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Morning [YWC]

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posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 11:46 PM
Whether it be a coyote searching for food, or the tender words of a mother soothing her child, there is the phenomenon of consciousness pervading the insides and outsides of homes everywhere on planet Earth. Homo sapien, Delphinidae, Felis silvestris catus, by which means consciousness is labeled is irrelevant. A system for understanding, a tool for communicating, and a mind for connecting, we're all but one and none but many. What can assuage you can also kill you, and what infirmities exist, exist at your own will.

Sometimes I walk the streets alone, but my shadow follows me. I can't escape its grasp: it stares me down and haunts my existence. Though what true conventions may be conspicuously insidious, the call—more-so drag—that pulls on my body, also pulls on my heart. What a cold world.

So how did I fall from grace, the grace encapsulated in youth, cloaked in mediocrity, and shipped through technology? Throughout my life, I've experienced many external changes, and I've seen many different things. I suppose my curiosity and ambition were prenatally formed. In short, I came to understand my current beliefs through my past: through my past, I've been able to mold and impress an ideology; through reading, I've been able to increase my knowledge and consciousness; through writing, I've been able to communicate and express my own beliefs. Micheal Larsen said it best:

"I write with my past, about the future, for the present."

Hopefully one day, we'll realize that our fetters were truly imaginary.

As the Sun starts to set and the Moon takes its place, a sudden urge of tranquil acceptance rushes over me, and even the cold doesn't feel that bad—for it makes me feel alive. Day after day, week after week, year after year, life progresses. For now, I yearn for the intangible to become tangible, so that I can feel free. I yearn for the restless spirits of the world to rest, so that all can feel peace. I yearn for love to permeate this planet, so that fear will exist no more. For now, I yearn for the morning.

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