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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by Whateva69

Did you hear it as 2. twenty two thousand two hundred and twenty two or 2. two two two two two

Did you hear it in an Australian accent?

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 09:54 PM

Originally posted by IkNOwSTuff
Dont know if this is related but Ive been seeing 22, 2222, 2222222 etc etc everywhere since I was 14.
I see it in movies, on my clock, book pages, house numbers etc.

When I tell people about this they either laugh and tell me Im imagining things or tell me if you look hard enough ul see anything.
I somewhat agree but then things like waking up every hour through the night at exactly 22 min past the hour, walking into a room when people are for some reason reason saying and repeating "22" "22", its kind of freaky.

After long thought about this Ive come to the conlusion that whenever 22 stands out at me its the universe telling me to take notice of whats going on around me as there is a lesson to be learned.

I have the same experience with 141.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by mudbeed

the numbers mean absolutely nothing to me, well that i know of so far.

love and harmony

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 10:43 PM
reply to post by ImaFungi

I heard it as two point two two two two two

funny you mention if i heard an accent to the voice, as i was discussing this with my husband, that i didn't notice one, and i still cant notice one when i replay it my mind.

it was a strong voice, not forceful or scary in any way, it was very clear and loud. not yelling or booming, it was like the volume had been turned up just for his voice.

love and harmony

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 11:02 PM
reply to post by JohnnyAnonymous

this question isnt just for Johnny, but i chose to reply to him because of the links he provided.
so reading the two links you/he put up how do we know when we are at specific time in the shift or alignment?
and could we feel this shift happening?

It just makes me think maybe if it is, it might have to do with ATS thread ... New Energy Coming In - Anyone else feeling it?

And there was another thread similar to this, only i cant find it. any way just a thought.

love and harmony

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 11:49 PM
Welcome Back Kotter's classroom number was 222, just a coincidence?

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 07:22 AM

Originally posted by CosmicEgg
reply to post by BrokenCircles

Erm...that was the point exactly. Nothing is hidden. There are still too many people here who cannot understand that "hearing voices" does not in any way equal mental illness. The link directly pointed at schizophrenia. I was not rude either, I was very direct in stating that being aware of other things is the way forward.

You started out to say one thing but ended up elsewhere. Focus.

Well said and absolutely right.
We all have an inner voice. Mostly it is drowned out by the "noise" of the world
This inner voice often called intuition is very real
Mental illness stems from not listening to your own thoughts and being swept along with the mindlessness of the world.
Should one not think for oneself - Apparently not as in school if you have a different answer to that which is proscribed you will be deemed to have failed - Which means you do not go along the brainwashing.

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 07:46 AM

Originally posted by markymint
Hmm! I have nothing to add at this stage, but I'd be interested to know what star/planet that is in the first post?

I'm not sure it wasn't named, just open up Google Earth and click the sky button at the top and search for 2.22222 it will take you right there.

Maybe someone from the space exploration forum might see this and shed some light on it, or you could U2U someone to direct them to this thread.

love and harmony

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by PollyPeptide

I Found another one its a PDF and it shows the angle of the pyramids, its way above my understanding.
So if someone else may have to take a look at it, If it interests them. pdfs royal cubit khufu pyramid pi and phi fractions in megalithic yard and mile conversions with stonehenge pdf

love and harmony

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 09:10 AM
He talks about Nibiru and 2.22222

Michael Lawrence Morton is an archaeocryptographer.
He was born in Washington, D.C., USA.

Michael attended the public schools of Mt. Lebanon, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh, and he holds a B.A. degree in English Literature from Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA. He has extensively studied and worked-with the material of Carl P.Munck, Sr., the pioneer of the new field of study called archaeocryptography, for the past 9 or 10 years, expanding the work into the realms of prominent (current) star-positions, as seen by the naked eye, and now applying this work into the area of crop formation research.

He works with what you might call the matrix-numbers of precise locations of sites, structures, and 'points-in-time' involving certain events. The locations are empirically self-indicated, in terms of latitude and longitude - such as the exact coordinates, down to a small fraction of an arc-second, of a certain ancient stone circle for example. This can now be applied to the precise locations of crop formations, thanks to The International Crop Circle Database. Not only satellite-accurate mapping, but more 'un-scrambled' GPS unit signals, have made it possible to work with this precision. Michael has found that the matrix-numbers of crop formations and of the current sky-positions of certain prominent stars, are correlating very specifically with the exact positions of important ancient structures - indicating a substantial amount of information - regarding an apparent ancient unified field matrix.

He has decoded the matrix numbers of several significant ancient sites around the world during the last 2 to 3 years, has mapped the matrix numbers of some very 'key' stars in our current sky, and has now been deciphering the figures of many of the crop glyths over the previous years.
re: Nibiru's "crossing points"

these are similar emails like the other link i posted previously.
this may have nothing to do with my OP, but its showing up so im posting it.

love and harmony
edit on 16/1/12 by Whateva69 because: fixed link

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 02:51 PM

Originally posted by Whateva69

how do we know when we are at specific time in the shift or alignment?
and could we feel this shift happening?

The shift is happening right now and has been in an accelerated mode for some time Movement of North Magnetic Pole is accelerating (2005) and Magnetic Pole Reversal Happens All the (Geologic) Time, also an interesting article here Surprisingly Rapid Changes In Earth’s Core Discovered .

What many are finding out is that every year the acceleration of the shift increases over longer distances. We are no longer talking about inches or feet, but now by miles and the ten's of miles. Since 1860, the magnetic pole shift has more than doubled every 50 years. That is pretty significant. In geological terms, that seems to be pretty ‘rapid’. So much so that Airports have had to make changes to compensate for the shift's Earth’s magnetic pole shifts, screws up runway at Florida airport.

**could we feel this shift happening?**

We know that magnetic fields can affect life, and there have been a number of reports of Whales, Dolphins, and fish beaching themselves or dieing in great numbers. Multitude's of birds and bee's dying off. Can humans also be subject to the effects? Many say yes, and I am one of them. My sleep pattern has been in a state of uncertainty for quite some time (at least the past several months). I could share a number of other things that I've been keeping track of for the past year (or so), but I'm not ready to divulge that information as of yet.

I do feel that many may have an experience which is different to say someone else (for a number of reasons) during the shift, especially those that may be hyper-sensitive. Many may seem to be more anxious, others perhaps stressed, others perhaps emotional, and etc., etc.

This may not be exactly what you were wanting to hear, but thought I'd share it anyway.


posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 02:58 PM
reply to post by JohnnyAnonymous

Thanks your maps are most informative if not alarming
Maybe nature will have last say - I do believe so.

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 07:41 PM
reply to post by JohnnyAnonymous

Johnny i think you solved the meaning to the mystery of my 2.22222 message.
It does make sense, Its not just one event its everything, a chain reaction.

Ive also been thinking on the voice, i don't think it was a spirit, nor any of my spirit guides, the voice sounded alive.
and if this is the case, I cant be the only one who got this message, just have to wait and see if anyone else shows up to the party i guess.

if i hear anything else ill post it here.

love and harmony

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 08:42 PM
Converted to a fraction it is 2/9.
Just a thought.

posted on Jan, 16 2012 @ 09:00 PM
reply to post by Minori

Thank you for posting. its an odd message isn't it.
i love your avatar, it's a beautiful representation of life.

love and harmony

posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 09:53 AM

Originally posted by AriesJedi
I too hear voices. I am not mentally challenged either and I 've only heard the female voice once.

I heard Boulder and then another time Meridian.
My eldest and I have both recently heard audible voices.

Do you have a question that has not been answered yet?

Oh yeah don't let people tell you Horus is evil, one day you'll be surprised who He really is.


oops i just reread everyone's posts, I'm sorry i must have missed answering yours. I'm really sorry.
could you personal relate to the words you heard, or they just baffled you?

Do i have any questions that have not been answered? hmmm id have to say yes, no one has ever given me their name, though they will mention other peoples names quit freely, lol i think thats weird.

Oh i know Horus isn't evil silly, i wouldn't have his statue if i felt anything bad from it.
ooh and i love for you u2u me about what you know of Horus, not much surprises me any more
and id love to hear about your experiences with the voices you hear.

love and harmony

posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 12:57 PM
reply to post by Whateva69

Was that all the voice said?

Just "2.22222"?

Was that the entire message? Forgive me for inquiring further, but I feel that something vital is being left out....

posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by ErtaiNaGia

Nope that's it.

I've been trying the last few nights and asking politely if he could please tell me more, but i have not heard a response yet.

I've also been asking to hear from my guides about it, but their not saying either. all I'm getting from them is *thumb and finger to lips and turning it like a key. so I'm guessing they aren't going to spill the beans

I wont give up though.

love and harmony

posted on Jan, 17 2012 @ 04:30 PM
Just out of interest 2.22222
I have just watched a most enlightening interview with an ex military guy by Project Camelot - posted on another thread
It ambles along speaking of his training at area 51 and subseqent missions
the video is 2.30 hours and 46 seconds long.
It gets really mind blowing later and I kept thinking of your 2.22222 so decided to stop the video at that timeline
ie two hours twenty minutes and 22 seconds of a 2 hour plus video.
At that time he is talking about time lines and says Awakening Conscieseness at your timeline or number sequence.
Apparently he is stating that the Illuminati know they are going to lose control of the game and are desperate to find a way of altering the outcome in their favour but they have already lost and there are forces which are beyond their control.

posted on Jan, 18 2012 @ 06:03 PM
reply to post by CosmicEgg

Beautiful Outro!

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