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Holy Guacamole, Look What Is Waiting For Ron Paul in Florida

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posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 05:40 AM

Originally posted by TrueAmerican
They are the true americans, if there can be such a thing.

It feels great to support someone with such an impeccable record, and such important ideals that take this country back to what it was meant to be. When you are a Ron Paul supporter, it goes way beyond mere politics.

And nothing shall sway me. Nada, zilcho, zero.

I am with you 100%. Ron Paul will be president. Here is my prophecy on the election. Ron Paul will win by popular vote, but cheaters will try to stop him by altering the votes. Many intelligent and savvy individuals will be closely watching, and there will be an incident with the Diebold machines, cheating on the vote will be uncovered, it will be a fiasco.

I am a Patriot all the way, and cannot wait to get back to Constitutional values, something we have all been cheated nearly out of by corporate Congressmen who own stock in all the corporations, and practice insider trading and are above the law. But not above the Constitution. Ready, Set, Elect Ron Paul! Out only real help for America's troubles, with a spotless record and a real human heart, and is not a corporate minion. Blast him all you like, RP haters, it will not stop this grass root movement. Americans want their Country back, and their Constitutional Government back, and they want an end to corporate banking cartels running the world, and using America as a international police force, and spy agency's for hire, not to mention who private owned armies like Blackwater.
We are many, they are few. We will have it our way this time. The People are speaking. this is going to be interesting. I'll me watching on TV.

Remember now, America is a Nation where every angry, Patriotic American soul has the right to bear arms, and a right to government access, and a right of grievances. Even the Military is fully behind Ron Paul.

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