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Breaking the Spell's

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 12:28 PM
This is what Truth is = minus all lies
Its not words, glyph, numbers or symbols plus voice vibrations...

These are creations of man in most case's created to find truths but also to create stumbling blocks to truth- Even the word "Truth" is a lie but it does point like the above to absolute truth minus all lies for those who can strike that root of truth---

These words are clouds cover over truth. So there can be no number system or philosophy of
'truth" - it is far better to create a love a love, a love of tooth

The worlds words/letters are spoken spokes in a wheel = 26 in all spokes spooks spoken
Wheels are made to turn = cogs turn other cogs in order for a machine to work
Break the spokes and the wheel is useless
Speak broken english and break the spell spoken
Words are holy spooks or ghosts manifesting on the square page - circle that

Paired opposites define your longings and those longings imprison you
Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty- someone once said

try this:
A computer with no programs cannot process er compute, it cant think with out a program/programs Zame withda brain - with no programs/code/word/logos it cannot think/compute or process information.

() If there was no sexy language or savvy symbols,glyph or numbers there would be no thinking or programs to upload in you puter brain and with no brain you can have no brain children -

Lets speak the goodspell and break the godspell

Clocks and machine along with these inventions of mankind are all Maya = illusion - those who follow illusion are in hell now and here after - those who break the codes open the keyless door with no pass word = to self, will sit in heaven eternal with the source of all seeds, the seed of all life = the source with no code

How does some thing un-natural like a calender tell the future of man unless its his plan-it to create un-natural things by man? Mans creations are not followed by his environment as law - - -much nature is predictable and man is much more so
- Computer models are not real, they are a shadow of a shadow of whats to come, a assumptional statistical man-nipple-nation

What we do know: as it once was will also be again = and man will do what he wants to do and others will follow him and his plan like we see today with 2012 EpicEclypse of the neverending story

If a white man in a beard is predicted by the
our-thor-tittys = the ones he enslaved also echo his Master = the world who his name enslaved by beards (barbar means beard = barbarians/Vickings/whitekings) will also save them (see protaginist of re-legeon) - - - it will be because thats what white man language taught him - the book of the words of white mans babal biblio sin thesis was always used as a spokenzy and concept tool to percept = White man has taught and domesticated all peoples of the world he sought to civil-lies - - - Before they had language they had no way to think such abstract thought and white man did teach language to those he indotrinated domesticated - To think one must be programed with words/codex

No way man can build monolithic structures w out abstract thought dudes. No way to have abstract thought with out a language and math system and we know white man taught Indianaians language - same with the aboriginals of tooth and jaw nothing ology of censes's

Therefor all of civil-lies-nation is under the same spell - spelling words created by creator's of logos - cant be reason and logic with no language either, no thought prosses's -

So for men of maya/ignorance to wait for bearded plum white man to square him cuz white man esnslaved him is logical bwecause the same enslaved him = with words no doubt -
A Neverending story it is - and its not ending its evolving and many are awaken to new dreams by master dreamer's and false profits of magikal spells and machines -

one two three lock box!
3 lock box (google lyrics)

To know and to know Knot the the tree from the mirrirage and the true self from the mirror image is often heard of and rarely seen

See this in your own mouth - See that Truth protrudes from the tooth - but it is the tooth that is truth not the tongue and lips having sex producing off spring of voul nouns and hell hounds

A innocent baby crys to suck tit. It is the baby that tells the time not a clock - its time to eat feed me mom and he does not scream to drink from a cow tit nay --- a woman has her monthly cycle that is the real time of month not a numerical referance or a cows mentrate
Hay, its time to plant or harvest and we know this by the tales of nature not the poor pharmer's almaniac - Nature is perfect and that is the only truth and perfection not ego and dramatic pricy glamour - therefor be perfect, know thy self -

self deception has taken man to the city gates - time to leave and get back to the wildernest

Throw your clocks away. The time is Now!

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 06:31 PM
reply to post by alexagendajones

Fascinating. Love the word-play.
Makes a lot of sense, too.


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