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The myth of Unions being uniquely communist or socialist

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posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 03:48 PM
Conservatives don't seem to like Unions, there is this idea that they are counter productive to private businesses. Apparently it's perfectly understandable that big businesses will do anything to maximize shareholder profit because 'that's just business and freedom', but when workers insist on fair wage, better working conditions, and they join private Unions, they are demonized. What's more, there has always been this idea that Unions are uniquely communist or socialist, counter to American capitalism, but just how good were and are unions treated in communist nations?

Unlike labor unions in the West, Soviet trade unions were, in fact, actually governmental organizations whose chief aim was not to represent workers but to further the goals of management, government, and the CPSU.

In Russia, he noted, "Stalin didn't have to eliminate unions -- Lenin already had." And Stalin's first Five-Year Plan converted labor groups into oppressive mechanisms for increasing worker productivity.

Historically, because government officials and corporate managers had a common interest in keeping production levels high, there was little official support for dissatisfied workers. China’s state-owned companies had unions under ACFTU, which as a government-affiliated body…is more interested in enforcing worker discipline.

As private industry displaced state-owned companies, it seemed China’s unionization declined.

The existence of private labour and trade Unions, that seek to achieve the best working conditions and living wages for workers, is counterproductive to the goals and agendas of communist and fascist regimes. This is because Unions typically focus on expanding and improving the earnings of the individual, it goes against the national collective that everybody should be treated the same, with the same low wages, to achieve government goals and the goals of those private businesses in cooperation with government.

I get it, there are bad Unions, there are union leaders with political and social agendas, there are greedy union leaders, there is a history of Unions that have commited violence to acheive their goals. The same can be said for private businesses, corporations, it is not restricted to Unions. In the end, we should respect that both sides have their own goals and paths, private businesses have their own financial goals, individual workers have themselves and their family in interest. We should respect the rights of individual workers to join private unions, and to ensure that they seek the best outcome and working conditions for themselves and their families, and we should also respect that businesses have the right to make their own decisions on employement. Why demonize Unions and single them out I ask? Simply because they don't fall right in line with the goals of corporations or businesses?

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