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Vodafone AVOIDS USD 4.4 billion tax bill!

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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 09:09 AM
The Indian supreme court have ruled in favour of Vodafone group in it's fight against a USD 4.4 billion tax bill.
This is the same company that avoided paying a 6 billion tax bill here in the UK!

Source - Indian Times

"...the decision is likely to act as a catalyst for future investments and has sent the right signal to the world, especially to investors who want to invest in India."

"This settles a prolonged litigation which had created a lot of uncertainty for multinationals having similar structures and/or who had entered into or were proposing to enter into similar transactions,"

In other words all the big companies will be flocking to India to take advantage of them and avoid paying taxes. This just proves that all governments are in the pockets of all the big corps. I wonder how much they bribed the judges for...?

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