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New paradigm for entertainment media to profit. ( SOPA is useless)

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posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 08:56 AM
New paradigm for entertainment media to profit.

1. Creative talents should be rewarded. Without rewards, espacially monetary ones, talent will wither and only the very rich will be free to provide such insights, IF they deign to do so, indolent as they often are.

2. In this modern hi-tech new age, internet piracy is a problem, for it takes away such monetary rewards that a talent is rightfully entitled to, at least for a minimum of years, but NEVER forever, so that the poor may be inspired by viewing such talents, to improve upon it further.

Thus, how can we reconcile such principles?

A.) With the advent of the internet, where media is accessable 24/7, the days of record labels, movie studios and brick print publishers will ultimately end up as dinosours and the Ford T-model - extinct.

It is no use to relive the glory days. Those days are over. Protectionist measures are of no social use, for it will only waste national resources to trial and imprison the guilty. And absolutely no reason for capitalism to protect failed biz models.

We need to progress. Those who stifle progress will only hinder our eventual evolultion.


i)With the empowering internet, a creative talent CAN showcase his products and services on his own, by advertising on the world wide media.

The costs are not high, but the rewards are staggering, in terms of billions if the right marketing approach is used, and save on middlemen costs, keeping one's reward to oneself instead of current model whereby talents only get 10% share of profits.

ii) HOWEVER, to charge users and buyers, will only turn people off, and worse, one buyer is fully capable of file sharing to billion others overnight. Thus this biz model MUST NEVER be used.

iii) INSTEAD, charge advertisers to advertise their products on your site. Corporations need to reach out to the billions in order to gain market share, and with millions of corporations around the world, there will be no end of advertisers seeking help, so long as the cost can be small and your site is popular and honest.

iv) In the old days, entertainment producers need to seek investors funding for projects.
Those days too are over. Internet mogals are the ones to seek for funds now, such as creating new movies for cinemas, as they have far far too much capital to know where to spend wisely, and secondly, they are the ones whom will directly benefit from an increase in corporations fund involvement into the net.

They are after all, the providers of search engines, email services, web site pages, some content providing, and top of the food chain in terms of advertising revenue. They too need to advertise their services in the competitive market or they will only end up as Alta Vista or Yahoo, or many more other unknown aspirants.

v) What happens to talents in creative agencies, in corporate jungles, etc of the old media paradigm?

Answer:- They join the internet providers, become entreprenuers in creating more creative internet biz models, the way scribes became authors of new books when the Gutenburg printing presses ruled the world, enlightening a whole new generation to new thoughts and processes for evolution to happen.

A win-win solution for all, instead of brandishing the SOPA stick upon the awakened masses. Whoever thought up SOPA is a dinosaur and have the mentality of one. May such progress hindering folks become extinct too.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 09:16 AM
Interesting piece.

I've thought for a while that the industry as a whole needs to move on and evolve, incorporating the the many many positive sides of the internet. All they ever seem to cling on to is the piracy issue instead of trying to come up with alternatives they'd rather have us all sued by their legion of lawyers and locked away.

You put it right, they are dinosaurs.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

I agree, maybe not to everything in your post, but certainly that SOPA is a byproduct of the industrial age. It is my opinion that copyrights are legitimate; however, why should their be a draconian cost tied to using some materials that, in fact, is used for "entertainment"? I regard signers and actors as people who have a talent and ultimately have a "built-in" business model inherent to their existence. It is called "show business" . As any business, one has to work at it to generate profit. I see shared songs and movies as the "advertisement" campaign, the bait on the hook, the candy in the baby's hand. Consider the internet et al. as the media promoting the message that a talented child lives. and that we "should" go see them perform "live" or in theaters. That is where the money aught to be generated.

Internet song sharing = free advertisement
live performance and showings = sales and revenue

after all, there is little comparison between listening to a song on the iGadget and going to a concert..

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posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 09:28 AM
Thanks for the replies.

One presumed flaw of the new biz model, from news articles or new song, would be such:-

If I created a new song on my site, charge 10 advertisers perhaps $50/mth each, I would perhaps earn only $500/mth, hardly alot compared with signing with record labels, and good only probably for a month or 2.

But to law of capitalism, only the best or of value gets rewarded. If that song is good, the popularity will gain more time and advertisers, and thus increase in earnings.

Secondly, as it is free or comes with call for support of donations, the masses will enjoy the song for free. Some may even link it to social sites, which should be allowed, depending on the social site owner if allowed.

And the original writer of the song must track down where that song ( in full ) is linked to for downloading, and then charge the social site owner a nominal one time fee of affordable $20, as that song may make that social site popular as well, or poliltely ask them to refrain from linking.

That $20 is small, almost negligible, but if that song is popular and goes viral, linked in thousands of sites around the world, that $20 could become millions. That's just from one song or one article.

A human can easily produce tons if he indeed has the talent, and would become a honest millionaire respected by the masses.

Solves legal issues, keeps lawyers away, and force lawyers to earn a honest living (...hehe) fighting for the innocents accused of crimes instead of earning a fast buck from small timers over trival issues Everybody - the original producer, competing internet site owners, and consumer wins.
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