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My man Obama, our next President!

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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 10:22 PM
We had our best telepaths working on the B. O. and were we amazed with what we got!

My people - the race:

When November comes, My brother O. W. (Obama White - Mitt Romney) and I will be your choices for President. We have the Republican rank and file falling in line behind O. W. Like a good soldier, McCain has thrown his support in. We are getting celebrities, sports folks & other good names lifting O. W. up. My media will go easy on O. W. making him sound like a serious threat while ignoring the other folks. This November will be a family affair. We will have a god old time going head to head.

Don't worry folks. My brother & I have already made plans for sabotaging Ron's campaign. We'll probably put some kiddie porn on the laptop of one of his top people & then Ron will have a stroke or a heart attack. He is old, you know. I will then gather up those young folks who were following him with the old "Hope & Change" and they will turn back to me.

Newt, Newt was supposed to have been shut down months ago.Well, we will shut him down again. He is not making friends with my media & my "Conservative TalkShow Hosts" will turn away from him. He is in a battle he cannot win, My media works 24/7/365 and he will be burried in double & triple talk. They can talk side-ways, too.

Now to Ricky-bo. I talked to the Bushs and the Clintons and they guranteed me that their white bread boy would be through by the half-way mark. Not that I trust my bosses but they don't think much of him either.

Now to the future:

My brother, O. W. & I are getting real tired of finding all these secrete agreements between Israel & Iran. Maybe after we free the Iranian people from their cruel dictatorship we'll free the Israeli people from their cruel dictatorship. Wait, we have troops on the ground in Israel now. Maybe we should free the Israeli people first.

Now I've borrowed a lot of my brothers ideas. I've also taken them over the goal line. I've gotten the job done. He has a lot of other good ideas that I will also get done. ObamaCare, RomneyCare, you say tomato...

Remember, we may be alike but you want to vote for me, The Original.

If you are looking at 4 more years of Obama either way you vote, shouldn’t you stay with The Original?

The Original B. O.

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 10:35 PM
I still want the old white dude.

Why have New Coke when Coke Classic is available? The old recipes are still the best.


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