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the media "break" under pressure

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posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 01:54 PM
when its satalite feeds going down, and quick smiles to the camera while frowning for an hour before brouad cast, the media is starting to be slowly worn down.
the coverage in my country of ron paul WAS nill, now he is "metioned" which means the population is just now learning "who" ron paul is an what sentiment is brewing in the united states.

the internet has taken over "job" of fair and raw news for the "reader" to decide what is reliable and what is "real",
as long as the net is free so are we, insomuch that we can decide what is news to us, instead of being mass dilivered over the tv.

in light of the ability for the mainstream networks to influence opinion, the net users are more likley to see the bias and point it out,

at the level where reporters can no longer stand on the street and "construct a shot" and diliver a lie directly down the camera without someone asking the real question as a passer by (100% random person)
posing the real juxaposed position respectfully but audably if in a public place to the "reporter"

it really looks like if you want something done, you must do it yourself.
media and comunication must be diverse in nature, and in context.

i suggest a documentary filming the major news networks and presenting the story of the traditional VS the internet news streams as sources for info, and have a write in poll as to which is better

the longer the media try the same tactic of "illusion maker" the more obvious they will be,
and the more stressful it will look, and people will wounder.

a media contingieant of the people registered with streams for centeralised coverage.
news presenters pointing out the abserdities of the desicitons being made currently

a people powered version of the main stream news, that uses the net and self orginization of net users to make,
it equal for any one to present events, anywhere in the world.

when we as non traditional media and technology people unite to provide a true news source, of the people by the people FOR the people we also allow the individual to subbmit.

link to we are the 99%

this is the start of a picture based data base of people who feel they too are part of the 99%

they love their country and wish the game was not fixed against them.

THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING give a intergrated media resource for citizen only reporting.

fix the ills of a corrupted media by simple parrallel expansion,

this is why sopa is not dead and the people responcable are showing themselves in the "full light of day",
they will not stop unless the media "plays" in the corperate media with advertising.
the advertising budgets of corperations ARE capable of squashing stories.


google it there are pages upon pages of blogs and sites talking about it

the same model is used to "fund" or "remove revenue" from websites that are "accused"
in this way a "hidden force" can control some of the news content it does not like.

the model MUST take into account who is legally able to close them down.

a new form of comunication in the news arena would have to have similar formats to existing MSM stratigies,
but wholly rely on the "submitted" material of everyone equally.

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posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 02:01 PM
Thot thats what wikileaks was supposed to be aboot.....i think i was mistaken....
hellova plan and we need it badly....
Whoever starts it will be a hero to me.....go man go

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by stirling

no this is not at all like wikileaks,
wikileaks is only interested on others information,
ie not user generated, third party generated.

when individuals film news worthy events they can be submitted and translated into other langugages and seen world wide.

no seceret stuff just what is acually happing on the ground in the eyes of the person who recoreded the footage.


posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 01:49 PM
These talking heads are being exposed for what they are.
I hope the stress of being a liar and a fraud sends them to an early grave.
But, yes, they are under attack and rightly so.

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