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posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 05:29 PM
id like to say thanks for looking, i know not many of you read my posts, but i try im new and im doing the best i can so bear with me, this came out just a few min ago Dr Woods was working on it with some colleagues and posted it
i thought maybe there would be some interest in what an expert civil rights activist has to say about the state of the world to day and a proposal to help change things in the way of MLK,

Summary FREE The Dream, an initiative to revitalize the promise of democracy, was conceived and is being developed by Dr. Virgil A. Wood and Fred Stawitz to promote synergy between the Civil Rights Movement, the OccupyWallStreet Movement, and other similar efforts that recognize reform of current financial structures is a necessary step toward achieving the promise of democracy and self-determination by citizens of the United States and around the world. This is about moving society toward a more productive, quality-of-life-oriented existence by migrating the economy from Contemporary Capitalism to Democratic Capitalism, a system that respects the principles of democracy and better serves the interests of our society. Democratic Capitalism cycles capital through all levels of society. This allows all participants the opportunity to acquire wealth and ownership of the means of production either through investment of capital or investment of their labor. The result is a healthier economy which is driven by sustainable profit goals while respecting principles of economic democracy. It is an economy where workers are more productive due to their ownership of the process and ability to share in the profits of their collective successes. Plus, Democratic Capitalism facilitates political stability by giving the poor a path out of poverty and returning upward mobility to the Middle Class. Implementation of a new economic structure requires a significant effort to dislodge entrenched special interests that benefit from the current system at the expense of the rest of society. But, given the discontent the current system has generated, in America and around the world, there is no better time than now to pursue the goal of freeing the human spirit from the shackles of economic bondage underwritten by divisive politics. The numbers are in the favor of change in terms of people power, intellectual power, and economic power. Our financial transactions drive the economic engine. By focusing our collective power, we can withdraw our support from a system that benefits only a few and move it to a system that improves the quality of life for all. The dream is within reach, we can challenge and overcome the obstacles that block our way forward. Because these obstacles were constructed by man, they can be undone by us. Together, united as one, we can FREE The Dream and let the human spirit soar to exceptional heights!

they have added more on me so i had to edit, these pics go with the summary here.
proposal in more detail in link at bottom

He wants to take our structure from here

to here....

This would be a DRASTIC IMPROVEMENT I did not write all of it in the post but you can see the whole dream in the link below, i think its an amazing event that should be at least looked into, in this state day and age there are
not many good ideas out there that are being actually brought into reality, but i think with his years of experience with MLK and other groups that now there is soooo much more, and its an exceptional piece if i do say so myself, it gives me happy hopeful thoughts, i dont know what your opinions will be, but you can see the full dream See Free The Dream

edit on 17-1-2012 by N3v3rmor3 because: added summary pictures.

posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 05:41 PM
they just posted these too, thought you might want to see the proof here i guess.

Official Release of Free The Dream Plan written by Dr. Virgil A. Wood (More info on it)

Winston Marsden,D.r Virgil Wood,Mrs Dr Virgil Wood, Brad Osborne,William J Grigsby bottom right

the handshake and that sun coming in from the window, almost looks like an aura, but it cannot be proven, all i know is that if MLK was alive today he would have been there, shaking hands too, His dream was never completely fullfilled, Maybe now that we have started to work together for a common cause it will be possible to bring it to life for real.

and to end with a quote i cannot remember the author,

Necessity makes for strange bedfellows. and that certainly describes our situationt today, They will need absolutely everyone they can to fulfill this dream. And with this structure and guidance of wise men with experience its absolutely over awesome to me!

posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by N3v3rmor3

Good post.

First off, might I suggest you look into a word processor that has a built in spell check? They're free, easy to download and don't take up much space on your computer. When doing posts of the size that you just did here, I find it helpful to have that kind of tool to put your draft on. Use the features to make the spelling, grammar and sentence structure good, and then just copy and paste it here. Putting up a post that is easy to read helps keep peoples' attention. That, and if the wording is perfect or close to it, people get the impression that you're serious about what you're doing and will read on. Maybe not a lot of people read you now, but you seem like a positive person, so give it time. We need more people like you here.

Anywhoo, thanks for that post. It's good news like this that you don't see everyday on the MSM. News that is needed to let people know that there are people like this who want to see this country head back in the right direction. They seem to know what they're doing as well because they seem to be emphasizing the financial aspect of everything above all else. I for one believe that this country needs to be run like a business. Not a trigger happy fighting machine that goes after others' oil with every opportunity.

Again, good job.


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