first recorded 1550s; sense of "embedding or enclosing mass" first recorded 1640s. Logical sense of "array of possible combinations of truth-values" is attested from 1914.

So, our universe, could be just like you said, inside a black hole, with the black hole acting as the womb (matrix) for our universe while it is in the developing stages.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 01:16 AM
I've often had similar thought about what the universe is, hard question since we can't view the universe in its entirety from the outside to actually know anything about how vast it is, or if it is yet-- maybe it has started , but it is relative(not sure if the theory of relativity explains that, I'm not well educated really) , perhaps it would be seen as if before it was created since its near infinity and the relative nature of time means we have no way of witnessing the Universe or incomprehendable nature or eons of time that we haven't seen taken place within a black hole. Nor can we step within the unknown of phenomenon such as the blackhole to fully comprehend its vastness and potentials of what is within, that it is ultimately beyond our comprehension....

I guess the theory of relativity could suggest that what we observe from outside a blackhole is infinately different of what reality is within-- since the nature of time is relative under the extreme forces of gravity (if that is all that bends space like) to the point that it appears to be nothing or simply unobservable. Maybe we can never really know, only speculation to the nature of time and how the dimensions that have manifested within the blackhole, as eons of time may have already been played out in whatever way, if it is incredibly massive and its dimensions would allow for a similar reality of the physical and energetic form to our experience and observation of our place in the universe, or if the rules as we know it no longer exist...

Maybe it has something to do with consciousness , that the universe and stars has a consciousness beyond our knowledge or it acts on a timeframe beyond what we can observe and never truly understand... or a blackhole is a galaxy in its very earliest birthing stages, or the galaxy represents the universe that is within like in fractal images and chaos theory.

I guess this in my mind would make it more like a wormhole or gateway into an alternate reality, a method to bend the rules of physics and consciousness to allow inter-gallactic travel across the universe or into alternate dimensions that are a hidden aspect of our perspective of reality of the universe since most people only exist in say 4dimentions yet there is like to be 10 (according to Kabbala, which has some scientific credit, not that I'm all that knowledgeable).. God consciousness and deities, those that inhabit higher degrees of the available dimensions that make our universe, if you believe in a creator (maybe none of this can be without some kind of creator, to allow physical dimensions as we know it to manifest) can access the creative point of singularities to create alternate universes-- if there is a common creator at the base level of all of creation or maybe our consciousness in entering the blackhole would create its nature..

If we could see the universe from the outside, then it wouldn;t exist ?yet? or from that perspective, maybe it would be a singularity still, like a black hole.. A creative force or catalyst is needed to manifest the myriad of forms, we have minute relative perspective of it all. . Don't know what this would say about destiny, maybe its work n progress, or from some perspectives it has already been played out , like reality is nothing, I guess I accidentally support the idea of holographic universe...

Maybe this universe is the only one but we're far from understanding everything that requires an understanding of all the dimensions and nature of time. not that it seems likely that we as a physical being would survive being stretched into the tiniest particles to recreate our place in a universe that may already exist in a black hole, or if all black holes have their own nature, maybe to a degree, maybe they exist as an open book before the god consciousness entered this black hole that is our universe, maybe a black hole we witness is a steep down, time portal to our universe, or is a starting point yet to be created into a universe until a spirit or god has gone within, if it already has....just speculation...

[ to witness what from the outside looks to be standing still or a void, and a void meaning the possibilities for its nature within is endless or perhaps dependent on consciousness, or our inherent god consciousness that is dormant in the conditions of our place on earth in the universe .. I suppose our spirit would survive and become that space and everything that is in it that is created relative to the perspective from within...Infinite possibilities like doorways to its physical nature within like Pandoura's box

the possibilities are endless I guess... I can't fathom, makes me wonder about destiny or that there is a higher creative force then what science has been able to discover.

[I wrote this all backwards, on a role in the middle) hope it is comprehensible, as long as they get. maybe I repeat myself, go easy on me its only my second post on ATS. like topic
how do FLAG?

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 01:53 AM
reply to post by Raguel

I Think what I was meaning, long story short is that ;

If we could see the universe from an outside perspective it would still exist as a singularity, before eons of time had passed...and suppose it would have a similar nature or relative appearance to a black hole.. ummm??? ..Why??.. I thought I knew why. something to do with perspective of time... we operate at such a fast rate from our perspective of the dynamic nature of the universe--- it is relative, to see it in all its glory would include seeing it with its nature of time happening from within... our perspective as some of the smallest of creations, or perspective of time and movement creation and death and rebirth is relatively rapid to compare to something like the evolution of a galaxy, would make it look like a singularity still, because it isn't possible to see the creation.... maybe we are lucky to be in existence, or we are only in existence, because we're in existence to be perceiving this evolutionary moment in the universe..... Maybe humanoids have been able to observe the universe for trillions of years, from all over the universe or spiritual beings that are like offshoots of the original creator and exist not in the physical world but can manifest themselves in the physical and observe the universe from anywhere, maybe they're the only ones who know if we live inside a black hole....

hey just a hunch, maybe it is still exists as a singularity, from another perspective relative, maybe its all been played out already and there is such thing as destiny-- with access to higher dimensions of consciousness time maybe far more tangible, just that we are a slave to it and we are in it that we can't witness it from a different perspective- maybe our life as humans has had many civilizations since the start of time if there was one, with many different varieties of humanoids, loooking back trillions of years ago, or to see it as having a beginning, maybe it never did, or from the perspective of outside, it's just another black hole.

Like this is some twisted psy-thriller and it goes round and round, never ending or beginning... humans just want it to start somewhere, its the way our logic works, even if they have to make it up, or pretend there was a starting point... it was a black hole and the beginning is only relative and was only because a creative god-consciousness force entered a singularity and its consciousness created everything in this black hole and it is the only being that can actually perceive the universe as having a beginning, I think.... At least this way, we know the universe won't ever fizzle out and as life is really on earth is common form of life replicated on other planets and parallel universes black hole worm holes open up to, even if its the same thing, just going in is like in the beginning but we create it. . .. I think I mean that we're lucky we can wonder what the universe is all about that life is only possible in this evolutionary phase of the universe..

Maybe everytime our mind and cosmic waves get into a black hole, if a blackhole even attracts consciousness I don't know realy but maybe we are creating a multitude of universes, .. so we are actually to blame if life was created in it when they complain about god not being there to fix things, maybe god can't intervene from its perspective .. maybe not

maybe it already is, I mean a universe within a black hole and the alternate universes within our own universe, but we just can't see it, coz we'd need to be created in it and that could take billions of years to happen before the universe was able to home humans to think about it ...

Not sure if the universe in it already is, or we see it before it starts, or if it is everywhere at all the spectrum of time of its evolution, all at once and is just a portal in time back to the start of this universe, or it's a new universe but with a new god and we would be that god if we could go in it, or something........

Hey pardon me I didn't intend to Rant again.....
This was supposed to be short and sweet,...

if we could look at our universe, it would still be a singularity like a black hole, don't know if a black hole as we know it is exactly the same? and its because it's relative or maybe they are really our seeds to new life, like a portal or something...

PS.. Thanks , its my birthday today, I'm hungry and drank too much coffee, because I woke up earlyer then usual because lately I been staying up all night and sleeping all day reading trash on ATS like its an obsessional addiction, now I'm a member and its my turn to talk trash... I won't waste anymore of peoples cyberspace, I would only be repeating myself anyway, I think...

edit on 26-1-2012 by Raguel because: Happy birthday to me, I'm on ATS acting out my Toul side of the spectrum

Edit . .. I did seem to be repeating myself quite a bit, I do apologize I think it;s the way I am--I'll work on it- hope it isn't considered spam from the relative perspective of the spectrum inside this black hole the universe is in perhaps ... still I don't know why this thread sounded so funny observing it from the outside as a mere title ..... I guess the idea of being in a black hole is funny to me.....can't explain why, don't expect anyone would want to start a thread as to why the notion of being inside a black hole is humorous to a minority?
edit on 26-1-2012 by Raguel because: apologized for being repetative with an excuse that I can't really help iit, it is difficult.. don't want to miiss anything out so it sounds the same, and I say it again to sayy it right,... either that or it comes with the editing process ... by the time I have written so much it becomes difficult to edit without taking away from what I'v written, or it is fear that I will miiss the point rewriting it...

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by BBalazs

Find out all about black holes via automatic writing on the blog The Color Yellow: click on link - the spirit speaks.

posted on Feb, 18 2012 @ 04:20 PM

Originally posted by Slavich

Yes and no. Black holes crush matter so tiny that it becomes dimensionless. The best way to look at it is from a photon's perspective.

Nothing happens in a black hole. It is simply matter going from 4 dimensions into a dimensionless state. Or do you honestly think the laws of physics cease to exist? Our universe is governed by mathematics.

Black holes are not dimensionless. They have a definite diameter, although the radius may be infinite.

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