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The Ups And Down Of The Republican Party

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posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 05:14 PM
When looking at the realclearpolitics graph of Republican candidates, it really just boggles my mind how unpredictable voters are. Take a look at this image and just look at how erratic and inconsistent the candidates are (scroll to the right):
First of all, there was a point where Rick Perry was leading. Rick Perry! This guy is retarded! I don't think he's smart enough to be a first grade teacher, but he was actually leading at one point! But over time his support has declined and he has fallen.

Then out of nowhere, Herman Cain surged and took the lead. I guess repeating "999" 999 times suddenly made his presidential appeal more attractive or something. This guy was the chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve, the private, central bank that creates worthless money out of thin air, gives it to countries all over the world in secrecy, and inflates our currency. It's frightening to think that somebody who worked for the beast itself was actually leading and had a shot at being president. But just like Perry, his support also declined over time, and luckily that snakeman dropped out.

That's one thing that I don't understand, how can you support one candidate to be president of the United States, and then one day say "Actually, nevermind, this guy is better." Shouldn't a few debates, YouTube interviews, and 10 minutes spent reading about their positions online solidify whether or not you want to vote for them? What are people basing their choices off of if they can change so erratically? The candidate who has the most positive media coverage? I just don't understand it...

So Perry and Cain had their moments of glory, but they fell and are now far from first place, in fact Cain dropped out after leading at one point. So in a Republicanesque fashion, another candidate who was not leading took first place: Newt World Order Gingrinch. This Council on Foreign Relations member was leading the polls. This war mongerer who cheerleads unconstitutional legislation and taking away your freedom in the name of fighting Al-CIAda terrorists was on top of the pack.

It's almost as if some of the worst people I can imagine are running for president, like this is some sort of sick nightmare. A Federal Reserve chairman, a New World Order cheerleader who supports insane wars and violations of the Constitution that he swore an oath to uphold, and uh....who was that third guy?

But Gingrich too has been declining, and sure enough, there's another jokester who is surging. Rick Santorum, the idiot who compares gay people to napkins and wants to bomb Iran. Is this what our society has come to? People support any clown who waves an American flag and says "kill brown people or else our safety will be in jeaporady!"? Are Americans just a bunch of cowards who wet their diapers whenever the thought of people hurting them is even so much as suggested, even when that's nowhere near grounded in reality? Or are they just that susceptible to war propaganda?

We're seeing a literal repeat of what led us into Iran, almost as if I'm having Deja Vu in this sick nightmare of a reality. We were told that there was undeniable evidence that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction" by some of the highest elements of our government, and that turned out to be completely false. So here we are again, no more than 10 years later, and we're being told that Iran is trying to develop "weapons of mass destruction".

First of all, why don't we call our thousands of nuclear weapons "weapons of mass destruction"? That dysphemism is pure propaganda. And who are we to tell another country what they can and can't build, what kind of weapons they can and can't have? We have them, so what makes us better than them? Are people that arrogant, that they think corrupt politicians who are nothing more than puppets for the Bilderberg Group and the bankers that fund them have the intelligence and moral highground necessary to police the world?

Well whatever reason it may be, Americans are buying into that garbage, and they're now supporting Santorum. I don't understand where this moron came from either, he was sitting at the bottom of the pack, being stepped on like the little dog turd he is. But here comes another Republican candidate to rise in the poll numbers.

Unfortunately Romney has stayed relatively high the whole time. He hasn't had a sharp decline that's kept him at the bottom, even though he is probably the worst of all. He wants more wars, he doesn't even talk about the Federal Reserve because he's nothing more than a puppet, and his campaign is being funded by all of the major financial institutions that funded Obama. His campaign donations say it all, we don't even need to look at his platform, because the peoples agenda that he's there to push is the important thing.

So will Gingrich continue to fall? Will Santorum have his moment of glory where he gets all eyes on him, and gets to spread his hateful message of killing all brown people who so much as look at him the wrong way while proclaiming himself pro-life, but then fall back down just like Perry and Cain have? I really, really hope so.

Ron Paul hasn't had any sharp ups and downs, because he doesn't get propped up by the media like all of the other pro-establishment candidates that have surged have. He sure as hell gets negative media coverage, but his supporters see through the blatant propaganda and agenda being played out. He's had a steady support base that doesn't even so much as consider voting for a war mongering banker puppet who doesn't talk about the Federal Reserve.

But he's on the rise, as the subtle yet noticeable increase in his support shows. Maybe people are starting to wake up to his message and are realizing that all of the other candidates offer the same crap, just seasoned slightly differently. One thing that we do know is that Ron Paul supporters don't suddenly say "You know what, screw Ron Paul, Mitt Romney is my guy. I change my mind about foreign and monetary policy, let's go to war and inflate our currency some more!"

Will this become a two-man race between Romney and Paul as Gingrich continues to fall, and Santorum plummets back down to the bottom where he belongs? Pro-establishment vs anti-establishment? I sure hope that's the case. Giving Americans a choice between freedom and tyranny, war vs peace, monetary debt enslavement or sound money, a corrupt banker puppet or an uncorruptable man whose dedication is to the people and the COnstitution will hopefully wake them up.
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posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 05:20 PM
Latest from Reuters...Romney 37% Paul & Santorum 16% Gingrich 12%

posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 06:51 PM
I think a lot of it has to do with our decreasing attention span as a country.

We are all about the latest and greatest, following every flash in the pan candidate.

The problem is that the majority of people who vote really don't care to educate themselves, which is just downright irresponsible.

They see the candidate on TV with the plastic smile of a politician, and all the great things those trusty smooth talking newsmen and beautiful news ladies are telling them. "Okay I like this guy, he's got my vote!"

Its unbelievable how ignorant some people are when making decisions that are so important.

Its likely to get worse from here, you can see it all over the place. Short attention spans, go go go society.
We listen to songs now, touch and go, no more albums. We race from point A to point B, we don't stop to smell the roses anymore. We work all day to buy what were being sold, go go go! then 6 months later, were throwing our items in the trash and buying the next great thing their selling us.

End of Rant, Go Ron Go!

posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 07:14 PM
When they say anyone but Obama, they literally mean anyone but Obama. Anyone and everyone gets an audition in the spotlight.

posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 07:19 PM
reply to post by Mindcrime30

I think you nailed it. People just don't take things like voting for president seriously enough. They don't take the time to go home, compare the platform of each candidate, and actually look inside themselves and see which ones they identify with most.

Seeing some mainstream media coverage of a candidate who they describe as "surging" and "popular with voters", as well as a soundbyte of saying something that's agreeable is good enough for them. They vote based on trendiness, which would explain the varying poll numbers for certain candidates.

posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 07:42 PM
100% true. It is SCAREY to beleive ANYONE in America is so ignorant to vote for any of these republican clowns aside from Ron Paul!! Anyone that would vote for any of those clowns is flat-out mentally RETARDED.


And Rick Perry probably could NOT pass 1st grade. He and the other failure from Texas who was our former president. No wonder their education in Texas stinks, look who runs the show down there!!
A bunch of DUMMIES.

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