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To many ATS pessimistic right wingers.

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posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 06:50 PM
Im so sick of conservatives, you defend capitalism at the expense of the masses because its "fair"
Just because someone is willing to work for less doesnt mean that they should be employed. Theres more to life then filling one persons bank account. You defend the super rich with "Well, they've WORKED for there money" But what the hell are these people going to do with a billion pounds anyway??? Hmm? They're not creating jobs with it. They're not improving the living standards of people lower down the ladder. And anyone that works 40hrs a week DESERVES a liveable wage. Thats not "entitlement" its called SHARING THE WEALTH

You piss and moan about banksters and when people actually get up and DO something, you flood the boards with threads SLAGGING EM!! The amount of crap ive sifted through about the occupation, jesus christ, you ungrateful little sods. People are fighting to end corruption and your knocking em for it! yet your on a site like ATS? you should be ASHAMED of yourselves.

Your frequent attacks on feminists (im not one btw) and the sheer amount of IGNORANCE posted on those threads alone is on another level. The abuse and ridicule is rife and hardly any of it is backed up by facts, its all opinions based on conservative status-quo. "Femnazi" "fempig" Its almost like people become unable to DISCUSS idea's and opinions like RATIONAL adults.

And you right wing religious nutters, Ive not forgotten about you. Your silly little threads about homosexuals, Who cares what people do on a personal level? Its Sweet FA to do with you!! No one cares what your book says! It was written by PEOPLE, not god.

And last but not least, the denunciation of someone that claims benefits. GOD FORBID someone claims abit of money off the government to help them get by during this economic hardship caused by rich greedy banksters you love and adore so frigging much. You have this misguided point of view that these people live like royalty. They get about £65 a week, how much does an MP earn in the same week???
With that 65 quid they've gotta pay gas, electric, food, water rates - ALL of which have rocked in price. You cannot survive on 65 quid a week unless your unwilling to go without - which many people do.
You want to put em to work? Dont send them to poundland, send them to a charity.
You complain that they eat up your tax money while we pay for a war we dont want, while tax evasion is ridiculously high, you pay to keep the royal family in complete and utter luxury, but you dont agree that someone should receive 65 quid a week because theres no jobs about?

Your having a laugh. Conservatism is a joke. The right wing is frigging joke. The world would be better off without your poltics, without your economic policies. Without your sense of entitlement. Without your need for "elitism" Your bottom feeders - You make money off the hard work of someone else. You scrounge labour from around the globe and "capitalize" on it proudly. Your scum. True-Blue-Scum.

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 07:23 PM
Do you feel better now? I don't think all conservatives are as you describe. I can relate with what you are venting about, there are some really nasty fake phony conservatives out there that are total hypocrites. But the average Joe who has conservative principles is not that way. They just want their liberty and safety and to raise families.

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 08:03 PM
reply to post by 6Eyengineer

I do feel better, i think im having more of a go at the hardcore conservatives. But its like there only purpose is to make it harder for everyone else?? Its not enough that your willing to work and earn a wage, They want you to bleed for decent pay.

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