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Fatima Era of Peace - after the Rapture of Manchild and during the Space war in heaven/space

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posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 02:00 PM
Why did the blessed pope John Paul II release the part of the 3rd secret exactly in the year of 2000, saying it has been fulfilled?Having the text of Neues Europa and Le Monde, it is clear that the unannounced part of the 3rd secret has a year inside. Some speculated the year is 1993, but anyway before the end of the century. So in 2000 pope John Paul was absolutely certain it is already in the past. Therefore he might have decided it is not needed to frighten the 1 bln faithful with a text that is both passed as prophecy, and already leaked in the media. The ones who wanted to find it, have already found it. I will not comment further on the motivations that at that time might be nearly the perfect ones for him.

Let remember that the year 2000 was met with great expectations of a better future both in the East and in the West, with absence of Communism, ended Cold War, friendly relations between USA, Russia and China, hopes for cures of almost every disease. President Bill Clinton at the very day of the Fatima release, announced together with many teams of scientists around the world, that the human genome is almost completely mapped and that the human life theoretically can be prolonged to 1000 years. Hawking was invited in the "evenings of the millennium" hosted by Clinton, giving his insight of the human future in space.

We all know what happened in 2001 even before 9/11 with tensions between China and USA with downed planes, the tragedy of Kursk submarine (Aug 2000) and the restart of mutual un-thrust and started anti-missile defense. Seems the expected era of peace in 2000 as desired by many sincerely believing people and by the pope himself, did not materialize.

It remains to be seen whether the things will turn the course again, or they will enter into one of the apocalyptic scenarios described by Fatima's Neues Europa text, Akita and others. If the world ahead of us should experience the era of peace, that will include the extraterrestrial contact. Now we know of the ET already among us, that are not even close to the Angels, from what is leaked. They are not demons either, but some specific groups of them pursue agendas that would be called human right abuse if it was made public. Logically we must expect a better, higher ET force not only to exist, but to impose a new more just status quo on Earth, and whom the earth's powers will listen to. This is in case of a scenario without immediate antichrist in the next decades, and with Era of peace as promised in Fatima. Indeed if the antichrist is here and now, and if we will have the Second Coming of Jesus Christ after 7 years or so, with the Resurrection and fulfillment of all prophets, what need of an era of peace then? Seems the place of the era of peace is necessary, if promised in Fatima. let try to find it.

If we have to put the era of peace anywhere in the Revelation, we would probably put it between the rapture of the manchild and the cast down of the dragon. The space war (war in heaven) starts with the rapture, and ends with the casting of dragon. These are two definite events. We have neither of them in real, visible terms (Jesus Christ was not raptured as a baby, pls leave that convenient symbolic explanation to those who search for a such. The Revelation is written in the year of 90 AD much after Jesus' earthy life, and speaks of future events...). The war in space (because the dragon is not in heaven of God) will involve space nations, ET on both sides. It may take quite a long time. May be even centuries. Just imagine scenarios from the well know sci-fi movies. Such a colossal war will take its time. That may be the era of peace on Earth. Notice the dragon still doesn't persecute the woman, not before he loses the war in space! The woman already gave birth of the manchild who will rule the nations, he(they) are caught up to God. She is glorified because of that. She doesn't run immediately in the refuge. She may have as many peaceful years on Earth as the years of the war in space. This may well be the promised Era of Peace, in a way not to contradict with the other events of the Apocalypse. Before the final persecution of the Church - Woman, that starts with the dragon cast down to Earth,

Specialists say there is a special kind of reptilian ET that look like T-rex and other dinosaurs, and are called Draconians after their home star Alfa Draconis. The name is well preserved in Greek, Arab and Indonesian legends. Moreover, these particular ET are the most hostile, as described by insiders. Do we have a ready image of the dragon's army?

posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 02:35 PM
What are you on? No link no source... Im guessing you made this up.
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posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 03:28 PM
Cool thread, you've summed up several aspects about this little "situation" fairly well. It's important that when looking into these theories, that you do not jump to "fact and false" but rather "take it with a grain of salt". All that is required is to entertain the ideas, not immediately add them to your jumbled closet of dogma.

Just remember, the concept evil and good are an illusion created by your handlers.

These "reptilians", Alpha Draconians - bipedal dinosaurs --- This is difficult for folks to swallow, no matter how many claim to have witnessed these beings.

Whether they exist or not, I think that it is beneficial to look at these stories as deep metaphors as well.

Metaphor ---
Reptilian = Body + Mind
Human = Body + Mind + Spirit

A "Reptilian" can be a Person but not a Human because they have cut themselves off (intentionally, or not) from their Spirit.

Mer - Ka - Ba = Mind, Body, Spirit.

In a world where we have been able to map out the mind and the body - we know so much little about the spirit, that which brings life to the containers we walk around in.

So yeah, if you asked me whether lizards run the media - I'd quickly agree.

posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 03:48 PM
Nice post.
The man child was an astronomical sign. In fact it occurred on Rosh Hashanah through to 11.11.11

It was the constellation of Virgo (with her tiara of stars) with a number of planets going through the area of her womb.
The last planet was Saturn on 11.11.11.

We are in a holding pattern till all the Bride concur it is time to go home.

And the wilderness the woman goes to, I don't believe is only one place, it is symbolically a place for her to go to and learn the rest of her lesson on Earth. She can do that in her home....s.

And the second half of the 7 years can be shorter than 3.5 years, due to free will which is not to be compromised.

All can be delayed till the 6th trumpet.

posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 11:07 PM
I just reread Revelations. Perhaps the only place that a short period of peace granted by Heaven, fits in Bible prophecy, is during the 7th seal.

When the 7th seal is opened there is silence in heaven for half an hour. Does silence represent an absence of conflict in heaven and on earth? Is the 30 minutes literal or symbolic? I do not know the answer for certain. It's guesswork. Followed by the seven trumpets and seven bowls of wrath.

Noticed something else. That the number of days that the Woman is protected in the wilderness is 1260 days. That is the same amount of days appointed for the Two Witnesses. Revelations also states that the woman will be taken care of for "a time, times and a half of time, out of the Serpents reach"(Rev 12:14) which is the same amount of time which the antichrist fully oppresses the holy people "for a time, times and half a time."(Daniel 7:25).

As for Fatima Secrets, I would consider like you, that it among other things, foretells of the obscured inception of world war 3, by a certain centurial deadline. Thereby originating in the Balkans most likely above all with the war in Kosovo in 1999. Continuing onward with the 2008 unilateral declaration of Independence of Kosovo. How much longer then before the next critical step of the evolution of the third world war....a month, two months, 4 years, 10, 20, 30, or 40 years perhaps? Time in God's eye is a long stretch, even according to the prophets. Unless our interpretation is completely wrong in the first place and we wait for a subsequent spark that is not prophesied. Seems however that long held expectations are materializing subtly and the overall situation is now suddenly ripe for Kosovo with Russian intervention to explode very shortly in line with certain expectations related to the Fatima prophecies. Although, I still need stark confirmation beyond the little coincidences to feel certain that the time is finally imminent and here.

Pope John XXIII(1960's) reportedly said that the Third Secret did not pertain to the reign of his pontificate of the 1960's. Thus the exact wording of the Neues Europa version is not fully trusted. That version also seems to contain language originating straight from other earlier sources such as La Salette and Marie Jahenny. Makes it appear that the Vatican might have formulated a "political version" of the secret mixed with other related prophecies it deemed legitimate, for the eyes of the big political leaders, so that the world leaders would caution on the side of global peace every year for the following 50 years. A political version that is fashioned not to offend Russia, omitting possible words similar to sister Elena Aiello's prophetic utterances about R___ being spurred on by Satan and even marches upon all of Europe.
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posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 01:57 AM
thank you for your substantial comments, I appreciate them! Yes this is purely my work, no links needed.

I allow everyone to take it in parts or full and develop these ideas further if there is anything that you think is worth of it. Next comes another article of mine. Thanks for reading that. Anyway we do not have much time left.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 02:00 AM
unfortunately the events change so fast, that may be changes in the schedule below will occur. ATS is a great place, however it doesn't allow later changes. So here is how I see the things TODAY.

Immediate events to start in 2012 until the real End Times - an estimation based on prayerful reflection and logical analysis of available credible information

1. World prepares for WW3. Russia starting it to fulfill Fatima 3 prophecy.

2. Shortly before the WW3 start, Extraterrestrials on God's service (none of the currently known ET on Earth) gather people from every nation, to preserve the human genes intact from the nuclear war. This is not a rapture, rather a volunary rescue of hundreds of millions, mostly young people.

3. WW3 is ALLOWED to happen, because of the sins of manking, its moves and desire for such a war, and the unfulfilled Fatima-3 prophecy. The dead are in the margins of hundreds of millions but not more. (for comparison WW2 had more than 100 million dead without becoming really nuclear).

4. Planetary cataclysm, with one or more smaller celestial bodies striking the Earth. Hundreds of millions die, continental coastlines are changed, possible pole shift

5. A special part of the raptured/rescued people represents the Manchild. it has a special role and mission. The taking of the Manchild (Rev 12) marks the start of the extraterrestrial space war that may continue hundreds, thousands years. it ends with the cast down of the Dragon and his extraterrestrial army on Earth. Until then, the Earth is granted the Era of Peace promised in Fatima. Russia plays a big role in it.

6. The saved humanity together with the extraterrestrials come back to Earth and restore a completely different landscape, with new continents and seas.

7. The extraterrestrials give remarkable technology and medicines, such as nano tech production and genetic medicines to allow the Biblical 1000 year lifespan.

8. The "Generation" that Jesus speaks about, is preserved alive until the actual End Times. That is the generation that witnessed the rebirth of Israel in 1948 at sentient age.

9. An Era of Peace is given to the humankind, as promised in Fatima and other prophecies. This is Not the Millennium of Jesus Christ. Still it represents the Kingdom of God that Jesus speaks in the Gospel and that never came to Earth until now. The duration of that blessed period of time is known only to God. It might be a hundred, 300, 1000 or more years. Elijah and Enoch are example it is possible (a large topic of them, they were not resurrected and not taken into final heaven before Jesus Christ, they were taken to another planet). It will include space travel, visits to other planets and civilizations. And most importantly - spreading the Good News that Jesus Christ, the Son of God the Creator, has Resurrected and conquered the death - not known to be conquered in any ET civilization so far. This is the most precious heritage of the human race that God has chosen to incarnate, die and resurrect. The words of the Gospel "go to the entire Universe..." (= world in early English mistranslation) will be finally fulfilled.

10. We have to notice that the saved people before the nuclear war will have better genes and will most likely be the ones who will spread the humankind to other planets and who will have their lives prolonged to Biblical times. The rest who survive the war and cataclysm will still be healed. However it is a special blessing to be a part of that first group saved by Angels=messengers. These people themselves will be in that angelic role later in their mission.

11. The Era of Peace will end with the real End Times as described in the Apocaypse of John. The Final Antichrist comes here. It ends with the Glorious Second Coming of Jesus Christ on planet Earth, together with all saints, including the long survived Generation. The Millennium is incomparable in glory with the Era of Peace. Resurrection to everlasting life in glorified bodies occurs at that time, because of the Son of God "I am the Resurrection and the Life", and not before that as expected now. It surpasses all so called Dimensions of extraterrestrials. We lack words and imagination as what the Millennium will be. Even less, what the transformation of the entire structure of the Universe "new heaven and new earth" will be after the Millennium.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 02:24 AM
short version on video with children music from Soviet time (because of the special role Russia will play)

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 04:32 PM

Originally posted by Phantomfire707
I still need stark confirmation beyond the little coincidences to feel certain that the time is finally imminent and here.

Some of these coincidences might not be so little such as the sun-halo appearing last year at the Fatima apparition site during perhaps the final May 13 Fatima Anniversary before the commencement of the prophesied events.

posted on Jan, 26 2012 @ 10:22 PM
Might be terribly wrong here. Meanwhile my "certainty/expectations" go through major fluctuations.

I think Democracy briefly triumphs in Russia. Both elections get effected.

The Dec 2011 results get annulled. The March 4 outcome gets annulled as well (afterwards) or postponed beforehand. A rare election reset. The super election day revote happens under free and fair conditions possibly/probably(?) on a day with supreme prophetic importance. Fatima related importance. Before that day, conditions drastically deteriorate-collapse in the world, possibly lightning quick by May. Russians succumb to paranoia and vote to power a Russian related to prophetic fulfilment. A mega powerful win, investing him with great parliamentary and presidential powers.

Medvedev's earlier tsar-like triumph with democracy turns into a planet wide curse.

I want to be able to pinpoint the storms beginning to the second half of February, but I can too easily imagine another complete scenario which everything begins soon after contested early March elections that end up triggering more outrage then the December elections did and suddenly both get annulled with the stroke of their pen. It seems like the less likely of two scenarios but I'm significantly learning towards the less likely one more. Other possibilities could be years and years away.

Again I could be utterly wrong here with heavy speculating and private considerations of possibly meaningless bits(unapproved prophecy/number alignments/small coincidences/dreams/misinterpretations/etc). So far Medvedev has refused to directly follow the path I have previously believed of his future. Unless he suddenly does so, my observations and interpretations related to Russia are completely conspiratorial.
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posted on Jan, 27 2012 @ 06:14 AM
reply to post by Gliese581

Specialists say there is a special kind of reptilian ET that look like T-rex and other dinosaurs, and are called Draconians after their home star Alfa Draconis. The name is well preserved in Greek, Arab and Indonesian legends. Moreover, these particular ET are the most hostile, as described by insiders. Do we have a ready image of the dragon's army?

Star and flag for subject matter, I have posted may times about the Draco, and my own belief of them being in control, via their Earth based Reptilians, of every establishment, including the religious establishment. The Grays work for them, and the Ebans are in league with them. And you are right, they are not demons, or angels, but they are where people got those ideas from in the first place. I even postulated on humanity being created by Reptilians. And on the Reptlian Brain Theory.
I too believe there will be a battle in Space, I have seen it in a vision. Humans are the prize.

posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by Phantomfire707
Pls Check the Vid Description for the latest. Catholic new messages predict Antichrist Now. I admit I do not know the truth, only present possibilities based on the info available.

posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 07:59 PM
reply to post by Gliese581

The La Salette prophecy clearly states the sequence of some things that will happen before the antichrist comes, the following happen in this order. Directly quoting the La Salette prophecy here :

1) Then, after [that], our Holy Father the Pope will be persecuted.
2) His successor will be a pontiff that nobody expects.
3) Then, after [that], a great peace will come,
4) but it will not last a long time. A monster(the Antichrist) will come to disturb it.
X) All that I tell you here will arrive in the other century after("plus tard"/more late than) the year 2000 (correct translation)

La Salette also states the word "lastly" in regards to Antichrist's reign on earth with the words "Lastly, hell will reign on earth. It will be then that the Antichrist will be born of a Sister"

So before antichrist arrives we have: THE GREAT PERIOD OF PEACE (also prophesied by Fatima) and the events prophesied to precede that period of peace (including persecution, war, the next pope choosen by God, various signs in the sky, 3-days of darkness, natural disasters, etc, etc).


1) "Then, after [that], our Holy Father the Pope will be persecuted." La Salette

From the various prophecies over the centuries we see that PART of the "persecution" aimed against the Pope involves a military invasion of the Vatican which causes the pope to flee for his life disguising himself and hiding for dear life, where he dies brutally in exile after a brief respite.

Brother John of the Cleft Rock (14th Century):
"Towards the end of the world, tyrants and hostile mobs will rob the Church and the clergy of all their possessions and will afflict and martyr them. Those who heap the most abuse upon them will be held in high esteem. At that time, the Pope with his cardinals will have to flee Rome in tragic circumstances to a place where they will be unknown. The Pope will die a cruel death in his exile.The sufferings of the Church will be much greater than at any previous time in her history. But God will raise a holy Pope, and the Angels will rejoice."

1909 vision from Pope Pius X: "I saw one of my successors who fled stepping over the bodies of his brothers. He finds refuge in disguise somewhere and after a short period of isolation will die a violent death."

Elena Aiello: “Oh, what a horrible vision I see! A great revolution is going on in Rome! They are entering the Vatican. The Pope is all alone; he's praying. They are holding the Pope. They take him by force. They knock him down to the floor. They are tying him. Oh, God! Oh God! They are kicking him. What a horrible scene! How dreadful!”


2) "His successor will be a pontiff that nobody expects." La Salette

comparing to Sister Elena Aiello's message from 1956: “The Pope will suffer much, and all this suffering will be like an agony, which will shorten his earthly pilgrimage. His successor will guide the boat(the Church) in the tempest. But it will not delay the punishment of the wicked. That day will be frightening, in the most terrible manner: the land will tremble and shake all humanity."

Sister Aiello (1961):
(Un umile Pastore supremo guiderà i nuovi popoli: sarà a tutti sconosciuto, ma a Lui saranno concesse molte grazie e doni straordinari dallo SPIRITO SANTO e l'umanità avrà prosperità e pace. PER IL MIO CUORE IMMACOLATO NON TARDERÀ' POI IL TRIONFO DELLA LUCE SULLA POTENZA DELLE TENEBRE E IL MONDO AVRA' FINALMENTE TRANQUILLITA' E PACE".)
english=("A humble chief pastor guide the new peoples/nations: will be to everyone unknown/unfamiliar, but he shall be granted many graces and extraordinary gifts by the Holy Spirit and humanity will receive prosperity and peace. For my Immaculate Heart it will not be long before the triumph of the light over the power of darkness.")

St. Francis of Assisi:
"And when the (Holy) Spirit has increased the number of such persons in various places, then it will send forth a wholly pure and saintly shepherd and leader, conforming to Christ."

Abbe Souffrant the Cure of Maumusson (1828): “Toward the end of the usurper's reign, the Pope will die and he will have for his successor a young Pope, and it will be under him that the restoration will take place”

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posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 08:03 PM
Since the first pope is to hide himself in exile and die, and his successor is lifted by God, I believe the following La Salette prophecy pertains to the second "chosen pope", the successor, and not so much applying to the first pope: "The Pope will be persecuted from every side: he draws above it, they want him put to death, but they cannot do it, the Vicar of God triumphs again this time." (Le pape sera persecuté de toutes parts: on lui tirera dessus, on voudra le mettre à mort, mais on ne lui pourra rien, le Vicaire de Dieu triomphera encore cette fois[-là]. La Sallete)

Marie Julie Jahenny: "But his faith is firm and constant. It is I(Jesus) who will give you this pontiff. Pray for him that should see in his eyes a fierce revolution! Until death, his hand holds the cross and does not let go of it."(1878)

Marie Julie Jahenny: "Never, never been so strong a storm against any other pontiff. He is already a martyr before undergoing martyrdom, he suffers before the hour has come."(1878)

Sister Aiello: "the Pope, with his redemptive word, will, in part, save the world.’"

Anna Maria Taigi: "He is the holy pontiff chosen by God to withstand the storm."

Brother John of the Cleft Rock (14th Century):"But God will raise a holy Pope, and the Angels will rejoice."

Blessed Abbot Merlin Joachim of Fiore (d.1202): ""A remarkable Pope will be seated on the pontifical throne, under the special protection of the angels. Holy and full of gentleness, he shall undo all wrong,"

Marie Julie Jahenny:"This dear and worthy representative will have entered in a new alliance to sustain my holy Church to the strong of the storm. Pains, tortures, the contempt. He will receive all...One will tell him: disown your faith, give us this liberty. But his faith will be firm and constant. It is I that will have given you this Pontiff."

Marie Julie Jahenny: " The August Pontiff must also suffer all kinds of torment...They desire his death because they want the destruction of the Catholic Church " September 29, 1879

Jahenny: "Pray for the Supreme Pontiff! Despite the rage of unbelievers, nevertheless, he will triumph. They will never have his life" January 9, 1874


3) "Then, after [that], a great peace will come," La Salette

Fatima: "Russia shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world"

Anna Maria Taigi: "The Russians will be converted, as well as England and China, and all the faithful will be filled with joy in beholding this overwhelming triumph of the Church."

La Salette: "by the support of this country all the other nations of the world will be converted."

Marie Jahenny: "After the horror of the long darkness, with the dawning day, the sun appears in all its light and its warmth. It will be a great devastation. I, your God, I will purify everything. The survivors will have to thank the Holy Trinity for their protection. Magnificent will be my kingdom of peace and my name will be invoked and praised, from dawn to sunset."

Sister Jeanne Royer (Sister of The Nativity) 1798:
“When the persecution against the Church has spread like a wild raging fire even to place where it was thought there was no danger then the Lord who knows how to draw glory out of everything will suddenly command the mighty fore stream and Satan to halt. Then will universal peace be proclaimed.”

Sister Aiello: “Satan goes furiously through this disordered world, and soon will show all his might. But, because of my Immaculate Heart, the triumph of Light will not delay in its triumph over the power of darkness, and the world, finally, will have tranquility and peace.”


4) "but [the period of peace] will not last a long time. A monster(the Antichrist) will come to disturb it." La Salette

St. Caesarius of Arles:
"Many princes and nations who are living in error and ungodliness shall be converted and an admirable peace shall reign among men for many years, because God's wrath has been appeased by their repentance, penance and good works. There will be a common law, one faith, one baptism, one religion....But after a considerable time will cool the fervor, the iniquity abounds and the moral corruption will become worse than ever, and it will bring to mankind the last and worst persecution of the Antichrist and the end of the world. "

Abbot Werdin D’Otrante (13th Century):"... The Great Monarch and the Great Pope will precede Antichrist. The nations will be at war for four years and a large part of the world will be destroyed ..."

Anna Maria Taigi: "Whole nations will join the Church shortly before the reign of the Antichrist. These conversions will be amazing."

posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 08:06 PM
Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser - Seventeenth Century
-"The fifth period of the Church, which began circa 1520, will end with the arrival of the holy Pope and of the powerful Monarch who is called 'Help From God' because he will restore everything."
-"The Sixth Age of the Spirit commences with the powerful Monarch and the Holy Pontiff as previously mentioned and will last until the appearance of the Antichrist. This will be an age of consolation in which God will console His Spirit of the affliction and the great tribulation of the preceding age."
-"Antichrist and his army will conquer Rome, kill the Pope and take the throne."

Blessed Abbot ‘Merlin’ Joachim of Fiore (d.1202):
"“Toward the end of the world, Antichrist will overthrow the pope and usurp his See…”

Sister Jeanne Royer (Sister of The Nativity) 1798: "Antichrist will kill the Pope"

St. Hildegard: "Almost immediately after the death of the Monarch comes antichrist"

NOTE: The monarch prophecies are too much for me to deal with today. But I believe a study of these Monarch prophecies will clearly reveal that this Monarch person(Henri/the lilly/reni) that is revealed by Jesus, continues living beyond the 3-days of darkness and is the foremost leader in the world during the start of the period of peace. Since the St. Hildegard prophecy states this great Monarch will live to be a "very old man", it is clear to me, the Antichrist does not come to power until after the period of peace:

St. Hildegard's prophecy:"The throne of the last catholic Empire will crumble and the sceptre will fall out of the hand of him who sits on the throne. The Great Monarch by this time will be a very old man. All justice will cease and will be trodden under foot. The latter times will be more evil and corrupt in the eyes of God. Children of God will be persecuted by the most hateful means in the eyes of God. Almost immediately after the death of the Monarch comes antichrist."

St. Hildegard: "Almost immediately after the death of the Monarch comes antichrist"


5) During the period of peace and towards the end of it (La Salette):"Religion will re-flourish and spread all over the world, and there will be a great abundance, the world, glad not to miss anything, will resume its disorders, abandon God, and be delivered to criminal passions."

Thus enters the Antichrist in the period that comes "lastly" before Christ's glorious Return.

HOWEVER, THE ERA DIRECTLY BEFORE THE CERTAIN PERIOD OF PEACE, IS NEARLY JUST AS UNREAL, NEARLY JUST AS MIRACULOUS, NEARLY JUST AS AWFUL AND FRIGHTENING AS THE FINAL PERIOD AFTER THE PEACE. Big difference is a future Hitler that persecutes the Church (anti-religious, mini-antichrist) instead of the big final Antichrist that is killed by Christ Himself.

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posted on Jan, 29 2012 @ 10:15 PM
1)If a Russian Hitler-type comes to power in the following months (or whenever) we would unmistakably be at the beginning of the era prophesied by Fatima of "Russia provoking wars and the persecution of the Church."

2) the Russian Hitler would eventually target the Catholic Church aggressively and brutally. He would slaughter the priests. In all likelihood the Russian leader would make it a crime to become a Catholic priest, across the future empire. At least one prophecy states a person will need to walk for days to encounter a living priest(or something like that.)

3) To escape harm from the Russian persecution, many, many Catholics will leave the Church. The rest go underground: "The flock is about to be dispersed and the Pope must suffer greatly!"(Sister Aiello)

4) The remaining Catholics across much of the earth would be subject to extreme propaganda, and persecution.

5) other nations would follow in Russia's footsteps with a doctrine of oppression against the minority religions and minority groups.

6) the Pope raised by God would be hated worse then any other Pope in the history of the Church.

7) with appalling scandals from within the Church, and the Russian Hitler making the Catholic church an object of scorn, the Antichrist if it were possible would want nothing to do with launching himself to the world from this future of the Catholic church that would be despised, dispersed, and extremely weakened. The antichrist is all about the popularity. No group will be more unpopular during the sad times of Fatima prophecy fulfillment.

There is really no room for a deeply unpopular persecuted Church that the world despises and a popular Antichrist inside it to persecute God's church.

8) After the 3-days of darkness, and various signs foretold, the world would finally understand perfectly that God purified the Catholic Church so it could return to the pure teachings of the Gospel. The whole world rejoices and praises Jesus. Gospel is preached in every community. The world is united in brotherly peace. Rome is again popular. All Rome's new leaders at this time are pure-hearted, kind and humble....servants of God.

9) Towards the end of the (20-30 year?) period of peace, the people get weary of God's teachings, and the Antichrist is permitted to take over the throne in Rome. Declaring himself the true son of God, while performing miracles to prove himself. From the new Rome he controls the entire world. Religious persecution begins anew.

La Salette (1879 version): "A forerunner of the antichrist with his troops from several nations will fight against the true Christ, the only Savior of the world; he will spill much blood, and will want to annihilate the worship of God in order to make himself be looked upon as a God."

The forerunner would be the Russian.
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posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 04:22 PM
Unless these Catholic prophecies do not come true, the "forerunner" of the antichrist targets above all the Catholic priests in Europe:

Anna Maria Taigi: "The priests shall almost everywhere be massacred to such an extent that, in order to find one of them alive, it shall be necessary to travel several days."

Anna Maria Taigi: “Religion shall be persecuted, and priests massacred. Churches shall be closed, but only for a short time. The Holy Father shall be obliged to leave Rome…”

The ecstatic prophecies of Tours: "The priests will have to hide. The wicked will try to destroy everything that is religious, but will not have enough time. Many bishops and priests will be put to death."

Sister Mary of Jesus Crucified: "At that time" she said, "the priests will be few in number, for they will have died for the Faith or in defense of their country. There will be sorrow and mourning everywhere till God's anger is appeased."

From the 1879 version of La Salette secret: "the priests, the religious will be hunted; they will be made to die, and to die a cruel death. Several will abandon the faith, and the number of priests and religious who will separate themselves from the true religion will be great"

From a June 16, 1872 letter from the female La Salette seer: "Wicked men are devoured by a thirst for exercising their cruelty; but when they shall have reached the uttermost point of barbarity, God Himself shall extend His hand to stop them, and very soon after, a complete change shall be effected in all surviving persons. Then they will sing the Te Deum Laudamus with the most lively gratitude and love. The Virgin Mary, our mother shall be our liberatrix. Peace shall reign, and the charity of Jesus Christ shall unite all hearts."

La Sallete (Jun16,1872): "A moderate punishment serves only to irate the spirits, because they view all things with human eyes. God could work a miracle to convert and change the aspect of the earth without chastisement. God will work a miracle ; it will be a stroke of his mercy; but after the wicked shall have inebriated themselves with blood, the scourge shall arrive."

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posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 05:34 PM
IF the Fatima prophecies are for our future, soon or perhaps much latter:

.... In my gut I feel 100% certain that the 3rd Secret will finally, finally be revealed through the Pope to the entire world BEFORE Russia invades the Vatican!!!

One logical scenario that opens the true Secret to the world, might be this:

that the Pope travels urgently to Russia to reveal the authentic 3rd secret to the Russian President in attempt to persuade or beg the Russian President to EXIT, PREVENT, STOP, DO OR STAND ASIDE in an extreme way, in order to break the momentum of events that are speeding towards imminent fulfillment of what is foretold by the secret.

Basically, the Pope witnesses clearly the commencement of Fatima fulfillment, and rushes to Russia in attempt to thwart the rest of the events foretold from arriving. The one person capable of stopping fulfillment from happening is the Russian president. The one person that can carry the heavenly message to the Russian leader is the Pope.

(For example the Pope appeals to the Russian President to stop Russia from entering or continuing a war or for him to stop the transfer of power of military command).

The Russian leadership might then decide after learning the contents to publish the "3rd Secret of Fatima" in Russia and therefore for the rest of the world, to their own purposes and advantage. If the Secret revealed something that would shame the Vatican such as "3 out of every 4 Bishop's are involved in criminal scandal and Satan dances in their midst" or something extreme like that, the Russian leader or his successor might use the Secret itself to target and smear the Vatican because of a heated political situation in Russia, or out of spite against the Pope for his attempt at interfering in Russia's important business, or out of personal revenge. They might publish a portion or badly translated version of the secret, thus forcing the Vatican to publish the Secret officially. In any case, the Russian leadership will not believe the prophecy comes from God and would treat it with derision.

Sister Elena Aiello's words for the future allow me to believe I am right to suggest that the Third Secret could mention such scandal within the Church. From her April 16, 1954 message, the apparition states:
"Le persone non si sottomettono alla Chiesa e disprezzano i sacerdoti perché fra di loro ce ne sono tanti che sono motivo di scandalo."

Here's a careful translation of the message in English: "The people do not submit to the Church and DESPISE the priests because among them there are MANY which are the cause of scandal."

We are somewhat there now with scandal, but I don't think we are yet at the point where the people despise the priests in general. I think the time of "despising" the priests comes when a different version of Russia is firing out extreme anti-Catholic propaganda because of other future scandals that emerge during that time or shortly before, and from future revelations of past scandal.

The original prophecy of the Pope travelling to Russia immediately before a violent breakout, belongs to Garabandal.

The idea that the 3rd Secret is released during the course/start of a major war, was told to and revealed by Fr Kramer ( )

I truly think The 3rd Secret in all likeliness would reveal to the world, the answers to some big questions about the future, about the future of the Church, the persecution, the wars of the world, about the chastisement, the Russian leadership, about the good pope that leads the Church through the tempest, about the 3-days of darkness(according to Malachi Martin's website), about the certain period of peace, and about the Antichrist.

The sooner the secret is revealed, and fulfillment arrives, the sooner everyone can realize where they fall, in those dark somber times: Persecuted or persecutor. On the side of Christ's Gospel teachings or against those teachings. Believer in the miracle signs foretold or believer in the conspiracies spawned to discredit even beforehand those miracles. Humble, kind, and self-sacrificing, or vengeful, violent, and selfish.

There are two or three big moments that I believe the Pope would be obliged to reveal the secret, no matter what the cost to the well-being of the Vatican/Church. Whichever big moment comes first.

One of those moments is soon after the sky is illuminated by an unknown light as described in prophecy (over all of Europe or over the entire globe). But not during an election season in Russia if the secret risks stirring all the Russian people.

To repeat: the 3rd Secret would become known before the invasion of Vatican city, before the Pope flees into hiding.
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posted on Feb, 16 2012 @ 11:43 PM
there are several ongoing alleged apparitions that predict the antichrist and great trib to be rather soon. Moreover, there are a number of signs that we all see. There are preachers who interpret the Bible in that way. I follow all that closely and admit I may be very wrong in the above personal reflections. Please watch so the End times don't catch us unaware. I believe the rapture will happen first.

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 11:24 PM
here is the Irish seer Joe Coleman who predicts we are already in the Tribulation, its second part starts on 31/12/2012 midnight

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