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Mass Die Offs? Nothing to see here...move along...

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posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 10:59 PM
reply to post by maestromason

This is from NASA. It may help find some anomaly that is affecting the Earth.

posted on Jan, 25 2012 @ 11:08 PM
reply to post by SonoftheSun

I am a Hunter...a Teacher of Survival in all weather or ocean...and a concervationist. When I knew we had a REAL PROBLEM was when the FROGS started to disapear!

Every year in the early spring on a rainy night....there would be THOUSANDS of them all over the roads as you drove. Then the Snakes started to disapear....then Salamanders.

The level of Sulfuric Dioxide in our rain is killing their eggs....and as far as the Honey Bees are concerned....without them...we are SCREWED! We would have to Geneticly Engineer Every species of Food bearing plant to self polinate itself. Split Infinity

posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 06:52 PM
reply to post by SonoftheSun

Personal observation:

I do not see bees much anymore here in Florida, especially not regularly in smaller swarms as they look for pollen. I've noticed, however, a strange thing going on. About once a week or so, when I open my hurricane shutters at my business (to prevent break-ins), there will be a bee clinging drowsily to the aluminum shutters. They're accordion style and knowing what I know about their scarcity, I will make any attempt not to crush it, rather leaving that leaflet of the accordion partially open to give it an opportunity to...:? ...sober up? ...warm up? ...get with it? Not sure. I have always forgotten to check and see if it was still there later in the day or had fallen dead or flown off. I'll try to pay attention next time.

At any rate, I'm curious, other than perhaps the timed back lights above the entrance that are on all night, what might be attracting these loner bees to cling to my aluminum shutters. Any thoughts? Are they members who have gone off on their own due to collapse?

As far as the cause, I'm almost certain it has to do with genetic modification and pesticides. I would also venture that our method of controlling plant life in a rather homogeneous manner, picking what we want, rather than what works in our environment leads to some of these problems. Also, considering the habit of mowing flowerless lawns, leaving little in the way of ground flowers, such as dandelions and the like available to them probably causes some problems of attaining food. However, none of that would be a problem in the, I guess that can't be the unique issue, but perhaps a cause in an urban setting.
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posted on Jan, 28 2012 @ 08:00 PM
reply to post by Sphota

My guess is it could be a species of solitary bees which lives in your area and was attracted by the colour and the reflections of your aluminium shutter.

When (time of the year) and where (region) did you find those bees, and are you sure if the bees are really honey bees? There are hundreds of species of solitary bees. Some look similar to honey bees. Both honey bees and solitary bees don't fly in winter. From the family of bees (Apidae), bumble bees are able to fly when it is quite cold outside. Queens of larger bumble bee species can even fly when it is under 0°C outside. They warm up their body by vibrating. Muscle-activity produces heat. Other Apidae usually need warmer weather.

Entomologists who want to study wild bees and hoverflies sometimes use colored bowls as traps. Different species are attracted to different colours. Usually yellow bowls catch more, than bowls of another colour. So it could be important what colour your aluminium shutter is.

The insects are attracted to colours which resemble the colour of their favourite flowers, but since bees and other insects can also see ultraviolet light, they may also be attracted to patterns on your aluminium shutters which we humans cannot see. Use google image with the search-words flower under ultraviolet light. The pictures will show you what patterns attract flower-pollinating insects.

Ultraviolet emissions and reflections from human-made objects fool insects all the time. Windshields for example reflect ultraviolet light and can confuse water beetles. When a water beetle wants to enter a pond, it needs a certain velocity to break the surface tension of the water. So they accelerate before they plunge into the water. A fast flight against a windshield can kill those confused water beetles.

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 12:04 AM

What If

reply to post by SonoftheSun

A huge solar superstorm was released from the sun. Sept 1 1859, The largest recorded geomagnetic storm occurred. Before dawn, Skies over the earth erupted in red, green and purple auroras so brilliant that newspapers could be read as easily as daylight. So say another massive solar storm was unleashed today ? Intense solar flares would release high energy particles that could cause radiation poisoning to humans& mammals in the same way as low energy radiation from nuclear blasts. satellites would be damaged or destroyed. But far worse would be the destruction of our power grid. Just think if you lost electricity for a year. Complete chaos and with all that going on, Nuclear reactors are going to have major problems.Where to run ? Where to hide ? Underground bunkers. So just suppose we are getting a small glimpse of things to come, wow !

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 12:27 AM

Originally posted by Exeteri
that's a pretty big jump to imply humanity is the cause of a hole in the magnetosphere. While a weakened magnetosphere may or may not be the cause of mass animal deaths, to somehow place humans as the cause...thats ludicrous. The magnetosphere is caused by the interaction of the earths magnetic field and the solar wind. The earths magnetic field, is generated from the spinning core of the planet, basically a gigantic electro-magnet effect. Unless your stating that humanity's pollution is somehow effecting the planets core, its not relevant.
The ozone layer? Greenhouse effect? These are believable, but the magnetosphere? No.
It is indicative of a possible pole reversal, which hasn't happened in about 800,000 years, so we are about due for one. You may not be a scientist as you said, but that shouldn't stop you from doing research on the very thing your hypothesis is based on.

interesting to read nonetheless. Several of those I have not heard of before.

It's funny how shortly after we start measuring something a crisis happens. We started measuring ozone, we find a hole, don't bother to reason it may just happen from time to time, just adopted regulations that forced entire industries to retool costing billions of dollars.

And the greenhouse effect is what makes life possible, it's not a bad thing. I see it getting villified in the green press and I have to chuckle.

It would be wonderful if we had the ability to control our climate globally, and if Ray Kurzweil is right we might be able to someday, but the truth is we don't have anywhere near the effect the green crew is saying we do.

Between over regulation and rising energy costs it's a wonder anything is made here anymore.

posted on Feb, 5 2012 @ 01:11 AM
Extraordinary thread OP. I haven't read through the whole thing but I can see where the magnetic field could be the problem.

I would be interested to know exactly where the die offs took place and what were the conditions of the area. Another thing I didn't see mentioned was GMO plants. Has this been looked at to determine a relationship?

posted on Feb, 6 2012 @ 06:55 AM
reply to post by liveandlearn

Excellent question Liveandlearn !!

I remember going through the research and finding links to plants and tree life in general being affected, by regions. But I kept my focus on animals.

Might be worth having a look into !!

posted on Feb, 10 2012 @ 11:29 PM
well i believe all this could be due to the fact that the magnetic north pole is going northwest by 40 miles per year.look at all the stuff happening around the world today alot can be explained to me by the pole shift.all those animals and insects rely on the magnetic field but with the magnetic north pole and south pole no longer directly opposite this would suggest the the magnetic field would have to weaken b4 realligning.usa today came out with article about the USDA new warm latitudes,because of magnetic north pole seems to be over siberia now .well im rambling now but just my opinion on other topics that this came up as well.

posted on Feb, 11 2012 @ 01:44 PM

Originally posted by Futurcrat1
reply to post by AGWskeptic

As an Englishman, to me, Darwin knew what he was able to in the Age he was born into.

Thats obvious.

It goes without saying.

In fact, we could even go as so far as to say it in regard of ourselves, and what we have at hand!

But the on-going objectification of Darwin in Our society and world, it's like saying Nicolas Brummel would be rolling in his grave if he saw the state of graffiti-marked trains in some inner-city location!

Darwin played his part, and he's gone.

Extinctions happen.

Even of ideas.

Some of einsteins theories proved false over the years, but his overall message is still true.

This is what I'm talking about, not that everything Darwin said was true. But his overall message about how species either adapt and evolve or die off still holds true. The ice ages haven't stopped life on Earth, many species were able to adapt. Polar bears have been around for 150,000 years, so they have weathered some serious changes in climate over that timeline.

In fact I'm starting to doubt the textbook version of humankinds evolution. The timelines don't seem to add up, and fossil evidence is lacking proof also.

posted on Feb, 13 2012 @ 08:33 PM
Hopefully, we are not the next species to have mass die offs

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 04:07 PM
I think you made a really good search and brought interesting elements to your thread, which made it very interesting to read.

posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by SonoftheSun

97% of all plant and animal species that have grown or roamed the Earth are extinct without any help at all from mankind.

There were significant swings in weather patterns on this planet since the beginning of time. I'm simply not convinced that everything deemed "bad" that is happening to this planet is our "fault".

And so what if it is? You've quoted numerous scientists who think "the end is near". I guess my question is if you've come to that conclusion, what's the point?

posted on Aug, 22 2013 @ 11:01 PM

Originally posted by Mkoll
Please illustrate to me how in the hell humanity is the reason for the weakening magnetosphere. I appreciate the research you put into this thread and agree with a lot of it, but I don't understand you you can peg the weakening of the magnetoshpere on human activity

Perhaps it has something to do with the 2000+ nuclear weapon tests around the world and the associated EMPs that go along with them. The Earth's magnetosphere is a shield, and shields block incoming damage from one direction.

It would seem that harnessing the power of a star is a quick track to extinction.

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