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Iranian and American foreign relations: including Kermit Roosevelt, Jr.

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posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 04:01 PM
Kermit Roosevelt Jr, exposed.

Roosevelt continued to work in the Middle East. Part of his job was to distribute money to anti-communist leaders. This included a payment of $12 million to General Bey Naguib in Egypt. However, Gamal Nasser overthrew Naguib and stole the $12 million. Some of this money was used to build the Cairo Tower. Some CIA officials called it "Roosevelt's Erection".

In 1958 Roosevelt left the CIA and found employment with Gulf Oil. Two years later he was appointed vice president. According to Geoff Simons: "Later he (Roosevelt) formed the consulting firm, Downs and Roosevelt, which in the late 1960s was receiving $116,000 a year from the Iranian government. At the same time, the aerospace Northrop Corporation was paying Roosevelt $75,000 a year to aid its sales to Iran and other states in the region." He left Gulf Oil in 1970 and worked as a consultant to American companies doing business in the Middle East. Source

Secondary source indicates:

In 1958, Roosevelt left the CIA and went to work for Gulf Oil where he negotiated access to Iran’s oil fields.
In 1960, he was named vice-president of Gulf Oil. As a reward for U.S. participation in Iran, Britain gave the U.S.
60% of its holdings in Iran. They were parceled out to Gulf Oil, Standard Oil of New Jersey, Standard Oil of California, Texas Oil and Socony-Mobil. Eight smaller U.S. corporations were also given drilling rights in Iran. source

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