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Tunisia: Little country -- big U.S. embassy

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posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 02:19 PM
In my print subscription to Counterpunch, in the current issue (December 16-31, 2011) that arrived in today's mail, the world's latest U.S. oversized embassy is unveiled. The old U.S. embassy was, of course, in the downtown area of Tunis, Tunisia, with the new (and heavily guarded) mega-embassy being located on the outskirts. Stay tuned to the Counterpunch website, where this article will appear online as soon as the next print issue appears:

The author doesn't discuss much about AFRICOM, the American military command group for Africa, which, due to protest from African countries, is located in Frankfurt, Germany, but perhaps with Tunisia now being on close terms with the US, AFRICOM may one day move to Tunisia, perhaps near the new US mega-embassy. Here's the current AFRICOM website:
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