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Letters from the Edge: What the fringe are up to

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posted on Apr, 18 2013 @ 10:04 AM
OK - you've caught my curiosity...but I have no idea how to email you to request more information!

I'm not much of a "participant" ... I'd say I'm a lot more of a "fantasizer". I love reading about the theories and ideas; but I don't do much with what I get from them.

Still - I'd like more information! Can you send me some links?


My email is the same as my nickname here, but at yahoo or

posted on Oct, 20 2013 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by theGleep

Hi there Gleep

Sorry i missed this, if you want to know more, i'm actually on another site now with my own team, check out "" which is Pegasus Research.
Great things are happening, although we lost a few along the way

I'm a Global there, with my own team
you will love it!

posted on Oct, 20 2013 @ 03:45 PM

I know it's a bit jumbled ( i wanted to get this out before Monday).

Who or what has been debunked so far

Steorn, Searl, Rossi to name but a few.

Possible but not confirmed

The MEG, Perendev motors, Howard Johnson, Moray.

Definitely possible

HHO, Dan Quale & Thane C. Hein (lenzeless generators), Charge-coupled overunity oscillators.

Unknowns: Pantone's GEET. cold fusion (LENR's)
We have also seen some highly efficient wind & thermo-electric devices, kinetic devices, all kinds of things.

I will keep you posted on any new developments or scandals that may happen

Thanks to all of you hard working fringe scientists/engineers/backyard inventors who are helping this project, you know who you are

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So glad to see this post, nothing, repeat, nothing will change the world quicker than free energy. It was thought to die with tesla. Please post all links you can.

If you goto aetherforce. Come you will also find allot of great people dedicated to continuing teslas dream of free energy. Tesla knew that energy was everywhere in the universe around us. He wanted to tap this a ethereal energy. Everything has it.

There is an incredible amount of files available through that site. Gigs of data, of course most of tesla work stolen by govt but there is lot there and much more, I suggest we share as much as possible.

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