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Understanding the symbolism of love

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posted on Jan, 14 2012 @ 10:51 AM
Hi all ATSers,

I recently had some thoughts about love, its' symbol and what it does really mean. As we all know the most often used symbol representing it is the heart.

I assume this symbol can mean many things such from being a physical organ necessary to be alive to the bed where emotions can be dealt. However, let me clarify this is not the point of the thread.

What I am on right now is analyzing the symbol itself, its shape and so on.

So, take another look to our first image, the heart, its color is red, which is one of the basic color of the chromatic circle of all existing colors (being able to perceive them with our eyes). In meditation, this color is attributed to the root Chakra. The only reason I am referring to Chakras here is because this precise color correspond to basic instincts and raw emotions, in meditation. Did you ever felt anything when watching this particular color, strong emotions? It is why I include the relation with the Chakra.

Showing you a small picture about Chakras, the lower one as said earlier is depicted as red.

A further analysis of this heart picture can bring us to pay attention to its shape. Do you see how great it is, how curvy it looks? Curves in history and even today are often associated with the feminine aspects of all things. Considering the heart can represent emotions on many occasions, it totally make sense it is a feminine aspect, do not you think so?

Only a small pictures to show different emotions we can experience.

With all of this, if the heart can be interpreted as a symbol of feminine aspect, curves, emotions, and of love of course, my question is the following: How would you represent the male aspect of it, which is absence of curves, straight lines, etc. (without, of course, saying 7 years old answers like genital organs or others youngsters answers).

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