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Remove The Centre of the Spiders Web

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posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 12:16 PM
Film discussing how the Rothschild family created Zionism and all its issues. Zionism will never allow for any form of peace such as between Israel and the Palestinians.

Sad section in the clip at about 7.50minutes. A little girl states why she never wants peace with the Jewish people.

The film tries to show that, unless you can get hold of the people running this horror show we live in nothing will ever change.

As always try and get past the David Icke bit. Not a fan of all his stuff, however I feel this is a good piece of film.

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posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 12:33 PM
The rothschilds are the center along with other various families from across they globe.

But they are the top, and the core has been disturbing the web since its conception. Zionism needs to be destroyed. End of story. Its screwing up the world with greed, war, destruction, hate. Remaining in a system that no longer works for us, and only works for the top of the pyramid.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 12:35 PM
Its time to fight back! We are running out of time, but what can we do? Anyone have any ideas ? After watching the elections for the last couple months I have lost all hope.Its up to the people to fix this! Peaceful protest aint going to cut it.Imho heads need to roll.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 12:38 PM
Expose them.
Find them.
Imprison them indefinitely for crimes against humanity, treason, tyranny, conspiracy, genocide, the list goes on.

Or we can find them, and hang them. Seems fitting since the french revolution was about the same thing. Cept people aren't as hungry right now as they were then. When there is no food is when most people will realized "We got duped".

They are the OLD world order, they have been in power for far too long. The nwo plan we hear about is all BS, they don't need fema camps. They already have us where they want us. Dependent on them while making enormous profits off us, and wars that they instigate for the acquiring of new resources, and to implement federal reserve banking systems into those countries (see libya). Let them go ahead with their plan, there is next to no stopping it at this point right now. Not enough people realize or care, it will happen when the crunch comes. I sense there will be a war when the truth is revealed to all of humanity, it will be Freedom vs TPTB. There will be no peaceful resolution to a bunch of people who sneer down at us and think us less than human.

We are the perfect slaves,
They keep us distracted with Reality TV, crap music, crap food, not to mention they purposefully put in conspiracy theories to keep the ones with critical thinking skills occupied on things that aren't happening (some are, some aren't, you have to have a bull# detector). Every facet of our lives has been engineered to take full advantage of people, while giving them the illusion of freedom.

Slaves don't do quality work.
Free people do fine work.
Slaves who think they are free also do fine work. Quite the trick eh?

You have to participate in the system in order to do anything these days. To eat. To be healthy. To be protected from the elements. How much money at the end of the year do you personally have to say that "this is my money after i've paid my dues", If you work a 30k year job, you might see, i dunno, 1/5th of it? depending on expenses and such.

We have been made to be reliant on a system that does not give a # about you.
Simply put.
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