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Shadow People

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posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 03:46 PM
Great thread with some amazing stories.
I have seen those A-Holes twice.

Here is a story of one of them.

-It was three years ago and my wife and I had just got married a few months prior. We moved into a newly remodeled apartment/house (it was a large OLD house that had been remodeled into 4 apartments each with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom). The place looked nice. Everything was brand new. They did a great job.
-Thing is with this place there was a LARGE graveyard across the street and also the area is known for having random indian burial sites. (this is the best reasoning I can come up with).

Our neighbors were good friends and everything ran smoothly for a month or so. Then it started getting eerie. Our neighbors would fight with thier spouses constantly, as did my wife and I. It seemed there was always turmoil in the area between spouses.

During the World Cup (Spain won
) all the preliminary games I would after work get some beer and go home and watch some soccer/futbol matches. One particular time I was watching a game and my wife was using the restroom. She came out all upset with me (I use to mess around and scare her all the time). She was yelling at me for something I didn't do.
"Why did you open the effin door. you trying to scare me again? What the hell is wrong with you!?"
I said, "Honey, I haven't left the couch!? Spain is playing right now... Why would I mess with you I'm trying to watch the damn game!"
-Apparently, the knob trembled for a few seconds then the door opened slightly...

A week later we were in another fight (about drama I'd rather not discuss)
that evening we both went to bed.
Around 3am I woke up dazed and a bit confused. I checked the time and was rather pissed off because at that time I usually had to be up by 430am to make it to work. I looked over by my closet and there it was.
Standing in the corner staring at me.
It didn't move at all.
I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't fooling myself... but it was still there.

-I didn't really think to much of it. I figured maybe it didn't notice that I in fact saw him... I was scared no doubt.
But I just figured hell..... I don't have time for this crap I gotta get up for work in an hour or so. So I layed back down and went to bed.
That's the last time I saw one.

We moved out of that apartment about 2 months later.
So did everyone else.
Wierd place.

posted on Mar, 27 2013 @ 05:19 PM
Never really shared my personal stories. Willing to if there is interest or I can tell there's a need to do so. But long story short I've some strange occurrences throughout my life. I've developed a more than a few thoughts how to deal with "them".
I don't know if I keep encountering the same set of entities or if they're different ones per occasion. I've noted a degree of commonality with what I've dealt with. But on the off chance that you're dealing with something wholly unfriendly: my personal advice is treat them as you would a wild animal. Do not act like prey. Prey runs and is fearful. Hypothetically I encounter a predatory entity, that feeds on fear. Well what good does it do to fixate on how awesome and terrible this thing is? It does tremendous harm to yourself to think that way! What you need to realize is that this thing needs/wants something from you and it's only way to get it is through manipulation. And that's pretty pathetic/weak. And that's that. It's weak and it needs you to perceive "it" as powerful. I'm not a Christian but if you are than a good way to look at it is just another form of a liar sent to test your faith. Would you allow this thing to interfere with your FAITH in a benevolent all powerful Creator? So if it's actually trying to get a reaction out of you, give it the opposite of what you think it wants. This part works for whatever faith or lack there of that you have. If something wants you to fear it, give the poor misguided being love and understanding. Seriously it'll either get bored or learn something. If you keep feeding into fear though nothing good will come of it that much I'm certain of.
Most of the Shadow People I've encountered are not hostile. I won't get into specifics but Wait and see what they try to tell you before you make a judgment regarding benevolent, malevolent and benign. Many times what people think are spirits trying to scare you are things trying to warn you. So don't blame the messenger!

I've decided I'm either rather crazy or a form of empathic person. Either explanation works logically just fine for me!
For a time I'd felt fairly harassed by something and I've since dealt with it my own way. So if that's happening to you this is what I did:
Found where "it" felt that strongest physically.
Plopped down and had serious conversation, granted it'll feel mostly one sided, but leave room for a response from it in your ramblings.
Make sure to extinguish fear from yourself. I mentioned love, but sometimes anger is needed to combat your fear. Righteous Indignation might be more accurate, as you have to in your mind direct these emotions outward.
But using anger in the wrong way can 100% backfire so I don't recommend it being used in a sustained sense.

If you're having some troubles feels free to drop me a line. By no means an expert, just one who was afflicted. Sometimes it's good to work through things with other people. Almost everything I wrote here were things I developed independently. I still think it sounds a bit crazy so without the anonymity of the medium here, I don't I'd ever mention this stuff. Until coming across "Shadow People" online I hadn't thought I was experiencing something other people may have had happen to them.
Thanks for reading, know I should proof read this one more time but it's dinner time! Please forgive any grammar/typos.

posted on Apr, 26 2013 @ 03:35 PM
I believe that there is scientific reasoning behind the occurrences related to shadow people.
A few years ago there was an article(I think it was in the Huffington post) about a swiss team of
neurologists and psychologists that studied a woman who was induced with electrical stimulti
that changed the chemical balance in the parieto-temporal region of her brain.This part is proven to harbor
our conception of difference between ourselves and external personalities.When this imbalance occurred
the subject reported seeing a very realistic shadow person that seemed to mimic her movements

I will probably make a thread on this topic once I gather up enough posts.

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 02:55 PM
Internet search lead me here. My seven year old son reported seeing something Sunday. My wife and I were downstairs cleaning when we heard my son yell "Dad, there is something big and black following me". He came down stairs shivering with his arms hugging himself like he was cold. I asked him if he was cold and he said he was freezing. My wife and I attributed it to an over active imagination and told him it was nothing. But something nagged at me. The next day I googled "son saw something black following him". I began to read things about shadow people. I read some descriptions of a man with a hat, some blobs with red eyes, some were hooded. I thought maybe when I got home I would ask him a little more about what he saw. To my surprise he said it was a like a big black shadow with red eyes staring at him. No face, no neck. This freaked me out because it was as described by some people online. I asked if it said anything, and he said no. I told him to tell me if he saw it again, and to not to talk or touch it. He said he wanted to ask it what it wanted or if it needed help. He was adamant about it. My son is a very caring person, overly emotional at times, and he did not seem afraid of it, but I told him no because we were not sure what we were dealing with. I read that if you invoke Jesus's name it would banish them out of the house. My wife proceeded to do this in every room in the house. My wife posted it on facebook jokingly saying she was afraid to be in the house. A facebook friend of her mom, responded by saying she always knew he was an Indigo child??? I'm in the process of reading on that subject, but find that while he has many of the characteristics he does not show the characteristic strong self esteem. He is small for his age, and shows that it bothers him.

At first I did not believe that he saw a shadow person, but after reading about others and his description being so much like thiers, I find it hard not to believe he saw something. What is lingering in my mind is his determination to find out what it wanted and wanting to help it. Would you recommend him not talking to it, if it appears to him again? We are God fairing people, raised Catholic, but this is beyond my comprehension. If it is a gift from God to see and help lost spirits I want to nurture that. We do not know where to begin getting answers. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

posted on May, 8 2013 @ 03:09 AM
reply to post by FJBOB

Well you could try and reason with it. There are more stories about Shadow People in this thread:
ATS: Shadow People: What do they do?
Yes I started that thread. I'm currently researching Shadow People in an attempt to try and figure out they culture.

At any rate, many people are going to tell you that these Shadow People are demons, aliens from "X", or some other paranormal explanation. I've seen and heard enough to firmly believe that they are a species that live here on this earth with us.

The choice of what to do comes down to what you feel ok with. Learn more about these Shadow People, and make you're decision based off of what you want.

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 07:11 AM
this is a great thread!
thank you guys n gals for sharing these stories.

posted on Aug, 10 2013 @ 08:14 AM
When my sister and I were kids of 4 and 5 y.o., respectively, we lived in a house in a small village. The house had a barn where the previous owners had kept a lot of tools, so our parents didn't want us to play in there because of the danger of us getting injured. To make sure we wouldn't go into the barn, our parents invented a story of an evil being living in there. Our mum also started to say to us that this evil being would come and take us away whenever we didn't want to sleep in the afternoon or were particularly naughty. One day when we were really misbehaved instead of getting our afternoon nap we saw a huge dark figure appear in the glass door of our bedroom. We couldn't make out its precise shape, because the door was this kind of a milky glass that you can't really see through, and it seemed as if the figure was standing on the other side of the door. It appeared to have horns or something similar sitting on its head, and my sister and I immediately thought of the evil living in our barn. "It" stood there at the door for a while and then dissapeared. We were scared and perplexed. When we opened the door there was our mum sitting on the couch reading a book. We never mentioned to her what we saw on that afternoon until a much older age. When we asked her if it was her or one of our neighbours dressed up in a costume to scare us, she replied she would never do that to us and that she had no idea what it could have been. To this day we have no explanation.

Another occassion when I saw a dark figure was when I was already 27 or so and was living on my own. One night I woke up with a strange feeling that the door of my apartment was open, and that there's someone with me in the flat. I got off the bed and went to the main door, which - as it happens - was open. I locked the door and searched the flat to make sure I'm the only one in there. When I found no one, I returned to bed, and this moment I woke up and realized that I had been dreaming all along. I fell back to sleep when a dark hooded figure appeared on my bed. Normally, I imagine I would have been scared senseless, but this figure didn't feel menacing at all. On the contrary, I felt so much in peace and relaxed despite the fact that there is a hooded someone sitting on my bed and that I couldn't see his/her face as s(he) was sitting sideways and I had a distinctive feeling that s(he) had no face anyway. It all lasted but a short while and then I woke up and realized that it was all just a dream, even the bit when I woke up and fell back to sleep was but a part of that dream. Still, it was such a strange experience and it felt so "real" that to this day I remember the whole thing, and how I felt every single moment of that dream that I sometimes doubt if it wasn't something else I experienced that night.

Talking about dreams, once every few years I wake up from this nightmare, in which there is an indescribable lively object floating near the ceiling and watching me asleep. I can't see what it looks like because it is dark and so is usually my bedroom, but I can kind of sense it's shape and the closest I can describe it is a huge spider with hairy legs and glowing red eyes. I wake up the moment it starts to approach my face as if it wanted to take a closer look at me. I usually wake up moaning from this nightmare and fighting "it" off with my arms. I always think that I must be screaming really loud, but I'm actually not because my voice is partially paralysed so I'm only able to give out a shy moan. I always put a light on because I think that there's possibly an insect in my bed giving me this nightmare, but I've never found anything. Just curious why I keep having this dream when I'm not scared of insects, maybe it's symbolic of something but I'm yet to find out what. Or it doesn't mean anything.

posted on Aug, 13 2013 @ 05:58 AM
I thought that I would share my stories as well. I used to go with a group of friends and we did amateur ghost investigations at a few places around where we lived. Long story short, I stopped after something happened that got extremely personal with me.

This happened a few weeks ago. I work in a rehabilitation hospital as a security guard. Part of my rounds is in the engineering areas. As I was walking through, I noticed a shadow on the wall, in front of me, that was around ten feet tall. It moved out of sight as I focused my sight on it and started looking around. Next thing I know, the light above and slightly behind me begins to flicker rapidly. The shadow returned and was hovering over me as if looking down on me. I began to feel nauseated, dizzy, and had this insane pressure come over my head. This feeling lasted until I was able to vacate the area. When I left, the feelings immediately stopped and I felt fine.

This has happened on multiple occasions throughout the hospital. It's never followed me home or anything of that nature however. I'm not sure what it was, but it felt like it was extremely hostile toward me. It was like it was pure hate coming from it.

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 02:16 AM
First time I ever seen this thread all my energy was drained.
scared me.
never returned until i found it just now

I may of opened something i shouldn't of

posted on Sep, 1 2013 @ 08:00 AM
All of the people's stories of seeing shadow people in this thread are very fascinating! I hope there's more to come.

For as long as I can remember I've been able to see shadow people. I see them on occasion, such as when I'm walking my dog. There are times where I don't necessarily see them; however, when I'm walking my dog she will sometimes start to growl or even bark at "nothing". On a very strange note, they don't bother me really and actually seem somewhat shy for the most part. I actually tell my dog that she is safe with me and that the shadow people will not harm her as she is with me. I wrote about a rather recent incident of my own here on ATS almost a month ago here for anyone who is interested in reading about it (I believe this individual to be benevolent in that specific case). Long story short, that is the one incident I had where the shadow person actually opened the door and interacted with my dog by letting her into my room. While I believe this individual to actually be benevolent despite the weird behavior my dog exhibited from seeing a strange foreigner, I don't think they're always "evil" or malevolent as a lot of people will say. I tend to think they are misunderstood. That particular instance was the one time my dog didn't start growling or barking at a shadow person, which to me says a lot about that individual.

About 6 years back, I saw something really strange outside my window on three separate occasions. I had this funny feeling I was being watched the first time so I decided to take a look. I don't think you can say it was a shadow figure (quite similar however) as it had pale skin from what I could see, red eyes, and wore a red cloak. The mystery figure was standing outside on the lot next door (lived on a street with new houses being built) just staring at me. I was extremely baffled by what I had seen and was at first frightened because hey what are they doing outside of my house? I looked away thinking to call someone but changed my mind because they might be gone by the time anyone came. So I looked back and they were about 20 feet back from where they were just staring. I didn't believe my eyes so I naturally looked away and yet again they were 20 feet back from where they were standing previously just staring. I looked away one more time in such disbelief (thinking I was just seeing things) and they disappeared. The second and third time I saw that same figure they behaved the same; however, on the third occasion I actually saw them running in the other direction These 3 incidents all happened about a week apart from one another.

If I remember correctly, my sister's boyfriend sometimes sees them too. Apparently before a major car accident he witnessed, he saw a shadow figure of some just standing on the side of the road. Moments later, there was a car accident not far from where that shadow figure stood. His mother told him that those figures are often a symbol of death (whether someone is about to die or already died recently). Creepy stuff if you ask me....

posted on Feb, 18 2014 @ 05:05 PM
Hi guys i was just browsing, doing some research on shadow people and i came across this thread. I read some of the personal experience stories and I'd pretty much like to share my own, i guess. The reason i research shadow people is because i have seen them and even communicated with one. For the skeptics out there feel free to read this as an amusing work of fiction. It's just my story of happened. It might be of use to someone. When i was ten, my brother (14) and i were playing the ground is made of lava. It's a kids game, the object of the game is to climb around a room from point to point without touching the floor. We were having a good time fooling around when i heard my name being called from down stairs . It was the voice of a child. I thought one of my friends from the street was calling me to see if I'd come out. It was the middle of summer about noon. It was the time of day and an atmosphere that no self respecting horror movie director would even consider! I told my brother to hang on, i don't recognise that voice. Our room was the first door, left, at the top of the stairs. I walked out the door and poked my head around the corner to look down stairs. There was some kid in the hallway. I didn't look all the way around to get the full view, both the left wall and the right wall and the stairs. I just saw the kids shadow and pulled my head back. I was excited because i convinced my brother the kid was in our house. Being kid we switched from one game to another. Our new game was cops and robbers. We sneaked to the door and my name was called again. I remember feeling a little disapointed because i figured if he was calling me, it was one of friends and we wouldn't get to apprehend a thief. So we just jumped down the three steps that turn on to the main stairs and the shadow was on the wall, blacker than black, but there was no one there, the shadow, it just stood there with its head tilting up and we were shocked into immobility and silence. Nothing made sense, or brains couldn't quite understand what was going on. The shadow kid took a step up, then another one. I came out of the shock first and screamed at my brother to run back to the room. I gotta say at this point every hair and goose bump all over my skin was raised we stood in the room for a few seconds then jumped under the covers. This damn thing was calling my name and was coming for me. The shock was so bad, it still affects me to this day. I peeked out from under the covers and saw it slide along the wall, i think i stopper
breathing, my brother was shaking bad. We stayed there under those cover till my mom got back from shopping. I think it was about an hour. Through the years I've tried to get my brother to talk about it, but he gets very defensive any time i broach the subject. That's my story of my first encounter with a shadow person. If any one out there wants to know about my others I'll write on this thread. They talk to kids.

posted on Feb, 18 2014 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by bluemonkey171

They talk to kids because they are "open" and innocent. They will trick the kids into believing them.

Amy Allen on the show, The Dead Files said she had one tell her to bite into the electric cord so she could come with them.

She did!! It almost killed her!

These things are evil, and will appear as children, or anything that "seems" okay to a child.

Yes, I would love to hear more of your stories, but I'd like to invite you to my thread to tell them. (Click on my signature.)

This Saturday will be the 2nd year anniversary of my thread. After that point, I'll be leaving the thread. I'd like to go out with a "bang". LOL

posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 02:09 AM
I have always been fascinated by these stories, but I ak sceptic when it comes to people seeing them or visual evidence of them. That's because they supposedly don't reflect color.

Eyes only see colors. Colors that reflect on objects. If something doesn't reflect color, we cannot see it. Cameras capture color. There is no eye part that can see unreflected light just like there is no technology artifact for that.

posted on Mar, 4 2014 @ 11:34 PM
I don't think most of you understand. The hat guy. And the old hag lady I are bull #, and so are most of the stories people tell. A shadow figure comes out of necessity. If you are one of the visited, you are in trouble. I had excepted some genuine experiences to follow my own but now i think this thread is for want to be fictional have a goers. My email address is if anyone out there is being visited by these things you can mail me directly. I will help with case specifics I'm operating out of Ireland. I am clan.

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posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 09:41 AM
They often are just within your eyesight (peripheral)

They move fast and like to stay behind or unseen from you. Don't try and grab them for as they absorb off your lifeforce.
Black absorbs, and these entities or whatever do just that. Yes I have seen them and once you see them they dart.

posted on Mar, 13 2014 @ 09:32 AM
I found this thread and bumped it up. Is it possible for these shadow entities to make some believe they are benevolent or friendly? Does anyone have any information on this?

posted on Mar, 14 2014 @ 04:01 AM
link has lots of great and creepy stories.

i havent see one yet, but my late grandmother has seen one. she said it was a shadow with a hat (like zorro) and a black coat. she looked at it for some seconds and then it dissapeared.
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posted on May, 28 2014 @ 05:06 PM
I began seeing shadow people at a particular place I worked for awhile. I found several ways to explain it, such as fatigue and eye-strain. Still, I could never deny that they always seemed to have arms and legs and always seemed to be running away. Eventually a coworker and I saw it together and that was that: I am now a believer. I honestly never felt the slightest bit threatened, and since seeing it with someone else, the shadow-figure stopped coming around. I never saw it again. It's been about 4 years now.
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posted on May, 28 2014 @ 05:31 PM
a reply to: Vrill
I've been told by two different people in
two different homes, that they've seen
a shadow person (wearing that spooky dark
hat) several times around me, especially
when I was sleeping, but I've never seen one.

In one case, the roommate left, in the other
they asked me to leave after he/she/it what-
ever it is was seen consistently over the months.

A friend of mine who was spending the night
on my bedroom floor, said he awoke to see
a man in black hovering above my sleeping
body and appeared to be attempting to
choke me.

He asked me if I dreamed I couldn't breath, and
I had no unusual dreams and felt no choking in
my sleep that I am aware of.

Rebel 5

rebel 5

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 06:38 PM
a reply to: rebelv

My shadow person wasn't wearing a hat, and was the size of an average human. It was never standing still anywhere for long. Alot of the time it appeared to be running. Many people report that shadow people move in quick jerky movements. My shuadow person did too. There is something more about that though; they actually seem to be speeded up almost like a tape which is fast-forwarding. This leads me to believe that shadow people are actually in some other time or time frequency. Its almost like the Doppler Effect: The farther away the object is, the lower the sound it makes. Apply the same principle to time, and perhaps it explains the shadow people. Maybe they are people from the future who are messing with us for sport.

I always thought it was weird that my shadow person only bothered me at work, and stopped coming around when someone else saw it too.

Some people think SP are malevolent, but I don't get the impression they can physically touch us, and that any harassment that takes place is probably purely psychological.
I'll always wonder why some appear to be wearing hats and some don't. Could this be a clue to the time period they are actually from? Maybe they dont actually leave their time period, but they can view us in their future or past using some kind of technology.
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