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Hello to Ignorance deniers everywhere!

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posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 10:47 PM
I have been a lurker on this site for such a very long time. This site is such a fantastic place for people who are passionate about open thinking and free moving information. The world we live in now is a constantly marching metaphorical army against the common man. I feel like sites like this are invaluable in keeping people talking about issues that are important, and some issues that, while not being very important are completely fine topics. Anyways from the bottom of the income bracket to your back-lit screen HELLO!
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posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 10:54 PM
welcome how you goin?
kool aid is over there
velvet robe on the table
tin foil hat on the hook


posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 10:57 PM
Welcome to ATS...buckle's a wild ride..

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 10:59 PM
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Why in the name of god would i ever take OFF my tin foil hat?
It's going great; looking forward to long nights of discussion!
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posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 11:00 PM

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 11:15 PM
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Hi boot2theface, and welcome to the Introductions Forum, a place to say hello to the ATS community. For now you can reply to any thread in any member forum you wish, as well as send & receive (PM's) Private Messages to Staff only for now.

Once you have achieved 20 posts, you will then be able to start your own threads in the appropriate forums and additionally send & receive messages to and from fellow ATS members.

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Try our Ask ATS with the search words of your choice.
I'm sure you will find many threads to pick from and add your thoughts and opinions too as well.

Take your time and enjoy. If you have any questions just ask.


posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 11:29 PM
Thanks to all, currently re watching CNN debate.
Ron Paul is completely dominating, and Nobody is even paying attention.
It's like some weird twilight zone show where no-one sees or hears him.
Seriously he is the only one who has consistent views on the issues, instead of just "saying"
that America will be great again...
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