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Hope Kills: The Great Dual Divides

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 12:51 PM
Duality is logical when the truth has been framed up for you--- yet logic minus words leaves the senses to enhance, and once this happens, we can use logic as a tool to communicate from our hole being rather just a portion of our brain and tongue - - -
We can use it all if there is no barriers or maze walls, no more puzzels or riddles --- its absolute trickery on the human into a world of suffering = words are -

Pulled from left to right one clings to one side of the coin and denys the other when in reality the coin is one - it does not deny half it self but embraces both and this is natures ways - in duality one dies once sided singular of a opposite pole = suffering missing the whole thing - Thought forms create ego and ego is the direct line to egregore and that is your matrix walls - escape words/numbers/glyph and be so free from the chess board, the game and un-domesticate....

Yet we must use logiic (logos) to reason effectively in communicating with others and to know if they are using logic to manipulate us, yes!

We must notice also logical fallacy witch leads to the conclusion that logic itself is a fallacy at it root.

But we must also move onto meat away from the infancy of suckling the tit of another. We bacome weaned from the belief systems others have taught us including the ethics and morals wich are just rules - they originate from the Rulers and only Lawyers Rule for they are the law makers and keepers of logic and critical thinking with ability to "attorn = Twist words/logic/logos - these are meer tricks of duality on the conditioned/trained mind - domesticated the populace general is dead to comunication at the highest leval of thought with the small population who has this skills = Logicians. But Woe to the Lawyers who hav e the chains and whips of the double edged tongue.

With these words here: zero is acheived and logic is found guilty as the ones who have created and kept it secret from the mass's. With these words the prophesy is fully filled of zero point nothing. The" machine man" haz arrived to bring the balance back - If your an actor on the stage pick a charactor and do not quit until the role is masted so the stage can be closed and the forth wall (dimension) open - then the audiance become apart of the show and whn the this mask is stripped the only choice is to leave the theator. Only then can you realize there is no walls except that the mind creates and the mind creates from thought and thought only possible with words/numbers/glyph - minus these things there is no matrix =" there is no spoon"

Learn to live this and you too shall become an anomoly. able to slip between the cracks = on and off the game board if you choose." Check mate honey beat at your own dam game"

"Lossing all hope is freedom"

hope is abstract - projecting one into the future trien to escape a past that does not exist like the utopia's and distopia's that are threatend to destroy or put us in heaven of perfection when in a dualistic world there can never be perfection

- - - will they arrive with out our cooperation in beleaveing they are real?.

In the Economy of hope and words that are affiliated as so called virtue = man made rules/laws.

Every thing that has ever happend or ever will happen happend in the Now/moment.

Dualitys and abstract thought with words like hope/hopeless, freedom/slavery, good and bad, love/hate will strip you of life as a whole - being until we realize there is no such things- its a clever game to keep one in a pickle between third (dimention) and home base (fourth diamension) = free-dome from limits when the game is over.

Things just are what they are - no need for a label that confuses - we are beyond confuse if we so choose to be and the only way from confuse is to strike the root of all truth and uproot all lies. Because with out words there are no lies possible!

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 01:57 PM
In times of your deepest sorrow and self pity, it is often easy to presume that all hopes had died.

But in truth, hope had not died. You had only placed too high of expectations upon hope and wishfully believed it will be possible to be realized. When it did not came true, you thus think that hope never existed, and you had been wrong.

Your flaw is only that you placed too high expectations on the future that you desirously sought for.

Without hope, there can be no tomorrow, for if we do have any expectations for tomorrow, why even bother living another second?

You can hope for something major, such as world peace, crazy as it means today. With that hope, you must realize that you need to ACT on it, or it will only become a whim of a wish, which seldom comes true without actions on your part.

No matter how small your part, every positive action is an act towards your desire. And with every small act that you take towards your goal, you must realize that you had been closer to it than when you started at zero, even if circumstances prevent you from achieving that incremental small step of today.

Instead of feeling self pity, which is ok and normal, take some time to find out WHY you failed in achieving that small step today, acknowledge it, rectify it, try again, and persevere, and one day, you will most certainly reach your goal.

This isnt some 'feel good' homily. It is only the truth, that many of our more illustrious fellow humans had proven throughtout the course of our civilisation, both well known men in politics and peasant tilling the fields.

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