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Philip Corso's Son Reveals That Roswell Craft Was A Time Machine

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 11:01 AM
This all smells like obfuscation to me. If he was so high up in the military then why would he release this information? Perhaps he is still high up in the military and is getting a kick back for disinforming the public and clouding a simple truth. Aliens crash-landed in 1947.

Stories like this simply muddy the water.

The more I hear about Roswell, the more I suspect the cover-up is an "agreed upon" cover-up between aliens and people on Earth with the biggest guns. "We'll obfuscate the truth about you guys so you can go around taking samples and you give us technology so we can make our guns even bigger." I can't see any evidence of super technology though. I just think humans are so stupid, we would get to hear about it somehow.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by corsair00

Dr Armen Victorian is a known con man and has been in on many hoaxes and has even been arrested on a different type of fraud.

Ostensibly, because, as careers go, the route from international diplomat to insurance salesman to notorious smuggler to renowned flying saucer investigator seems as implausible as it was precarious. 'Henry' was the first of several noms de guerre. 'Julian Philips', for instance - doubtless inspired by the arrival of his first son, Julleane Philippe - or 'Mr Scanlon', 'Dr Allan Jones', and 'Cassava N'tumba'. When Henry finally settled for the playful 'Dr Armen Victorian', few of his compatriots seemed to notice.


He wears many hats for profit from gullible people that buy into his scams. They even made a documentary about this guy.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 11:32 AM
If you hear his conversation with Dames you can hear him milking him for every name and project he can get out of him. It is a totally random phone conversation from the early 90s before either of them were well-known. I'm sure shady people are still capable of diligent research etc. Perhaps it's obsessive-compulsive disorder...

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 12:17 PM
I have found a video that might be helpful.


posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 12:26 PM

Originally posted by ElOmen
I'm sorry but time machines can't exist due to the fact that time is an idea made by man and therefore time is irrelevant

There's always one isn't there

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by corsair00

DISINFO psychobabble. Greys are not from the future, let alone being human creation. They are reported in the Sumerian genesis ENUMA ELISH, somewhere in the chapter "The Descending of Inanna to the Underworld", as engineered beings named "Gallu" created by the Anunnaki and these depictions are very close to what UFO researches believe them to be: Bio-androids:

In the Sumerian version of the "myth" we read that Enki fashioned two clay androids, and activated them by giving one the Food of Life and the other the Water of Life. The text calls one Kurgarru and the other Kalaturru, terms that scholars leave untranslated because of their complexity; referring to the beings’ "private parts," the terms suggest peculiar sexual organs: literally translated, one whose "opening" is "locked," and the other whose "penetrator" is "sick(...)"

In an updated translation of the Sumerian version Diane Wolkstein (Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth) explains the nature of the two emissaries as "creatures neither male nor female." A more precise explanation is provided, however, by the Akkadian version, in which Enki/Ea created only one being to save Ishtar. As rendered by E.A. Speiser (Descent of Ishtar to the Nether World) the relevant verses read:

Ea in his wise heart conceived an image and created Ashushunamir, a eunuch(...)

All these texts point out that although the Gallu had neither the face nor the body of the divine Sukkals that served as emissaries between the Gods themselves, they did "hold a staff in their hands, carried a weapon on their loins." Not flesh and blood, they were described as beings "who have no mother, who have no father, neither sister or brother, nor wife or child; they know not food, know not water. They flutter in the skies over Earth like wardens(...)"

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 12:54 PM
To believe anything that Corso Jr. said, you first have to believe that Col. Corso was in charge of alien technology as he claimed in his book and that he was directly responsible for contracting to companies to reverse engineer such things as the solid state circuit board, night vision devices and fiber optic cable etc.

I believe that Col. Corso was involved in military intelligence and was involved in operation paperclip but i believe that his claims of being in charge of reverse engineering alien technology to be less than truthful.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 01:14 PM

Originally posted by CynicalWabbit
To believe anything that Corso Jr. said, you first have to believe that Col. Corso was in charge of alien technology as he claimed in his book and that he was directly responsible for contracting to companies to reverse engineer such things as the solid state circuit board, night vision devices and fiber optic cable etc.

I believe that Col. Corso was involved in military intelligence and was involved in operation paperclip but i believe that his claims of being in charge of reverse engineering alien technology to be less than truthful.

I tend to agree with you.. I've been reading up on Corso and he has a lot of criticism against him for his apparently tendency to exaggerate his stories.. he liked to inject himself into major pieces of history and become a bit of a heroic figure.. There's really no evidence to support those claims, only his military record.. Which is impressive indeed, but even the most impressive military record doesn't mean you can't also tell fanciful stories to sell a book ..

In one of these videos, it talks about how he wrote an initial book but it got turned down by 17 different publishers until one of those told him to expand on a single paragraph which later evolved into his biggest seller .. it just seems to me that the chance he could have pulled much of this from his imagination is just too great to be ignored.

Not only that, but the supposed documents he has to back up all of these claims, that were supposed to be released upon his death.. never got released.. and now Corso Jr. said they won't be released until HE is dead.. It's pretty funny that he said he's tried to release them and can't .. we live in an information age.. contact wiki leaks, upload a torrent =)

I just really struggle taking this too seriously.. if there's any truth to these claims he may have filled in the holes with his own imagination as well .. so who knows what to believe? without the documents .. there's not much to this.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 01:24 PM
reply to post by ShadowOblivionX

Hilariously, it actually MIGHT be possible. I just came across a book including a chapter about a man named Ronald Mallet, whose father was something of a mechanical wizard. In a desperate attempt to reunite with his now-deceased father, he studied various methods of theoretical time-travel, and managed to actually create a sort of schematic for such a device.

Unfortunately, it only takes you back as far as it's been on. As in, if you leave it on for a week, you are taken back to the precise moment it was turned on. Useful for getaways in assassination attempts, for sure.

Here is his site:

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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 01:40 PM
To be fair, what would man in the ages before modern science think of a world where we can communicate instantly across the world images and sound and digital data? A man unfamiliar with flying vehicles or images of space or microscopes or even books. Until we can answer the question of how humans in those times would view our present knowledge and technology, we cannot judge the plausibility of the future and how we'd react.

Personally, I think they would be profoundly perplexed how a sound can be moved and replicated. That's a strange idea. And the idea that we can move and replicate light? Impossible. And jets traveling at mach 2 would be a stunning thing to see. We would seem like gods.

I think they'd assume a lot of things. They'd probably assume that since our jets can travel so fast that we could go anywhere in the universe. Mach 2 would seem impossibly fast to them.

Theyd be like, "You can do all of this, so why can't you do THIS?"
We'd say, "We're not god. We can't do everything."
They'd groan and say, shaking their head, "I don't understand, but I trust your words are true."

They would not take our world for granted. It would be an incredible opportunity for them.

Imagine if aliens landed and offered to help us join a galactic government in exchange for benefits (sort of like how we will donate to developing nations resources and money). We would be defensive with respect to our culture, but I think we'd be overjoyed at the opportunity to gain from the meeting. Everything about them from their clothes to their body cream would seem magical and incomprehensible. And they live 300+ years! Or so they say. It would seem like a long time to us. For a long long while we'd be surfing the high. Eventually we'd settle down and take things for granted, though. There'd probably be a lot of limitations in the affair.

But I can't help but wonder if we'd end up like Iran and start a war with them.
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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by Starchild23

I'm familiar with this man .. I thought though that he wasn't entirely sure how to create this device.. but I do remember him seing that it could only take you back from the moment you switched it on.. it can only travel within it's own existence..

But to be honest when I heard him say that, I just assumed he'd watched too much Quantum Leap since it's a similar idea, only the traveler can go to any point in HIS own life..

We really need another Einstein to pop up in the world that can take a look at things like this and either shoot it down or run with it.
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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 01:52 PM
reply to post by jonnywhite

Similar things could be said about any technology innovation.. the roman empire brought forth many amazing technologies for their day..

Before the advent of the car and high speed travel of any kind, there were many who believed if you exceeded 50 miles per hour you could literally have your skin peel off from the force .. Any new thing can seem magical =) .. Even in your own life time, seeing things for the first time as a kid growing up could seem magical.

I personally just find that to be a poor justification for believing in these stories..

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 01:57 PM

Originally posted by Hessdalen
ty OP - this thread is ATS at its best =)

has been a long time that i heard something like this that seriously made me think, this story sounds too crazy to be possible but as we know these storys tend to be true....just look at the last 100years....we made such a big jump in technology and we are just at the beginning...

Amongst all craziness...the theory that Aliens/UFOs are time travelers is AT LEAST as plausible as the theory that they are, well, aliens. In fact, the time traveler theory is more "plausible".

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 01:57 PM
reply to post by miniatus

I don't believe in these stories either. But I don't think we can judge them accurately. That was my point. I don't think we can look at something (given that we don't have empirical evidence) and determine whether it's plausible or not. I think it was Arthur C. Clarke that said any sufficiently advanced technology would be magic to us. We're limited by time and space.
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posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 02:04 PM
reply to post by jonnywhite

That's certainly fair to say .. and as Flexy pointed out above, while I don't necessarily believe it I think it's certainly as plausible of not more plausible to think that these UFOs are actually us from the future. After all, it would make more sense as to why they would be interested in us in the first place .. or why they would tend to appear around significant events such as disasters.. Or shutting down nuclear weapons as has been claimed in the past as well.

I just can't get over the nagging feeling of Corso as sort of like my grandpa was, someone who loved to tell stories and inter-mingle his own real experiences into fantastically embellished stories.. add in the fact Corso's first book sent to 17 people and turned down 17 times.. adds to that opinion in my mind... it wasn't interesting enough initially so lets embellish and make it into something amazing

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 02:16 PM
Amazing video clip...s&F for showing the ATS members like me who haven't seen or heard a thing about this guy =.=

Although it contradicts everything i know and believe to have learned about UFOs and our origin is being tried and tested here. So truth or not i will leave for the rest of you but will say it is a very Intriguing story and easily worth the watch and consideration.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 02:21 PM
My goodness, the same old stuff: Corso, Bassett, Greer, Birnes, Burisch (!), and Project Camelot. These guys keep popping up with their fantastic stories over and over again. One point:

Much is made of Corso being "high up" in the military. He was not. Oh, I know some of you will argue with me and claim otherwise, and maybe to an E-4 a Lt. Colonel is relatively "high up," but really, a General is "high up." A Lt. Col. is not.

After an entire career in the Army Corso retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. In all that time he worked outside his assigned specialty as an aide or assitant. He only held one brief stint at a responsible command position in Europe after WW II. Just one. When people wax eloquent about Corso's exalted rank you know immediately that they have never been and/or never been around American military officers.

Perhaps this is the best way to put it: Corso did not do especially well in his Army career. He was not a top notch performer, and as a result his promotions were late. he was "passed over" a number of times. In a normal "in zone" officer's career it is expected that you will reach the rank of full Colonel after 20 years and retire with that rank, O-6. Officer careers can be highly political, and it's possible he just wasn't well enough connected or in the right place, but the end result is the same.

Corso did not quite get there. His assignments were of the "Gofer" variety, kind of a back office guy who never had to face enemy fire. Although I agree that this is not fair, his small stature, bulging eyes, and thick glasses probably did not help improve his demeanor and may have contributed to his lack of progress,

Now phase in what we know about what he said he did. It is well known that he exaggerated his accomplishments. He took credit for "saving Italy" from the Communists after WW II, for example, when there is no evidence at all that he did anything substantive in that regard. He said he was "on" the National Security Council, a clever way of putting it because, once again, he was assigned there as an aide, a Gofer, but by saying "on" you could be forgiven for assuming he had a position there that was not getting the donuts. Certainly Corso did nothing to dissuade you if you made the illogical leap otherwise. Now we can all argue what the word "on" actually means and he is no longer around to "clarify" matters. The inventions he says he salted, including integrated circuits, have a rich and documented history well prior to 1947. Aliens had nothing to do with us inventing this technology. The list is long.

It kind of fits. Here's a small guy who exaggerates to make himself appear larger. He just happens to get assigned to salt Roswell technology, just happens to stumble across alien bodies in a hanger, talks to the occupants of a UFO in the desert. It's all so convenient.

And now his son says he knows all about Roswell? I'm sorry, but we really need to take this story with a huge grain of salt.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 02:24 PM
Time is relative, and not really... real. It's just an idea that we use to measure events. Also it only "moves" forward. It cannot go in reverse. A person or object cannot "move" through time in the opposite direction.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 02:39 PM
one thing i have to say to all the frenzied "debunkers": can you prove anything of the facts that you yourself call into question?

I know everyone seems to know that their version of the truth is the REAL truth.

and EVERYONE SHOULD REMEMBER that we live in a SUBJECTIVE reality, where NOTHING can be absolutely proven. This means NO ONE IN THIS THREAD has any DIRECT relationship or experience with the Corso story, therefore NO ONE has authority to say what the "real truth" is.

no one can prove to me that we went to the moon, for example. NONE of us were there, we've all had to rely on THIRD PARTY information, FOREVER.

another example is Jesus. SO many people believe in jesus' existence, but that can NOT be proven absolutely. EVER. it can not be proven because NO ONE has direct experience with jesus existing or not existing.

we respond to information through our heart, first of all. your heart will tell you MUCH more valuable information than your "brain". "brain" thinking is HEAVILY distorted by the EGO, "over-rationality"(irrationalitiy), and cultural behavior control/brainwashing mechanisms.

Now. we can doubt and slander Corso's story all we want, but that accomplishes NOTHING because you still provide no first-hand facts.

therefore, if people are to attempt to "debunk" this story, then please provide some examples as to why this story is not true. this examples must be directly linked (FIRST HAND INFORMATION is a "direct link") to the story in question, and not other Corso claims.

to speak about Corso's past and other stories has about as much relevance to the FACTS of THIS story as My opinion about the existence of Jesus. I do NOT know if jesus existed, because i have no FIRST HAND FACTS / direct link with Jesus.

I hope what i'm saying makes some sort of point is that:

The subjective character of experience is a term in psychology and the philosophy of mind denoting that all subjective phenomena are associated with a single point of view ("ego").

The subjectivity of perception of reality implies that perception of all of the things, concepts, and "truths" in the universe differ between individuals: we all live in different worlds, each of which may have things in common, because of our unique perspectives on our worlds. The only thing to which one can hold oneself is something one has experienced or perceived. Until someone has had an experience of something the object or concept within itself is not real.

In an effort to categorize realities, somebody came up with the concepts of objective and subjective. Objective refers to a reality that is outside your mind, and subjective refers to the inner reality of your mind. For example, a chair in the middle of the room is outside your mind, right? So it is objective reality. You think the chair is beautiful. That thought, "beautiful chair" is inside your mind. It is a subjective reality. No problems yet.

Objective and subjective seem to be quite logical categories until they begin crossing over. For example, imagine that everyone else also finds the chair in the middle of the room to be beautiful. The chair is placed in a museum and admired by thousands of art critics who come to see the beautiful chair. The subjective reality of "beautiful chair," by agreement, is starting to take on the characteristics of objective reality.

posted on Jan, 15 2012 @ 02:53 PM

Originally posted by ElOmen
I'm sorry but time machines can't exist due to the fact that time is an idea made by man and therefore time is irrelevant

Time does exist outwith human conception,if time did not exist neither could we in our present form,being that time is the reference framework in which our "existences are compared. Rather,it is the accepted,current system of measurement of time that is a human concept.

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