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It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over!

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posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 11:09 PM
Now that I have declared myself officially and finally free, I share these
few lines, and challange you to likewise console.

For want of something better to do one night (a very familiar want), I ventured
out alone to a local night club, with no other intentions in mind (it's complicated)
but kill a few hours of my seemingly immortal time.
Upon entering the club I immediately noticed a very strikingly, scantily clad beauty
who was standing with her boyfriend by the side of the dance floor.
A thought suddenly struck, and without any other motive but an urgent need to express
the thought, I approached said gorgeous entity, and began:

'I have just been debating with myself whether you'd look better in those clothes
or out of them. And guess what?

'What?' she said.

'I won', I finished.

I immediately stood off on my own, as is my custom, and I swear that if the
same girl spotted me once over the course of the rest of the evening, she spotted
me twenty times.
She was by far and away the best looking woman I saw that night.

'When all seems lost. Hold on!
For life finds a way around.
When sorrow comes on too fast. Slow it down!
Keep your feet far from the ground.'


Dont Think Twice It's All Right.
The one and only true unmistakable Robert. R.I.P. 1962.
I finally get it.

A Differing Bob

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