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Occupy Wall street? Tell me it's a joke.

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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 10:39 AM
I just want to ask a very simple question here and it really need not go beyond it. This is not going to be a long on going thread as I just want a simple answer.

When you see Guy Fawkes (that has nothing to do with America) masks, which as based on the movie V for Vendetta (fictitious fascist controlled nazi-like Government as portrayed), what to you is the explanation of this behavior? Is it because our Government just loves us so much that people feel the need to dress up as a character that goes against every inch of the society that we are forced to endure? Or is it more than that?

Are there stupid people in the now almost dead Occupy Wall street movement? Of course. Is there a message to be held within it though? Absolutely.

Here's there thing. And let me be as honest as I possibly be can. I hate this sytem. There is not a place in this world that you could go to live off the land without someone coming to throw you in a cage for not doing it by the rules of their system. It is instinctively wrong. But not only do I hate this system, but I belive it goes against everything that we as a species are. We were not meant to sit infront of a computer 8 hours a day even though alot of people reading this, including myself, do so at their own will. Meaning they are not forced to sit at this screen by employment. We choose to do so. Knowing this, and knowing the history of our species, one can only look so far into it and ask how we haven't "seen the light" so to speak.

Question: Would you give the power of a pistol or the internet to Nero? If you could travel back in time and hand Nero a pistol or a laptop would you? I for one wouldn't. The man sat on a balcany and watched his city burn. Why would you hand that nut a pistol? Probably why we handed the keys to the car over to Obama.

See here's the thing. No matter where we go, Earth, Mars, Jupitor, the moon, we will always be human. No matter if it's 2000 years in the future. People say that we aren't like Hitler. But in reality, Hitler was like us. Every human, no matter how he or she may seem on the outside, can be persuaded by the influence of many things (money, power, etc.) to do that which you and I deem evil.

The Guy Fawkes mask is a symbol even over the man himself. It tells us that when someone tells you 2+2 is 5 you say it's 4. It tells you that Government has and always will be the enemy of the people. And it tells you, most importantly, that we out number tyrants and that Government should be afraid of the people. Never the otherway around and especially when the media tells you a rebellion, such as the OWS movement, is nothing but "conspiracy theorists" and bums that can't find a job. The problem with not being able to find a job is that they've seemed to been all shipped over to people paying them slave wages. Then again, how do you compete with slave labor?

1984? 2012.

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 11:30 AM

Originally posted by Tesclo
It tells us that when someone tells you 2+2 is 5 you say it's 4.

2+2 is actually 3 when you take taxes and government subsidies into account.


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