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odd dream of space ship

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posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 03:27 PM
So...I had an odd dream of a spaceship last night. The reason I say its odd is because I normally don't dream of spaceships. I'll dream of cakes, ( I bake them) or grocery shopping, or my favorite one...I win a supermarket shopping spree and I can buy whatever I want within an hour
LOL. But last night I dreamed of a spaceship. Now, I have a picture I drew, but I'm not a great artist, and I wrote it all down hastily, so the descriptions in the picture are a bit hard to read. It was about last meal and drink had been at 6pm. The last thing I watched on tv before falling asleep was NCIS and CMT music videos. Now, here is another reason why this dream was contained my ex boyfriend, from when I was 15!

In the dream...we're at a house and my exboyfriend from when I was 15 is staying with us for a visit with his wife and children. We have apparently had a picnic in the backyard, but now the picnic is over and its dark. Really dark. The kids were put to bed...but all the adults remained awake and were watching a movie, so we had all the lights off and the surround sound on. Something makes us all go to the sliding glass door in the kitchen to look out and thats when in my dream, my focus goes to the spaceship.

The best way I can explain it is that the sides are in the shape of a Quadrilateral.... but it appeared that it was only these glass bars ..with nothing in between..and inside the bars were electrical currents that were bright blue. So, kind of picture pcp piping formed together to make a quadrilateral, that was the side. But there were 5 sides of quads connected together to make it appear as a Pentagon on the top. it looked like there were just bars, just clear piping with electrical currents. The ship suddenly falls to the ground in our yard, and we all scream as it crashes down..and thats when we see...its not empty space at all..but that the craft is simply so black and shiny that its reflecting the dark sky around it, but the bars outline it with electrical current. As it crashes, my ex boyfriend falls to the ground and so do several others....on the one side, the ship opens, and a gun like thing comes out and starts shooting...not gunfire, or laser..but it looks like basically just a long stream of red fire...Lava? maybe? I wake up.

here is a link to the picture. In the picture, I have labeled some parts...especially 1 and my dream..when the ship was in the sky..those were the only parts I could see till it crashed.

Why am I posting this? I'm not sure....for some reason it was the first thing I thought of to do.

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 03:48 PM
not sure what made me think of this but do you feel like it was present time, or you were in the past, or did it seem like a preminition.
It's weird how dreams can give added information that might not be viewed within the context of the actual dream

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 03:56 PM
Very interesting dream. My ears perked up the way you mentioned your Ex's involvement.

When it comes to UFO encounters in the dream realm, it's very difficult (for me) to write it off as "just a dream". The reasoning for me, which I also noticed in the cadence of the way you wrote your story - is that you begin to realize things AS you are dreaming.

You thought the ship was only a pipe-like structure. And then as the dream progressed you learned it wasn't.

Now to criticize this as a metaphor this would be a key part of the dream - but I think this is evidence it was something more (Or that the mind itself is just freaking amazing).

--- About your Ex, when I have my UFO dreams - there is almost ALWAYS a "friendly" there. In many cases including my own experiences, this is considered the "Guardian or pacifier".

Example: Have you seen the movie Contact? When she finally meets the E.T, it assumes the form of her father.

I am not saying necessarily that your Ex was actually an E.T trying to show you something (such as the future) - because the Mind also simply likes to just "take a friend" when experiencing a very intense dream, such as a UFO dream.

The fact that it was hostile is very interesting. Also reminds me of some sort of military prototype, the way you describe the craft. As the stealth mechanics you bring up aren't very "advanced" rather they seem that they are more designed for Earth.

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 05:10 PM
reply to post by thatscotland

It felt hard to soon? in my dream, while I was asleep it totally felt like present time..but when I woke I felt like...I needed to write it down, quickly.

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 07:34 PM
i had a dream of a spaceship who's pilot looked like a blue budda. Now the spaceship in question looked like your run of the mill flying saucer but the pilots controls looked eerily like a school bus with the open door handle and everything, anyways the budda dropped me off in a strange trailer park and took off. Weird dream that made no sense but oh well

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