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Lamar, the author of SOPA comes back with an even worse bill

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posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 10:25 AM
reply to post by Toorop

Well the online thing is just another avenue and yes they are there, and so are the feds. They are there watching and trapping.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 10:25 AM
"How dare you people oppose this bill! You are protecting child molesters. Are you a pedofile? You discusting scum."
And that's how it is going to be sold. If you oppose anything that "protects children" that automatically makes you one of the bad guys.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 10:30 AM
this is ridiculous, everyone should freedom of speech, there all controls freaks. Actually make me sick what next?

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 10:34 AM
reply to post by Demoncreeper

This bill doesn't restrict what people say on the net. It allows them to track what is said to who said it.

Currently ATS can resolve your post to an IP address that it came from. Your ISP can resolve your IP address to a computer that used it and where it is located. But unless this information is maintained in the records and I doubt ISPs do that today and law enforcement can access it without giving a reason or warrant, they can't link the post to you, the person.

However the new law will enable the law enforcement to do exactly that.

You can say whatever you want on the net, the law won't stop you. But it will help the law enforcement to track you down, long after you said it.

However it is very easy to beat provided you buy a VPN service from a provider in another country. In that case the IP logged by ATS will point to the VPN proxy provider in another country. Unless your country's authorities have as much free access to the records, if any, maintained by the VPN provider you identity will remain a secret.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 10:38 AM
Welcome to the police state. NWO coming soon.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 10:38 AM
reply to post by Observor

You are assuming that IP = person. IP only resolves an address. Anyone at that address would then be suspect. From my IP anyone can connect online and do whatever they please. I have open wi-fi just for that.
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posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 10:39 AM
Greetings, Vitchilo,

Lamar Smith is a snake. He's an obama-leftist and a RINO (Republican in Name Only). This isn't the first time he's declared war on Internet; a while back he introduced legislation (fortunately it failed) allowing for the death penalty for software piracy. Lamar Smith is famous (infamous) for being a big supporter for NAFTA/CAFTA and anything that sends US jobs to foreign nationals.

The reason he's in office is that he ran unopposed in the Republican primary and his Democrat opponent was a Communist.

I hate like hell to vote for a communist in the next election, but if it takes that to fire Lamar Smith, so be it. I'll take an airline barf-bag with me to the polls.

Yes, I write letters to him, and mail em in the mail, but he does not work for his constituents; he works for the far left and for his own sociopath glory.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by Salamandy

I think that it's another way to track our movements, even normal people. I believe this because Admiral Poindexter wanted a giant database to contain all the records of every person, including health, traffic, credit records, etc. This was called Total Information Awareness and the D_ A R P A website even had the Illuminati logo on it and you can still find that on the Internet if you google TIA. The program was stopped in its tracks when even Congress disagreed with it. EPIC and EFF came out against it. This was going on at the same time they and the ACLU were against the PATRIOT Act.
I believe that this current admin had something called Einstein which is likely similar. Remember when the Cash for Clunkers site appeared with the waiver that people would click on which gave the govt your permission to own all your files on your Hard Drive? People got wind of it and they removed it like it was a mistake.
This admin has tapped the former President of ISSA Intl to run the cybersecurity for the govt and I'm not at all surprised they want to track everyone's movements.
They already monitor every fax, land line, cell phone, satellite, email, and every other kind of telecommunication.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 10:50 AM
If you can't get your agenda through normally, just tack on the words "for the children" in front of it.

Once its precedence, then expand on it.
So..who is this bill really aimed at? The people swapping around kiddy stuff hide themselves anyhow, so its not like they are going to be caught..what are they really trying to accomplish is the question.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by Vitchilo

This bill is SO MUCH WORSE then the last one. They already have similar powers based on the patriot act but I've yet to see them be used. Of course, everyone hates child pornography right? So if you oppose this bill you're a chimo sympathizer. It's bull#.

This is very clear: "Don't have anything to hide? Then submit to random searches."

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 11:06 AM
lol fear is already programed into most Americans
So lets make the bill into something more appealing.
What would people fear the most, something happening to their children
And how dare anyone go against something to helps children
Brilliant ,total manipulation

I really hope people see what they are doing its quite obvious.
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posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by SaturnFX

They are trying to destroy anonymity on the internet. The 'net has become the last bastion of truth in the world, as much as most of you here make fun of anyone who, like me, describes themselves as an internet researcher. You won't be laughing anymore when there is no worthy information left. Soon the only dialogue that will be left will be that of TPTB. That will be all you see, hear or experience. It will make it very hard to stay abreast of daily events and damn near impossible for any of the next generation to "wake up", as it were. This bill scares the hell out of me, to be honest with you, and I'm not even American. It pretty much confirms my worst fears for you guys. If there is no popular opposition out there to go against the madness, we will have lost our last hope for change. And it will not stop with you guys. If they so much as show interest in someone north of the border, I already know that my government would hand us over one by one if we were asked for by name. They're just "loyal" like that. /sarcasm.

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posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 11:22 AM
Thank God I don't live in the states.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by KilrathiLG

Here is Congressman Mike Quigley's Facebook page. You can definitely let him know how you feel, he is a co-sponsor to this bill...They title this bill in such a way that if you challenge it you look like a person who is Pro-Child porn.... Shame on them...!/repmikequigley?sk=wall

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by MidnightTide

You don't have to live in the states for this to affect you. Remember Omar Khadr? All the states had to do was ask for him and we handed him over quite willingly, against the protests of citizens and NGOs alike. The fact that we're Canadian means nothing. We might as well be Americans-by-proxy. That's how they see us.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 11:28 AM
This does explain a few things.

In the last 10 years or so we started seeing these waves of child abuse being reported in the media specifically sexual child abuse.The trend started and never went away and i have seen those waves of reports reoccur multiple times a year until now.

Because of it it actually felt like it was a new phennomena or that sexual child abuse all off a sudden skyrocketed,which i am sure it didn't but it sure did feel like it.It wasn't that long ago that this topic got reported on sporadically.A lot of court cases passed without anyone knowing about them but these last years it seemed to be pushed to the front way more then it ever had.

I am not just saying that now.I always thought that and so far i always thought it was because the topic was so succesfull and sold newspapers ,atracted viewers or webhits.

It has been mere days that SOPA was shot down,This bill was ready and waiting.They expected SOPA to fall.

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posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 11:40 AM
Big statmets like " 911 "
and now " for the Childerm "
So Evil and low it is unbelivble.
AND it will NOT save the kids!

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 11:41 AM

supervise your kids.
reply to post by InfaRedMan

*Gasp* What?You our kids?Well that sounds too much like parenting to me lol

Isn't that the computer's job?

Sounds a little fishy to me lol

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 11:41 AM

Originally posted by webpirate
I bet there will be a false flag to get this through. One way or another they are gonna try to rob us of a free uncensored internet.

Just let anonymous handle it...they did a pretty good job at outing the emails of the people viewing it and DDoS to shut down some sites recently.

Naming the bill "stop child porn act" or whatever IS the False Flag, They are making it where if anyone comes out against it they are defacto child molestors. And dont think for second they will not use that against anyone who is going to speak out.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 11:43 AM
Wow this really makes me sick. This guy hasn't got a clue. It is the parents job and duty to watch over their children. We don't need some BS bill to do it for us. This is just another way to give corporate America more power and control over our daily lives. Something has got to give. People need to stand up and tell these #ers that were not going to take this crap anymore. Ohh how the tree of liberty is thirsting for blood. What needs to be done are these sick perverts in religion and government NEED to be held accountable for their actions. My god how this just makes me want to puke.
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