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The Cruise Ship Idiocy

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 06:52 PM
If someone has posted on this sorry, or if I'm on the wrong page, wouldn't be the first time. It's been all over the news for about 48hrs. The fact a large cruise ship plowed into the rocks which goes without saying, if you go to close to shore and you are likely to hit something. But this story is so crazy as to the "why" let alone how the crew should have only been on the good ship lollypop, its mind boggling but sad to say I'm not that surprised.

I'll post details as I get reliable data as this story is still very much developing, but the basics are known. A ship (I want to confirm ownership before I say who they are, but it is a major cruise line) struck rocks, not that this was a hidden underwater hazard, the captain (who has been arrested) its reported struck rocks, and from the pictures its obvious the ship came right up to a rocky cliff like island. I believe I heard the ship was commissioned in 2006, so were not talking about rust bucket here. The fault is it would seem fully on the captain and crew. Even the Queen Mary 2 could be deadly if run by idiots. (The QM2 by the way is UK registry and an example of the right, if not just rational way to run a ship. Its also a gorgeous ship)

This is a very good example of the danger in particular with passenger ships, but can apply to oil tankers, LNG tankers, in fact any ship that operates under "flags of convenience " Thats when a company that has a ship registers it under a specific nation to avoid the rational and safe maritime operation and equipment rules of say the US, UK, Germany, etc. The fact that this was such a nightmare for people, and many, including people from my state of Minnesota remain missing as of this post. Likely they were trapped inside when the ship capsized. Though there is still hope, a ship that big will take precious time for divers to go room-to-room.

Were to start? The captain got off PDQ, of course not waiting before everyone was off. Captains do not have to by any ethical rule "go down w/the ship" but an ancient maritime code is the passengers and crew always come first. There was not only total chaos, but people were even told to stay where they were in a restaurant when the ship started to list! No crew member seemed to HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE AT ALL of basic emergency procedures. Before I say much more I really want to make a point. This applies to anyone getting on a ship, commercial or other airplane, or just going into a building.

The best way to safe guard yourself and family is to always take responsibility for your own safety. Granted we have to rely at least to some extent on cabin crews and employees of things like ships to a point. And freaking out and popping the emergency exit just because you get nervous (or pissed off for sitting to long on the runway) is not just dangerous but a federal crime. And for the record a commercial airliner at cruising altitude is pressurized and the doors are designed to be sealed shut because of internal cabin pressure, and not easy to say the least, open in flight. But unless you want to spend 20 years in prison, please don't try to see if I'm right. Cabin doors/exits all have alarms on them.

But the point is the first person responsible for your safety is you, which is not a libertarian thing (ok, it is in part) but really just common sense. When you get on a plane, ship, or enter a building think first "how do I get out of here fast if I have to"? On a plane, in a building always know a second, third etc, way as well. After all the people who are supposed to help you may not be able to. With my company, every new employee first day of orientation literally the first thing covered is emergency safety and security procedures. Not that the building's are likely to sink, but a lot of other things can happen.

Everyone knows and gets to use fire extinguishers and hoses, understanding the first rule is not play fireman but get out. But they should be comfortable w/the equipment just in case. Everyone is trained on the emergency defibrillators, when to use them. I even have everyone via a cargo/passenger jet I share w/other firms show people what happens when the O2 masks actually drop, know how to put those and life vests on. And everyone gets to open a commercial airline exit and small over-wing door. And the highlight all enjoy is they get to slide down the emergency exit slides. I make sure for everyone its second nature.

I don't do this because its fun, though sliding down the exit chutes most enjoy, but to remove the worry as best I can of the "what if". People find it tremendously empowering, and found to my initial surprise are better at whatever their job is after they run through this course. Self confidence brings peace of mind. I just wish in the case of that cruise ship the employees could have found their ass w/out both hands and a guide dog. I have no tolerance for people who's stupidity gets people killed. None.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 06:56 PM
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