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Nation of Islam and Human Evolution

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posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 09:51 AM
Although the most recent science (2010) claims a 1-4% DNA match (, as much scientific evidence as exists for Homo Sapien -Neanderthal interbreeding, as much evidence exists for No Neanderthal but Cro-Magnon - Homo Sapien interbreeding ( so in all actuality, science has neither proven or unproven either theory with any sort certainty; especially with at least a statistical variation of plus or minus 5%.

Also, most recent science (2010) provides evidence against the "Out-of-Africa" theory supporting origins from what we know today as the area of Israel. (

I have found no study with any definitive evidence for or against all African peoples being of black skin color.I have found no study with any definitive evidence for or against brown eyes originating in peoples of black skin color. And, if we are to compare features of neanderthals, “thick woolly hair, thick lips, big nose," to that of modern races of peoples, is it not obvious where those resemblances lie as a whole?

As touching religious mythology, is it not possible God is so gracious that He would adopt Yakub's(Satan's) flawed attempt at creation as his own, instilling in it a living soul, providing a viable way of interbreeding with the likes of Cain and Seth for the population of Earth after our Lord's kind?

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 05:03 PM

Originally posted by Sahabi
However, this description of physical traits is far more 'exaggerated' and pronounced in the Neanderthals.

This physical description is linked to pale-skinned cave-dwellers of Europe. It really does sound like a perfect description of Neanderthal.

Yeah I actually thought about this overnight and realized what you said earlier was true...

Above Pic Link

Above Pic Link

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 06:23 PM
Genuine Arabic Islam rejects Darwinism (heck, genuine Islam even rejects the notion that the earth is round), but Farrakhan's NOI adds the zany story of "Doctor Yakub" (sometimes, depending on how the Farrakhan Muslims feel, identified as the Biblical patriarch Jacob, son of Isaac), a black man, who - by studying magnets(!?) - created white people. This leads to the logical conclusion that white people are so organically separate from black people that medicine that would work on white people couldn't work on black people and vice versa, but NOI didn't quite work out the implications that far. Yakub is supposed to be a villain in NOI theology.

Oddly enough, no black person playing with magnets in our time has invented anything as impressive as a living species.

Genuine Arabic Islam doesn't even know of this Doctor Yakub story.

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 07:56 PM

Originally posted by WhoKnows100

Originally posted by Confusion42
In the real world, a certain group of people that represent a tiny tiny fraction of all people seems to be smarter, get Noble prizes and such for discoveries, and are better in developing businesses that generate benefit to the community as well as profit to the business.

But yea, except for that, I think there should be no such thing as racial superiority.

I might point out that this same group has leaders who hate humanity and above all hate Christ and anyone who puts their faith in Him. The same group that comes up with these crackpot doctrines on the origins of race as a means of deceit. The same group of crypto Jews that not only killed Christ but were behind every slaughter of Christians throughout history. Yet we in the western White nations cannot see that this one group plan to exterminate faith in Christ amongst the one race which has overwhelmingly responded to God's mercy. We are all too happy to bow down to anti-hate legislation that all but silences any criticism that the crypto Jews were, and still are, of the Synagogue of Satan. The Nation of Islam has succumbed like any other faith to these evil crypto minions. They bought hook line and sinker the doctrine of "black first" whilst succumbed to the crypto Jews demonically inspired Islam.
The Almighty God chose Abraham and His descendants not because of their colour or size or position in the world. They were the least of people thousands of years ago. But they were to become vast in number and a light to the world - demonstrating God's love. Who overwhelmingly took up that role? And who now are watching their nations being dominated by crypto Jews, being systematically cleansed of all things Christ, being ruthlessly brainwashed into denying God in Heaven and the God of our fathers and grandfathers, being overtaken with laws only designed to lead to the crypto Jews communism, being happy to watch the youngsters descend into a godless life all about pleasure and materialism because of the Synagogue of Satan's false doctrines in science, genetics and evolution. Heck, Athiests are used, infiltrated and misled Christians are used, the Nation of Islam is used - all the while sucking up false science doctrines which lead to the furthering of the crypto Jews goal - the complete removal of the children of God from this planet by the people themselves.

OP, the only similarity between the Nation of Islam's purported origins of race and purported genetic findings is that they were given to us by the same group who hate, kill, lie and deceive. It's fuel for hate to those who fall for it and deadly poison to those who ingest it and fall away from Jesus because of it. I pray that those in Islam see that the Lord came to save in this Age, and that He loves. I pray that our western societies can see where their godless beliefs have come from and where it will lead, and I pray above all else, that the dimmed light in Christianity throws off the shackles of darkness that have oppressed her and that the real children of light step forth shining as the sun.

Such hate in your words.

Such hate, against a group that has contributed so much benefit to humanity, is proof that you people are the ones that hate humanity.

From your people's point of view, it seems that a strong education, drive to success, etc. is narrowed down upon.

I guess all you guys care about is stoning people; In fact you all are stoning yourselves back to the stone age.

You speak such hate, that, honestly, even your own (hypothetical) God wouldn't approve.

I'd go on and try to start a rational debate, asking you for proof of anything you wrote. But, I can image how it would go, with people like you.

What proof do you have?

(you provide some literature, from the haters themselves, as "proof."

I refute your "proof" from multiple sources.

You answer, "All your sources are Zionist conspiracy" Anything you say that is against my people's way of stonned aged thinking is conspiracy!! You will go to hell!


posted on Jan, 19 2012 @ 05:59 PM
reply to post by Confusion42

Wouldn't have anything to do with the poverty much of these "other" groups of people are externally subjected to would it?

So much of this white-superiority nonsense comes from the fact England was able to invent a certain kind of compass that allowed them to navigate the seas in ways that other countries took a while to figure out how to do so. Hence why its empire spread.

posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 11:06 PM
reply to post by Sahabi

If Mitochondrial Eve is said by geneticists to have been sub-Saharan African, and all non-Africans are partially Neanderthal.... doesn't this mean science says black people are the original people?

Not at all.

You are assuming that, just because M. Eve was born in Africa, she was black and looked like a modern African. There is not the faintest shred of evidence to support such an assumption – even if all modern Africans looked alike, which they do not.

Selective breeding may not produce mutation, however, selective breeding targets specific genes or genetic mutation in order to achieve desired traits.

Correct. So the capacity to grow pale skin and blue eyes was there before any selective breeding programme was instituted.

A few posts up I explained how I was looking passed the literal meaning of the N.O.I. mythology to compare it to known science of today. It seems as though the N.O.I. knew in the 1930's that all non-blacks have interbred with Neanderthal and that Mitochondrial Eve was sub-Saharan African. They built a hateful black supremacist religion around this knowledge, but how did they know? Could it be mere coincidence?

Nobody knew about M. Eve in the 1930s; even the structure of DNA was not known until the 1950s, let alone the fact that mitochondrial DNA was different from host cell DNA. 'Neanderthal' was simply a term of abuse among ignorant people in the 1930s, so claiming whites were Neanderthals was nothing but a convenient racist insult.

Please stop now.

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