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The Imaginary Friend

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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 01:02 AM
K this is for a project in Psych class. Never mind what it is about. I was hoping for some people to read this and decipher its meaning. I know I am not the world's greatest writer, but I was trying to lead you to think one thing, and then have the story end in a way to make you think another thing. Feedback, criticism welcome and eagerly awaited.

Sonya reached for Isabella. Isabella was far away, and the attempts by Sonya to grab Isabella were futile. Isabella knew this, but Sonya did not. Isabella glanced over at Sonya in frustrated angst, trying to wane Sonya’s pathetic cry for attention. Sonya halted her imperfect grasp, and became indulged in Isabella’s eyes. She sensed the negative emotions brimming from the mien of Isabella, yet she could not fathom why. Soon, Sonya began to take the form of Isabella, mimicking her depression while flaunting her own tears. When Isabella saw this, she smiled. Her created friend could share in her misery and was smug despite her own empathy for Sonya.

As Sonya began to mature, Isabella refused to. Isabella wanted her friend to be just like her and did not mind waiting for Sonya to develop. Sonya felt a mutual interest in Isabella, and retained mental respect for her. Though Isabella had a poisoned mind and a rigid life at home that she pushed onto Sonya, Sonya still managed to find admiration in her. It never clearly demonstrated in her actions, but Sonja kept mental conversations with Isabella in check. In fact, Isabella was the only one to ever make conversation with her. Isabella was an artist for Sonya. Everything she said became a portrait in Sonya’s mind, loosely hanging by the rusty nails of her sanity. Isabella resultantly manipulated every action Sonya knew how to complete. Sonya refused to acknowledge this, or simply did not know how to—her actions came through as impulse.

There would be many times in which Isabella would confide in Sonya. She would describe her beatings in gruesome detail, and when Sonya saw Isabella’s bimonthly black eyes and multicolored bruises, still under the influence of Isabella’s control, they would together role-play the situations for clarity. One particularly depressing day, Sonya asked Isabella how to reverse her appearance, back to a prettier, and less painful state. Isabella concluded to Sonya that some of her marks would grow out of her, but others may never leave. Sonya was indifferent, but derived the same conclusion upon months of seeing Isabella in her non-transforming exterior.

The two girls continued to associate with each other until Sonya and Isabella were finally the same age. When Isabella saw Sonya as being a twelve year old, Sonya gained confidence. Sonya felt obligated to explore Isabella, and did so in Isabella’s every waking moment. Sonya’s comprehension level changed, and she saw herself as an extension of Isabella, more so than ever before. Isabella taught Sonya how to swear, how to hate, and even how to bleed under her own power. Isabella influenced Sonya so greatly, that Sonya desperately wanted Isabella’s name.

Isabella took pride in her coaxing affluence, but started to grow sincere enjoyment from Sonya. Perhaps the child she had known for so long had been an outlet for her, but she ultimately was the only thing she could consider a “friend”. This is when Sonya changed. Sonya could not bear to watch Isabella maintain pleasure, when all she ever knew of her to own was shame and pity. She would not let Isabella own her… Instead, the opposite would occur. Sonya would own Isabella, and then disown her. The final piece towards gaining true existence could be pried from eliminating Isabella from her life.

Sonya picked up the knife she had used on herself just moments ago and slammed it into the face of her opposer. Happiness could not exist with Sonya, she refused it. Isabella shattered to the ground, and Sonya was liberated from ever becoming an individual. It was her choice to then be bounded to the confines of Isabella’s life, for eternity.

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