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Shadow People

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posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by LR2543

I saw the exact same thing about 5 years ago,very similar to the 2nd pic in the OP,it just stood there for about 20 or so seconds then just vanished into thin air,strange thing was i wasn't afraid of it,i just layed back down & went to sleep again.

I've seen a few shadow ghosts over the years,i know they are there i can sense them,not sure how or why but i tell people when they are nearby.

A fascinating subject i'm definitely going to look into in the near future.

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posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 04:05 PM

Originally posted by Frira
Now-- we expect neat-o images and gee-wiz videos from you, now that you know how.


I will try my best to get some good pics displayed.
Thanks for the help.

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 04:23 PM
so glad i'm normal

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by Rapha

Heck yeah, some pictures would be neat

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by Vrill

I'll share a couple of my experiences, 12 or so years ago, we lived in a house that seemed to be infested by them. Once it started they were always there. All I ever saw were the ones that peak around the corner at you then when you try to look directly at them, they are gone. This happened ALL the time. Couldn't watch TV, read or anything without being watched. Others in the house saw full bodied "things". Visitors several times would ask, "What the Hell was that?". That house burned to the ground. We stayed in a relatives trailor for a couple months before we found another house. When we did, they followed us there. They just wouldn't leave us alone. Still I only saw the corner peakers, but my son more than once followed something to different parts of the house thinking it was me, only to find nobody there. In the kitchen, something tapped me on the shoulder, nothing there. Also in the kitchen when I was the only one there, Something with a very deep voice that seemed to come from everywhere called my name. But since left that house, Nothing else has happened. Still freaks me out when I think about it. Actually it seems sometimes that if I wanted to look and wanted to see them, I would.

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 09:54 PM
reply to post by RBTRBT

What was the history of the house and the surrounding property?

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 01:00 AM
i may not be able to prove it, but when i was a kid i used to be tormented, and haunted by this tall figure, in a fur cloak with a deer skull that instead of antlers had huge horns. this being also appeared in the form that looked similar but it was all black with circular glowing eyes, and i saw it create these shorter all black beings with glowing yellow eyes. once it also created a being that was taller then the others and had glowing red eyes. this one also was a lot bolder around people then the others, it even attacked a friend of mine.

i don't know if they where shadow people, but they did sound very very similar to most of the accounts i hear about shadow people.

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 03:50 AM
HI guys

i wonder what you think of my situation
since i was a little kid, 5-6 years old i always felt like i could feel something in the corner
or when i was sleeping something watching me, my vision is not too good though(i wear glasses for myopia) so i dont think i could ever pick up on something unless it was from a photograph but i always get a "feeling" like "something was there"
so what would that mean? are they shadow people? am i getting some psychic development? i never could see anything i just sense-feel things. i still continue to get these feelings, in my teen years i ventured off into reading online about occutislm and spirituality,not completely and i dont practice occultism but i did read some on it. when i was a kid i had fears going to sleep because i felt something was watching me lol not every day but on certain nights, never really could tell if i was seeing anything though, there were times where there were plenty shadows in a dark room though.

also whenever i read about ghost or shadow people (i love reading about shadow people) i listen to Wo Bist Du by Rammstein, it makes me feel very good and strong. whenever theres anything paranormal i always listen to Wo Bist Du lol
i like this video

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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 04:05 AM
shadow people are pretty interesting. I personally have never experienced any of them but it would be interesting to hear stories from anyone who has.

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 04:56 AM
reply to post by CENSORED

Well, reports are, you see Shadow People out of your peripheral vision. Its rare to see one head on. So you could very well have seen and been visited by these entities.

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 08:13 AM
Good Thread and Topic OP....thanks for initiating...and thanks to the others here for sharing !
This is why I like to visit here at ATS...

I have witnessed shadow people in my paranormally active house of ours on two separate occasions.
My wife recently witnessed shadow person recently upon arising very early, also in the 3:00 time frame to catch an early flight.

It was actually near our living room sofa (LOL) and darted away as soon as she saw it.

The first episode or experience with one of these things occurred shortly after having moved into our home the second night after having moved in...but the very first night we had moved in we had our first unusual or paranormal experience.

My wife and I were exhausted from having moved all weekend were fast asleep and I being the light sleeper was startled awake at around 03:00 by a huge crash that sounded as if someone was attempting to kick the back door in... Boom!
It was very loud to the point of vibrating the house somewhat.

All sorts of things begin coursing through one's mind....intruder....tree limb falling on the roof...explosion....structural was actually that loud.

But of course Upon inspecting that area of the house... the door and window were intact and nothing had fallen against it...I checked the surrounding area outside and in and nothing that large was even nearby that could have fallen causing such a loud crash for we had only boxes on the floor..

Overall Nothing seemed amiss.
What could have made that much noise ?

So I returned to bed ...for I had to be up and at it in a few hours 05:00 to get to work.

Second Night:

On the second night also somewhere around 02-03:00 I suddenly awakened as if from a dream and to my utter surprise standing at the foot of the bed was a huge 7-8 foot tall completely black shadow person with the wide brimmed hat and a long duster coat.

It was not only tall with hat making it reach the 71/2 foot ceiling it was also very broad making it very imposing.

I was startled at first and in utter disbelief.

I thought I was dreaming so i actually blinked AND pinched myself.

Much to my disappointment It was still looming over the bed blocking the light behind it just watching us. IT had no distinct features but did seem to be fluid like swirling almost.

Almost as if comprised of swirling moving charcoal dust.

It simply stood there as if waiting for a reaction from me.

As a scientist/engineer I always look for an explanation for pretty much everything.

Soon I began to think of what it was and why it was there standing at the foot of our bed and how I wanted it to leave and no sooner than i did, it vanished in what seemed like within the blink of an eye.

Which makes me believe that it is making itself appear in order to scare you and in our case it was looking to scare us right out of the house.

Anyone who's purchased a home knows all of the loops/hoops they put you through and there was no way in which I was allowing some ball of energy and charcoal dust scare me out of my home.

After a few moments it was all over and I was still in simple disbelief Wife slept through the entire thing.
Which makes me feel that it was trying to frighten me only.

I'll describe my second encounter with the hooded figure in another thread where I tested my theory of fear based energy out.


posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by Vrill

I haven't seen the shadow people, though I have seen some other scary things as a kid.
My wife's cousin & her husband (both in their 50s) told us of dark nebulous shadow figures in their home, that seemed to be peering from behind doors and darting away as soon as one looks directly at them.
This was in 2008 right after Hurricane Ike in which many in their area, including friends, disappeared in the storm surge near Galveston...possible link to danger/disasters??? The husband said, since he chose to ride the storm out, that he thought "OMG I've killed my family" when he heard the brick walls vibrating from the wind.

But, this has me intrigued:

Shadow Animals:
This type of Shadow Being is much less common than the human shaped or smoke variety. Sightings of these entities have been describes vaguely animal like creatures of dark and semi transparent appearance. Many witnesses have described these beings as being roughly rabbit or guinea pig sized. These entities have been witnessed indoors and outside equally and exhibit some other worldly qualities of other types of Shadow Beings. Travelling through solid matter and un-natural speed are some of the traits ascribed to these beings

One day about two years ago I was sitting at the computer (probably on ATS) and my cat was curled up nearby sleeping. She was next to a bookshelf on a small rug. All of the sudden she jumped up about a foot into the air and landed nearby, staring intently at the wall between an old antique bed and the bookshelf.

I was puzzled at first, but then I thought "cat dream or something."

I was looking at her like "what was that all about", then something ran along the wall between the bed and bookshelf, very fast, looked to be running upright, brownish color, about the size of a double-sized gerbil. The cat's eyes followed it, and then she was staring at the other side of the bookshelf, as if waiting for it to some out. To me it was a blur, but I could see the size, upright shape and speed.

I got up thinking we had a rat (never had them before or since), and was expecting the cat to catch it as I shoved a broom behing the bookshelf. She just looked at me, there was nothing behind the bookshelf. She has a napping place under the bed that she uses regularly, and I looked under there. Didn't seem like a rat would want to go hiding there with an aggressive semi-feral cat who loves to kill small animals, camping out there all the time.

Maybe it was just a rat and I have a worthless lazy cat.
But whatever it was we both saw it.

ETA: I have an aunt by marriage who told me that she saw a hooded figure, she described as "darker than the night", standing at the foot of their bed. My uncle didn't wake up. She comes from a very spritual family, and was taught by her mother to say "In the name of Jesus leave here now. You are not welcome here!" when things like this happen. Seemed to work for her. She used a similar technique to rid my brother of some things that were tormenting him when we were teenagers.

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posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 10:09 AM
The frequent mention of a shadow image of a man apparently wearing a brimmed hat and long coat or cloak-- is baffling.

From the images I have seen, it is evocative of Sam Spade-like character in a film noir detective mystery. Interestingly enough, I type in "film noir" in Google, and the very first image was this...

Not too far off, is it?

Yet, I can see no reason why the mind would process a mystical apparition with such a limited cultural image-- the hat, the long coat or cloak-- they are anachronistic to any of us on this thread.

Carl Gustav Jung, the psychoanalyst researcher of dreams, symbols and spiritual mysteries, had been asked to consider the sudden prevalence of dreams which included flying saucers and space aliens which began with the Foo Fighters of World War II, and through the Roswell incident.

He researched the modern phenomenon, looked into history and other cultures to see if there were non-modern and non-western cultural parallels (there were, a few).

In short he speculated that a sense of awe, marvel, dread, and or powerlessness in a dream or in a spiritual vision (a.k.a. religious experience) seemed to be interpreted in the mind using iconic symbols meaningful for the person's culture and experience...

* You are an ancient in the orient-- perhaps, flying dragons.
* You are an ancient Hebrew mystic-- angels doing battle in flying chariots.
* You are a medieval villager-- grotesque half-animal--half human creatures.
* You are a late 19th Century Anglo-- white linen draped ghosts,
* You are a mid-20th Century westerner-- Flying Saucers and Aliens.

Mind you, all of those, to varying degrees, have existed across cultures throughout history-- but are more prevalent in certain eras. But the hat-man seems only modern-- I could be wrong.

The History Channel, using the 1970's work of von Däniken, has been producing a series which essentially inverts Carl Jung's theories, and says that all mystical visions involving angels, or dragons, or half-human creatures and such are not spiritual entities but ancient aliens-- embracing modernism as the only "correct view".

However, Jung's theories, for me, are less prone to cherry picking only examples which fit the "ancient alien" scenario-- and are more centered upon the commonality of the experience and MOREOVER, the person's reaction to such experiences.

So, why the 1930's private detective in the mist?

Could it be...

* A silent, dangerous and watchful entity who represents the key to unraveling a mystery? That fits both the descriptions of the apparitions and a Humphrey Bogart detective character.

What I am suggesting, mostly parroting Carl Jung, is that what we now call "paranormal experiences" have long been called, "spiritual experiences" and if they are one in the same-- then how we interpret what we perceive of the spiritual Reality is intuitively assigned characteristics by us which are minds are to take as clues as to their significance.

* We see a floating white-robed human figure we associate that with an after-life of purity.
* We see a flying dragon, grotesques, angels or demons, we associate that with non-human power and potential for danger (benevolent or malevolent)
* We see flying saucers and space aliens, we associate that with the same as the above (and von Däniken would agree, but with the inverse interpretation).
* We see a cloaked shadowy figure as if watching us in a dimly lit mist and we associate that with either malevolent or benevolent danger and watchfulness.

Perhaps, then, the Shadow figure represent what from early times we have called "guardian angels" (if good), or, equally, demonic presences (if bad).

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 11:28 AM
My Second encounter was with a different type of entity a Shadow type but of the type II variety, a hooded and faceless entity that also appeared at the foot of my bed.

Once again I was suddenly awakened and there it stood also very tall with the hood near the 71/2 foot high ceiling standing there.

The entity itself wasn't all black for the overall hood and shroud was in contrast to the opening where a face would normally appear....the being itself was white/gray.

This time I went after it sliding down the bed towards the footboard where I attempted to kick it !

And It immediately vanished.

I have told this story before and of course the replies came in that my kicking it or attempting to were fruitless.

Duh !

We well understand that from a perspective of physics but the point of this was to fight back by not embracing fear but to instead mentally exude the exact opposite and as we always do in science is to measure the response....
It's called experimentation.

Remember that our entire Universe is electric in nature. everything that exists has some degree of electrical charge associated with it.....and a unique frequency.

The world of the Paranormal has much to do with vast range of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum and the very narrow range of it that actually comprises our visual range and frequencies therein related to sight.

I have often times brought this up that we cannot see most of this vast energy spectrum .....but it doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't exist.

For example:
Our cell phones are constantly sending information to and from the local cell tower which we cannot see but it doesn't mean that it doesn't's simply outside our visual range of sight.

We can tune measuring instrumentation to the frequencies we are interested in measuring and verify their existence.

What paranormal translates to is energy which exists in parallel frequencies commonly called dimensions making themselves visible to us by altering their frequencies to that which falls into the frequencies our visual range.

This is what allows them to vanish as well as appear.

Neat concept huh ?

We only have to remember that everything in our existence is comprised of atoms and all things atomic have inherent frequencies associated there within.

Which can be simply adding or subtracting additional energy....which varies the vibrational frequencies.

Think about boiling a tea kettle of water AND if sufficient energy is added the water actually changes from a liquid to a gas and literally floats away into the atmosphere as steam.

The water hasn't disappeared but has changed it's vibrational state commonly called a Phase Change.

Think about it ....

I will leave it at that.


posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 06:10 PM

Originally posted by nh_ee

This time I went after it sliding down the bed towards the footboard where I attempted to kick it !

And It immediately vanished.

I have told this story before and of course the replies came in that my kicking it or attempting to were fruitless.

And yet, it vanished.

Hypothetically, what if what is seen in such a situation is not perceived by the physical eyes, but our human nature does not easily distinguish which is spiritually perceived and which is physically perceived?

If that is possible, then the tie between the physical and the spiritual may work the other way as well-- we strike out physically at that which is spiritually perceived and our spiritual force has effect.

That is to say, we are not one or the other-- humans are BOTH. We are physical and we are spiritual.

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by Vrill
I am brand
new to the world of the Paranormal and I was an Atheist for 42 years.LOL I have been cured.I am still embarrassed sometimes to admit that I am haunted.In the beginning I turned into a ghost hunter by trying to catch the proof I needed to try and convince others they are real.But,even all of the pic's in the world will not change some peoples minds.I do have a few pic's of shadow people or what ever you want to call them.I have them on my computer and will try to download them tonight.

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 06:50 PM
I saw a shadow person before. It was about 7 years ago at this old house I lived in. One side of my house faced the street we would drive on to get to turn on our road. Like a cross section. We were driving back home and as we pulled on to my street we saw a dark shadow figure standing in in the window of my sons room. There were 4 of us in the car. My fiancees dad lived with us at the time. We thought it was him. He sometimes would stand in the window and stare outside. I realized as we were getting out that I forget to my grab my house keys. They were still in the house. So my fiancee said, just knock so my dad will hear us and he will unlock the door. She said he was just standing in the window. So I knocked and knoced and he didn't answer. I went around the house to see if he was in there, but all the lights were out except the bathroom light(which illuminated the hallway where my sons room was). The back door was locked also. Our friend who was with us said, "but he was just in the window, where could he have gone"? We called and found out that he was at a local tavren eating dinner. I jimmied the lock to get in and looked around to see if there was an intruder in the house. There was none! Our friend turned white as a ghost because we all saw someone standing in the window. She said right there to us that "I will never come into this house again". She never steped foot in my house again. My fiancees nephew would spend the weekends with us sometimes. On many occasions he would be laying down for bed, we would here him talking to someone in the back bedroom. I would go back there and ask him who he was talking to and he would say "the shadow"!!! My family and friends had many experiences in that house. That house made me a true believer in ghost. I have a lot more stories to tell about it, but I don't feel like typing anymore. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 10:47 AM

Originally posted by Frira

Originally posted by nh_ee

This time I went after it sliding down the bed towards the footboard where I attempted to kick it !

And It immediately vanished.

I have told this story before and of course the replies came in that my kicking it or attempting to were fruitless.

And yet, it vanished.

Hypothetically, what if what is seen in such a situation is not perceived by the physical eyes, but our human nature does not easily distinguish which is spiritually perceived and which is physically perceived?

If that is possible, then the tie between the physical and the spiritual may work the other way as well-- we strike out physically at that which is spiritually perceived and our spiritual force has effect.

That is to say, we are not one or the other-- humans are BOTH. We are physical and we are spiritual.

I am fairly certain that that is a very highly probable possibility just in how some are more sensitive to seeing ghosts and apparitions than others.

i also feel that the reason why women seem to be more sensitive to the paranormal is that they inherently possess a higher degree of their sixth sense which is a form of a natural protection measure similar to radar since women bear our young AND procreate the species.

this sixth sense or gut feel protects them from danger and what we might call instinct in the animal kingdom.

Remember the term ' MOTHER knows best ' HOW does she know ?

Also remember that everything that we visualize is processed by the brain first based off of an electrical signal via the optic nerve.

It is also possible that what we are seeing is injected into that portion of the brain related to sight telepathically.

BUT it would also have to insert the surroundings and perspective relative to our position in the room as we see it as well which makes me doubt this hypothesis somewhat.

But I do see Jung's point and perspective...

OUR computer screens are a perfect example of something being visible and invisible.

THE DOTS on this screen are made visible by providing voltage to them the others remain invisible.

THE same applies to a a liquid crystal display....the segments can be turned on making them visible or remain invisible allow us to create segmented displays.

I feel that that might explain the ability for these entities which are electrical in nature as the spirit realm is are able to appear one moment and disappear the next.

It is simply a matter of varying their frequency in and out of our visual and perceptive range.

The fact that you can see through some of these apparitions and in cases where there are multiple witnesses also makes me suspect that they are a physical and optical anomaly and not merely an illusion perceived in one's mind.


posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by Vrill

my friend has had something similar to this in her house for years. The only one it bothers is her older sister, which is good thing because the sister is pain.

posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 02:57 PM
I've never seen a shadow person, but I do see those shadow "animals," or "shadow critters" as I call them.

The first one was about the size of a guinea pig or small rabbit, and I usually saw it as a shadow running across the edge of a wall or baseboard out of the corner of my eye. I might have thought that it was just my eyes (or my mind) playing tricks on me, except that my dog barked at it and/or chased it more than once.

The second one was quite odd, at least in my opinion. We purchased a mobile home in a residential subdivision very cheaply, partly because it needed some repairs. As I worked significantly fewer hours weekly than my husband did, I was often there alone working on the place before we moved in.

One of the repairs involved a rotted-out section of flooring from a bathroom water leak, and during the process there was a large hole in the floor through which you could see the ground for a couple of weeks. There was a young black cat, barely more than a kitten, that kept hanging around the place and the neighbors informed us that it had been abandoned by the previous owners and used to live in that trailer.

I first began seeing the shadow creature while the big hole in the floor existed, and I assumed the kitten had gotten inside the house through that hole and was "hanging out" in what it considered its home. Because it was a black kitten and the electricity wasn't working inside the house yet (bad breaker box), I didn't really notice at first that what I was seeing was more shadow than substance, and paid little attention to it as it generally avoided me and seemed to be running away from me whenever I saw it. I often looked straight at it and saw it, and I have to wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that I perceived it as a real animal.

The appearance, size, and movement of it was consistent with a young, skinny black cat, but I also wonder if my expectations affected that appearance.

After the hole in the floor got covered with plywood and sealed, the next time I entered the trailer alone I saw it again and thought "Oh, crap, we've trapped the kitten inside the house." I went looking for it to evict it, but I searched everywhere (easy to do with no furniture in the house) and couldn't find it. Eventually I gave up and went on with various projects.

I continued to see it on a regular basis, even after we moved in, but by then I had realized that it wasn't a real, physical animal because if it were, it would have been trapped inside the trailer for several weeks with no food or water and without leaving any physical evidence of its presence.

Finally, after a couple of months, it showed up when my husband was home and we both saw it. At that point I finally admitted that I'd been seeing for weeks, since before we moved in, and my husband (who has some unusual talents) banished it from the house. I asked him what it was and he said he had no idea and didn't care, as he didn't need to know what it was to get rid of it.

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