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posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 08:32 AM
Well guys, thats about it, ive closed the hatches and riding out the storm since i flew into greece, my losses are somewhat concerning but not that am folding. I have been injured but not taken down, i am seriously angry at the politicians allowing it to spiral so out of control. Greece seem's to have lost the financial battle that it was engaged in for well over one and half years but the war sitll rages on. My concern is what is to become with Portugal as it to is viewing closely the retreat path of Greece's financial involvement within the euro zone that obviously did nothing but hinder and restrict obvious measures that were put forward from leading financial institutions from Russia, China, America and Australia. Apparently this was the admission fee that each nation must pay to the circle within the eurozone that holds all the cards. So the set date according to what i have interpreted and its being talked about is March-April.

Given that the financial generals gambled and won against greece's default date we must take the time to learn from financial trench warfare for those of you out there involved or purely reading up on the matter. The imf was the instigator along with G.S., it was well known and those who managed to isolate their losses are somewhat in a better position in comparison to those who have opted to wear a life jacket and float upon the open ocean.

Chin Up and Chest Out.

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