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Controversial opinion about conscription, from Canada, from anarchism

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posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 01:54 PM
This will not be a long rant against the military; coercion of force does have to be in the hands of the many against the few at times, this can be decided through preset policies that adults agree to be participating in. However with a bar raised so high and the children so fat, it would be strategically important not to lower the bar for children to reach but raise children who want to reach that bar. Because America wants security and freedom, it will be restless on the apparent dichotomy of this issue until it settles a schedule for addressing the constituent parts of that issue.

Because America dropped conscription when it was unpopular of course it will remain unpopular, even though it remains an example of how to solve the problem you have with liberty and security the false dichotomy is that anarchists are in favor of the historical precedent that America dropping conscription meant.

You reflect in the choice you made when mass media was slowly spreading around the world and now that you look back mass media has become the global village that finds its distaste for Americas behavior in the Vietnam conflict because America left looking not knowing what it was doing. It does come back to haunt you in your continued wars of unrelated or poorly-connected vengeance later.

Your lifestyle of careless media consumption and tragic economic brinkmanship with a poor showing in defeating Communism, which was a global problem but only because of fundamentally false dichotomies of political thought from the regional scale we inhabit and the geopolitical scale we're all very ill-equipped to quickly decipher and fix.

America could struggle to hold onto its Global Dominance for longer, it's not to late to ... afford yourself the possibility of at least keeping your options open to why your hated around the world for what you don't do, rather than what you do take pride in not doing for a few generations after you founded your UN.

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 02:03 PM
I think conscription could solve many of the US problems...

Mandatory service for everyone 18 years of age...

THere was a quote about Viet Nam I remember it was something like "the wrong people remember Nam, those that remember should forget, and those that forget should remember"

IF every president and senator severed in the armed forces, if everyone saw combat first hand, How quick would they be to go to war?

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by benrl

I do understand the kind of reason you want the senators and other lawmakers to have a term of service. I think that's edging a little too far into Science Fiction, Jean V. Dubois. I'm classifying your real ATS username behind this for a bit of wink wink nudge nudge about it. Don't go throwing it all away for more political extremism right away, there are still important parts of the US militarys policies as an anarchist I couldn't reconcile.

But even I can reconcile my anarchism with the pride society shows in signing up to give out humanitarian aid, shouldn't the effort a volunteer military truly wears proudly come from a flat tax amongst the able to fulfill their need, the flat taxes on those unable would be for the purposes of funding their equipment and payroll, the free hand to use it becomes based on the effort put into it by those goaded into doing it.

You make the military a shameful experience because its the truth. You can't watch the erosion of the truth and do nothing just cause it's easy. America erodes its own truth, I'd die to protect it and I'm Canadian, unfit for duty because my current security clearance is a threat.


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