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Letters from the Edge: What the fringe are up to

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 04:45 PM
I often read threads where the discussion ranges from 'who is doing what', to the sceptical 'none of it works' to the more defeatist 'what's the point' and, of course 'proof or it never happened'.
That last one deserves it's own forum

So i thought i would share a few letters with you, to let you see that something IS being done.
There are many people out there doing TONS of research into all forms of free energy.
And.....we are making progress, slowly but surely.
A great part of our work forms peer reviews and lots of genuine debunking!
This is just the tip of the iceberg;

Re: Possible merger Dear X,
Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year!
BTW...Following the lead of ***********, we may be reporting some interesting results with *******motors. (linear track)

The concept is as follows:-
I hope to make a prototype to test this hypothesis. If it works, the concept is to have say a 200 meter diameter
cyclotron that could be buried in a 4 heactare field, square box section, inside an evacuated circulat tube. A
concrete chanel made in cast sections with watertight covers buried in a field. A little robot truck with camera could perform regular inspections.

That depends on the concept being viable. Only experiment can determine that. 3mm cube magnets cost about £40 per thousand. +VAT and we are VAT Registered! I know what to ask Santa to put in my Christmas stocking!.... Let's suck-it-and-see!

Re: Tuning the tubes.
i have a machine shop
the electrodes need to match the inductor in an LC circuit
you can tune the capacitor or the inductor
then when the frequency of an LC circuitin a radio, when the tuner matches the hear the radio broadcast from that any time there are 100 stations broadcasting on different wave lengths but you only receive the station you are on the resonating circuit with.........

i would say the slots were cut in meyers pipes........he would check the capacitance against a known inductance, and tune the inductor, until he could formulate any given match......

i am working on meyers resonant cavity now
the electrodes are an exact reproduction....the plastic cover is different, but electrods and connections are the same
my other friend and i are building the electronics, circuits and vic s from the buggy
the circuit and vic will exactly match meyers.....we are debugging it now....
we believe it will do what meyer said it will do.....
as you saw in the video.....i have aleady replicated most of what meyer shown....
this is real my friend
i am doing it
no tricks

professional made board....assembled and you assemble boards
as soon as we finish this......make the engine run, on its own.....we will hold a conferance
you can help spread the word, if you like......
we are almost there my friend
thanks and talk to you later

Re: Andrew Rossi update Thanks. Good video, but not breakthrough.

Re: Rossi Yes you are right . I have been a bit too hopeful and have not looked at the whole picture. Proper
verification still needs to be made . If this is a fraud Rossi and all tho's involved should spend a lengthy stretch in a russian prison. I still dont see why He would orchestrate such a fraud. He has to know that he can not get away with it in the end. Still there are the serious questions that need to be addressed
Once again my hopes for a better world have been crushed by logic.

Re: Rossi
you know as well as i easy this is to prove
the fact that it is hard to prove............this means keep a watch on you pocket book
does not mean its not real.............just means keep a good watch
keep the faith,

Hello X,
thank you for all your support also concerning Hutchinson. Very interesting material. We stay in contact. Sorry to write a shorter message this time. We get bombarded with messages

We will stay in contact.

"Sonoluminescence as a QED vacuum effect: Probing Schwinger's proposal"

Julian Schwinger was well ahead of the field on this subject, He left the formula for the anomalous magnetic dipole moment on his gravestone, and now we learn in the past few days that sticky tape in vacuum is a strong x-ray emitter! who would have believed that without confirmation from respectable sources? Sonoluminescence on steroids!

So my first instinct is that vacuum and perhaps kinetic cavitation might be worth investigating. If x-rays are involved,

then we are dealing with much higher energy thresholds! Perhaps either the annode or cathode in an HHO cell could be made to spin with sufficient rpm to induce x-ray? Schwinger effects? maybe enhanced with perforations in the
rotor? It would be a relatively easy experiment, salvage a motor from a scrap cordless 12 V drill? that should run
fast enough.
Ultrasonics is the other route to cavitation. perhaps with peizo/pyro plastics like those fluorinated polyvinylidenes
PVDF. that stuff would be interesting in a vacuum sticky tape e-ray experiment!

I hope these suggestions prove helpful.
Kind Regards

Classical Newtonian Inertia is a property of matter due to the strictly local electrical force interactions of each of the (electrically charged) elementary particles of the mass (masseon particles) with the surrounding (electrically charged) virtual particles (virtual masseons) of the quantum vacuum.

The sum of all the tiny electrical forces (photon exchanges with the vacuum particles) that originate in each charged elementary particle of the accelerated mass is the source of the total inertial force of a mass which opposes
accelerated motion in Newton's law 'F = MA'. Einstein's principle of equivalence of inertial and gravitational mass is the origin of gravitational mass from the perspective of quantum inertia.

Poynting suggests that gravity also involves the same 'inertial' electrical force component that exists in inertial mass.
Einstein's general relativistic Weak Equivalence Principle originates from common 'lower level' quantum vacuum
processes occurring in both gravitational mass and inertial mass in accordance with the principles of quantum field theory.

To adduce reasons in support, it does appear that all matter and the quantum fields of the strong, weak and
electromagnetic interactions of our entire material universe are confined to a 3D "brane" (Membrane -M-theory), that floats around in a higher dimensional space where they roam wild. The apparent weakness of gravity would
therefore be an illusion to inhabitants of the brane: gravity is merely diluted as it spreads out into additional
dimensions that we cannot perceive.
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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 04:49 PM
Abstract; The conclusion presented here is a result of in depth examinations of transmutation experiments first
observed by the author on 24th August 1984 and experiments originally performed by Dr. George Ohsawa and
Michio Kushi, et al.,
I just require some experimentation to verify the theory; I have discovered new formulae that will hopefully clarify
some of the mysteries behind the mechanisms at play. As to what they are using from what I understand is not that important, as virtually any element can be made to release energy, here is a clue; everything around us is already doing this, but first we must accurately measure all inputs and outputs in a closed system, we usually miss the energy that is cleverly disguised so to speak, that 'leaks' out. My guess is Heavy Hydrogen Deuterium for many reasons; if we could tune a HHO device to produce with this, watch out!!

Wind is more efficient than a nuclear power station, their are less parts and less loss as it gets to the output.
Wind is not abundant everywhere.

Solar cells are not efficient that is why they dont use them for the solar plants in Spain and Arizona

HH0 will never get that far because you need those extra parts to not even get the efficiency of full electric, but
perhaps better than pure gasoline.
What we need to be using is the best and fully electric is becoming the best, that is what you should be spreading the word about, that is where car companies are heading. Their hybrids won't stay in too much longer... After the next 20 years, electric will be more popular than the growing hybrid.

Do some research into our latest battery technology and you will see the future is electric. Molten Salt batteries are already able to last 100 000kms of cycle use, 200-400kms distance per charge and around 15 minutes to charge.

Regenerative braking with improves efficiency which in conjuction with HH0 will suffer a larger loss because more system to travel through.
Electric is simple, has less parts and if done right, lasts a very long time,
The future is what we have had around as long as the gas vehicle, but never went anywhere back then because of the lack of battery research and industry.

........he was working directly with the government........where did this tech go?
i suggest to you my friend........if you do something great......spread it around the world quickly.... give it to the

people, not to the government.
the government sees the patents first........

'bout time you were getting up to speed with this - lol
Oh, how did the new set of magnets work for you?
I also asked Jim Dunn how his were working for him. He spent $10,000 on them... poor guy

hi dude was just watching the news tonight, and saw the dude that was starting a factory to build the ford mustang that gets 110 mpg's. He said he is shutting down because of lack of funding. That is the biggest bunch of f*****g b******t I ever heard of !!!
that meens that everyone that gave him money is s**t out of luck ?

watch this ....sit down first.......go pee then sit down...then watch this

we or you should have a talk with ***** . If water can be cracked with a small amount of current . . stuff like the geet is almost worthless. they would have to drop the price of gas to 50 cents or a dollar a gallon to compete.

So there you go, we are doing both real and theoretical research.
We think it's worth the effort.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 11:09 PM
I know it's a bit jumbled ( i wanted to get this out before Monday).

Who or what has been debunked so far

Steorn, Searl, Rossi to name but a few.

Possible but not confirmed

The MEG, Perendev motors, Howard Johnson, Moray.

Definitely possible

HHO, Dan Quale & Thane C. Hein (lenzeless generators), Charge-coupled overunity oscillators.

Unknowns: Pantone's GEET. cold fusion (LENR's)
We have also seen some highly efficient wind & thermo-electric devices, kinetic devices, all kinds of things.

I will keep you posted on any new developments or scandals that may happen

Thanks to all of you hard working fringe scientists/engineers/backyard inventors who are helping this project, you know who you are

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posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 10:00 AM
I have been asked to post ex-text as such ( i tried, but it was too late) and to source the letters.
The source is ME, these are snippets from mails sent to me from the inventors who i am in contact with.
I trust them, i have seen their results, i am satisfied that they are 100% correct at this time.
This is merely to show you that these 'free' energy ideas are being thouroughly investigated, peer reviewed, and debunked when necessary.
If you have any info / links that can shed some light on these inventions, whether it's to verify OR debunk, then you can post them here.
I will be happy to answer any questions you have on my reasons for approving or disproving various inventions.

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posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 02:55 PM
Part of a letter i sent in 2009;

Well, as expected, i have met a solid wall of resistance (R) for my revolutionary and provocative posting.
I allowed for this, and also for attempts to censor, discredit or just plain 'blocking' of sites with 'errors'.
As we move into stage 2 of the info-war, i plan to move the whole forum away from youtube, aol etc.
Once i have tested the backup sites, i will choose one and send everyone a link.
I will only send this link by e-mail, not over youtube, also i need to mail members directly, or en masse.
Just mail me, say 'I want in', your adress will be noted, and the mail deleted.
This computer is 'sanitized' regularly, so hopefully no-one has been 'zapped'
For my part, i will create 1 or 2 extra e-mail accounts where you can reach me, and treat your email adress with the utmost secrecy-you don't NEED to put your email in the Guestbook, but it would be useful if you all had each others details.....

So far so good.........

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 05:38 PM
For those of you interested in cold fusion;

Dr. Eugene F. Mallove, Editor-in-Chief
Infinite Energy Magazine
Cold Fusion Technology, Inc.
PO Box 2816
Concord, NH 03302

Phone: 603-228-4516
Fax: 603-224-5975

A word of WARNING right up front: This is potentially VERY DANGEROUS work
and must not be done without maximum, safety precautions and supervision
by those thoroughly versed in laboratory safety! It involves
high-temperatures, high-voltages, explosive mi xtures of oxygen and
hydrogen, caustic solutions, and steam generation that if improperly
contained could cause a deadly explosion. These are just the beginning
hazards. This is unknown territory. Drs. Ohmori and Mizuno measured the
transmutation of elem ents in this experiment. Thus, until further notice
^Ë and despite your possible skepticism about their claim of transmutation
^Ë this work must be considered, by definition, nuclear experimentation.
With that said, we encourage every thoughtful group who can do this
experiment safely to attempt it. Infinite Energy and Cold Fusion
Technology, Inc. take no responsibility for the known or unknown radiation
or other hazards that are associated this experiment.


Dear Colleagues:

After much work we now have what appears to be a marvelous do-it-yourself
"cold fusion" experiment. Any reasonably equipped chem/physics lab can see
the effect within days to a week -- if they get their act together. The
experiment has the following quali ties:

1. It is visually and audibly spectacular -- brilliant glowing, pink,
purple, lavender with white flashes on an underwater tungsten (W)
electrode ( e.g. 2 mm x 5 mm W foil or 1 cm x 1.6 mm diameter tungsten
welding rod). A plasma-like underwater discharge on the electrode that
often manages to disintegrate or melt tungsten underwater with only about
50 to 80 watts of power over a short period. (Tungsten's melting point is
3680 K or thereabouts.) The sound of the underwater "explosions" on the
cathode -- brilliant white flashes on the purple background plasma -- is
very impressive.

2. It is *totally reproducible* -- at will -- with no loading time as in
the Pd/heavy water experiments

3. Calorimetry is simple to do because there is so much steam energy
evolved from the reaction that by simply tallying the amount of water
vaporized as steam, one gets over-unity every time (so far). Three groups
have already gotten *preliminary* over-unity results: 1. Ohmori and Mizuno
in Japan, who introduced the phenomenon at ICCF-7 (O/U estimated at
2.6/1); 2. Gene Mallove and FAA engineer Ed Wall here in Bow, NH during
the past ten days -- work continuing -- (CONSERVATIVELY 1.4/1); 3.
Engineer Mark Hugo of Northern States Power in Minnesota (but his
affiliation has nothing to do with his home experiment) -- (CONSERVATIVELY
1.5/1), but owrk still continuing to check for errors. Chemist John
Thompson in the Bahamas, who attended ICCF-7, was the first person outside
of Japan to reproduce the effect and will do calorimetry on it soon. This
will be in IE #20 out on July 22.

4. No one has patents or may be able to get them since the effect was
noticed in other forms (1916!) and reported extensively in the Journal of
the Electrochemical Society, April, 1950, p.133 in an article titled ("The
Anode Effect in Aqueous Electrolysis," by Herbert Kellogg of the School of
Mines, Columbia University. New York -- Hal Fox found this marvelous
article, since it relates to some of the work his Trenergy Company is
doing weith charge clustgers and radioactivity reduction. This may,
indeed, be related to the underwater electrolysis ability to remediate
nuclear waste. But -- OF COURSE! -- NO *calorimetry* was done in 1950. No
one had any idea that such simple systems could be O/U. The systems were
studied for other reasons. Further: the present tungsten effect is seen
mainly on the cathode, but it can make the Pt anode incandescent too at
lower water temperature (say 50 C) -- we normally work over 80 C. It is
very mysterious -- was so to Kellogg in 1950 and remains so.

5. Ohmori and Mizuno found major evidence for transmutation of elements
and volcanic ejection of metals from the tungsten surface -- these SEM
photos were reproduced in their article. They find Hg, Os, Kr, Zn, Cu, Ni,
Fe, Cr, Si, and Mg -- with anomalous isotopic content. Just as I said, in
IE #15/16, this subject is more properly called ³Electro-Alchemy"

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 05:39 PM

6. Heat up the beaker solution to 80 C either by electrolysis at low DC
input power -- e.g. 20 V, 1.8 to 2 amps -- or with an external hot plate.
(Turn off the hot plate and **remove it** if calorimetry is being used.)
At about 80 deg --sometimes at a lower temperature -- crank up the volts
to 120 to 180. The effect changes appearance as voltage increases. Current
will drop substantially to 0.2 to 0.4 amps as the sheath of steam
surrounds the glowiing plasma-sheathed cathode. Keep an alcohol
thermometer suspended in the solution to measure the temperature. I would
*initially* avoid thermocouples because of the threat of violent
electromagnetic interference in this unknown phenomena.

In calorimetric assessment: Heating credit should be taken for the full
mass of water in the cell from the initial temperature of say 80 C to the
boiling point. However, you may find it difficult to push the average
solution temperature up to 100C (we were only in the low to mid 90s),
because the steam ejected cools the solution so rapidly. The boiling point
is elevated -- McKubre estimated to me in aprivate communciation by only
0.25 deg C for such a solution). This is wonderful, because we WANT steam.
It will be no problem at all to power steam engines with this, if pending
thorough verification of excess energy (This *is* work in progress that
must be confirmed!) we figure out how to get the power ratio high enough,
if it is not there already. The main source of the excess is the amount
boiled off: water vaporized requires about 2260 J/gm.

Why was this missed by other cold fusion people? Simple: everyone was
looking for a sedate reaction that P&F had started with when the real pay
off was in these higher voltage systems that trigger with metals like
tungsten. W is recommended due to its temperature resistance, but John
Thompson has found that other metals such as Al, Cu, Ni, and Zr also work
-- as far as the *visible* effect. The colors of the emissions are
different -- different hot plasma near the cathode surface.

Other parameters that need to be explored:

* Higher voltage

* Can energy be extracted from the recycled water after steam condensation
or if Mills-type hydrinos are formed, do they become "inert"?

* Other electrolytes -- KCl also works, according to Thompson, try higher
molarity values

* Other metals

* Pressurized systems -- BE CAREFUL!!!

* Recombine oxygen and hydrogen -- but a very small part of the effect,
undoubtedly -- to get extra energy in the output

* Try heavy water in various mixtures with light water

* Detect electromagnetic pulse from the device -- if it is there as they
found in Japan

* Examine the element production and non-natural isotope ratios formed

* SEM imaging for morphology of craters

* Look for radiation -- use film fogging techniques, CR-39 plastic
detectors, etc.

This will keep a lot of people busy for a long time. As soon as we pin
down the thermal characteristics a bit more, we and others well be
hell-bent to scale up to larger power-producing units -- with SAFETY FIRST
as our motto.


This is a typical, very brief O/U investigation run that Ed Wall and I
performed here recently in an uninsulated glass beaker on a metal surface
-- VERY rough calculation, conservative, we think. Among other factors
reducing effect apart from ZERO insulation is the recondensation and
re-boiling of material -- we had a plastic cover on the beaker with holes
drilled in it. A distillation recondensation device would be preferred to
observe water evolved as steam.

Input: 0.7 to 0.8 amps, avg 0.75 A input at 168 volts = 26,590 J

Duration: 3 minutes, 31 seconds

Solution reduced from 183 ml to 173 ml due to boil-off

Output = 10 x 2260 J/gm H2O + 183 x (about 15 C rise during heating to
full boiling at about 92 C) x 4.18 J/gm C = 34,060

output/input = 1.28

Credit for uninsulated vessel and re-bailing of condnsed liquid could
easily push this to 1.40 and beyond. Much more work needs to be done.

I hope that other Vortexians will try this -- CAREFULLY, please!


Ohmori and Mizuno did calorimatry on the last few mintues BEFORE boiling
and compared the rate of temperature rise to that of a joule heater's
effect on the same volume of electrolyte. That's how they got their 2.6/1.

****** See Infinite Energy #20 for more information in late July.

posted on Jan, 20 2012 @ 09:25 PM
I'd be curious how you have definitively proven rossi a fraud.... Don't get me wrong I want to believe Rossi is on the up and up but many of the signs are there that it's a scam. If it is it will be very bad for the LENR community and I will be VERY SUSPICIOUS that somehow Rossi came out just ahead of several legitimate LENR breakthroughs that seem to be going on behind the scenes right now.

posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 06:08 AM
reply to post by roguetechie

Mostly threads like This one, and this

Mega thread
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posted on Jan, 21 2012 @ 08:46 PM
Ok so dish us out some more specifics about what's going on in the FE community.... I'm an engineering student who got into engineering specifically in the hope that maybe One day I could work on something with potential to be groundbreaking.

SO yeah anything you can tell us would be greatly appreciated.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by roguetechie

OK well, Steorn started years ago with teir 'kinetica' model, which showed that if you push a magnet it will push back....

Then they borrowed some ideas from Bedini & Hein & built a very efficient pulse motor that runs for months on a big Lithium battery. Their attempt to build an unbalanced system overunity model seems to have failed at the last moment, so they changed their tactics & they charge 300 euro's to enter the Steorn Knoweledge Data Base, which (i have heard from an insider) is some schoolboy magnetic text and a whole lot of assumtion.
This is from 'engineers' who can't even spell 'toroid'.......

Mylow's 'Johnson replica' magnetic motor appears to have ben driven by an external source (fishing line/record player motor)

Rossi is way out with his measurements re; steam production, and won't let anyone else perform measurements...

OK so the stuff that does work?

Stan Meyer's HHO for sure, and there are 100's of Yootoob video's that prove it.
I am at this time assembling any & all tech documents for publication on this subject.

I set out years ago, to try & prove Bearden's model of 'broken symmetry' since his logic (& math) is sound.
Any & all work/energy equations tend to work only for balanced systems, I.E. a circuit that has 2 connections, a + and a -.
What we call 'conventional flow of charge' from + to - is actually a flow of electrons from - to +
(I'm sure you know this)
But what of an unbalanced system, where electrons can flow in, but not out?

In simpler terms, why must an electron 'return to earth' after just one time around the circuit?
If you have an 'unbalanced' system, you can use that same electron up to 400 times before 'returning' it to earth.

Also, the actual flow of charge is IMO something totally apart from 'electron flow'.
Classical physics tells us that the difference in charge levels between 2 points, causes a current to flow.
Is that really true?
I have several times noticed that the actual effect of 'flow of charge' between points A and B not only happens at or above lightspeed, but that it uses no energy in the process.
It is the movement of the slow, heavy electrons, responding to the charge, that use up 99% of the energy in the circuit.
My research so far has indicated that it is possible to get the electrons to circulate almost endlessly, based on maintaining the charge difference, and attenuating the associated current flow.
Dou to several physical limitations, the actual input / output ratio remains at about 4.98:1
This has also been confirmed using alternative (I.E. inductive techniques).

The relationship between charge, magnetic & gravitational fields etc is still being discovered, don't let 'experts' like MIT fool you into thinking they have the answer, they don't.
Their math is intentionally obtuse & misleading, and makes no sense at all.
Lorentz reguaging, cosmological constant, Poynting vector, Heaviside.
The 'unified' field theory was massacred at birth, and what replaced it is but a shadow....

I'm afraid you will have to read my posts (button under avatar) to find out more.
Hope this helps.

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posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 04:25 PM
Since the unit of charge, the coulomb, is based on the surface area of the origin (in this case an electron), we already have a problem (which physicists don't really like to talk about) in that the electron behaves more like a cloud than a solid object.
So what is the surface area of a cloud?
Several orders of magnitude higher than for a solid object the same size, i would think.

Another thing they won't talk about is charge as a dimension, rather than a 'constant' or a 'variable'

Another thing they don't talk about is the speed of gravity.

And they hate it when you show them the classical error of placing magnets in the 'work' equation;
"It's not moving, so no work is being done"
Work IS being done, in applying the 'force' of magnetism to a fridge, for example.

And they REALLY hate it when you go into the fallacy of Thermodynamics laws;

Idea of existence of free energy in so called over-unity machines has been
greatly criticized and mocking by official scientists. The reason was the first law
of thermodynamics which says that “energy in closed system can change from
one form into another and can not be destroyed or created“. Important thing
which thermodynamics fanatics have missed is that idea of closed system has no
sense at all. It is enough to remember cosmic rays which can penetrate earth soil
several kilometers, various radio waves which penetrate the space and carry
some energy like sun wind, gravitation force, and also the fact that cosmos alone
is not completely cold but has temperature of 4 deg. K.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 08:01 PM
Thanks for the clarification;... I find the whole field interesting even if it is full of scammers and people looking to destroy the credibility of the true researchers and innovators that do exist.

posted on Jan, 22 2012 @ 11:09 PM
reply to post by roguetechie

What i am trying to show here is that there are a lot of people (and quite a few PHD's & engineers among them) are peer-reviewing this.
I would think 98% of these devices don't work, but there's still that odd 2% that needs thorough investigation.
My own research tells me there IS something, and the current state of physics even allows for it, providing you ignore such traps as mentioned above.

More info coming soon....
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posted on Jan, 24 2012 @ 01:43 AM
Please do keep us informed too many people get to the breakthrough state and go quiet. WE just need ONE good technology to come out and become an underground phenomena to change the world.

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 02:57 PM
A temporary boycott is in effect, i will no longer be posting on ATS until Amaterasu gets reinstated.
You can u2u me if you have any questions about this thread.

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 05:36 PM
Amaterasu sent me this which is a brief description of inductive over unity machines.
Funnily enough, it describes Bearden's MEG as a 'near overunity machine' and gives the reasons for it.
I have to say i agree, my own experiments proved it to be a 'unity' machine, not quite OU but enough anomalies to warrant further investigation.
ETA: It seems to me i will have to carefully monitor the ambient temperature, something i sadly neglected in earlier tests.......
I see they used standard magnets like Ferro-barium and AlNiCo, but i'm going to try & replicate Flynns double MEG using Neodynes, which are much stronger, (look out for another 'mythbuilders' video on YooToob this spring)

I know i said i wouldn't post, but this is vital info for you people out there and nothing to do with my personal issues, i want to show you what is being verified or debunked in the 'alternative' science field......
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posted on Jan, 30 2012 @ 06:35 PM
OK since it's 2012 and all, here's the latest disclosure..

Remember, you saw it here first!!

posted on Mar, 9 2012 @ 06:14 AM
I removed that video because;

1 It's been updated, and

2 Because G@@gle was spreading it around, without my permission.

The new film is available to those interested parties who are taking this seriously, just U2U me.

posted on Apr, 13 2013 @ 04:38 PM
I thought i would bring you all up to date;

Since moving the Inventors Forum to another site i am pleased to announce that we have cracked several problems already, and research is progressing nicely.

We have validated stan Meyer's HHO tech TWICE, did some remarkable research into Thomas Townsend Brown's work on electro-gravity, seen some splended research into 'alternative dimensions' and we now have a prototype fusion reactor, testing & independent verification starts next week.

Keep banging those rocks together, guys!

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